1. G

    Is the Albion bundle redundant if i have Spitfire Symphonic Orchestra and Komplete11?

    I recently got more into composing with orchestral stuff. Not as a profession but more because i love it, love playing with those sounds and textures and fascinated and having fun learning how to "mock up" orchestral stuff. I usually make music with my analog synths, but working with samples is...
  2. T

    Spitfire BML stereo mixes trumpet help

    A few months ago, the stereo mixes of BML trumpet corps were released. Exciting, as I love Jakes mixes. Installed them last week. It seems that on the patch a2 core palette , multitongue and mariachi the articulations are way out of line volume wise on the 'B' mixes, which is what I use for all...
  3. Cosimo

    Orchestral Positioning & Depth with Multiple Libraries

    Greetings! Long-time lurker and relatively new member here, and this be my first thread. Be gentle. I recently purchased Spitfire Audio's BML Mural Symphonic Strings and was wondering how any of you (who have it) would go about mixing with it for depth and position? I'm currently composing a...
  4. jonathanwright

    BML Reeds - Latest Opinions?

    Hi all, I've been wanting to venture into the Winds side of the BML range for a while, with the Reeds (Clarinet and Oboe) being the first on the list. Reading online reviews and threads on here, it seems there have been a few tuning issues in the initial release. Have these been fixed in the...
  5. JohnG

    Spitfire: noob to BML / UACC needs help

    Hi all, I just bought the entire BML series from Spitfire and am very happy with the new sounds. Choosing articulations is proving daunting, however. I have an iPad that I never use but possibly it's time. However, I am totally new to UACC and would like some extremely rudimentary...
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