1. JashandeepReehal

    For Sale Presonus Studio One, Izotope, Arturia,

    Selling. Offer your best price Presonus Studio One 5 Artist 2X Arturia Analog Lab Lite Izotope Ozone Elements Izotope Neutron Elements. Izotope Nectar Elements
  2. darthdeus

    Choosing a DAW for working alone with MIDI and no recording

    After yet another cycle of trying out different DAWs I feel more and more uncertain as I move on. Any advice is appreciated! Also sorry for another "help me pick a DAW" thread, but I feel like I have specific enough idea of what I want that maybe that justifies it? :) Also sorry for the long...
  3. jrrshop

    Up to 80% off Bitwig, Melodyne, Mathew Lane, GRM Tools, Internet Co, JRR Sounds, Nomad Factory, and Plug & Mix

    Up to 33% off Bitwig, including Bitwig Upgrade for $129: 50% off Melodyne 5 Essential $49 and Melodyne 5 Assistant Upgrade from Essential $79: 44% off Mathew Lane...
  4. jrrshop

    Up to 81% off PSP, Eventide, and Bitwig

    81% off PSP 2445 plate reverb, now $29 instead of $149 extended until July 5: 60% off Eventide Crystals pitched delays and shimmer reverbs, now $39 instead of $99 extended until July 7: Up to 33% off Bitwig, Bitwig...
  5. jrrshop

    Up to 89% off Bitwig, Vienna Symphonic Library, iZotope, Stagecraft, Ohm Force, Final Mix, NOS Audio, and JRR Sounds

    25% off Bitwig, Bitwig Educational, and all Upgrades: Up to 35% off Vienna Symphonic Library Big Bang Orchestra Hercules, Izar, Jupiter, and Kopernikus, starting at $60...
  6. jrrshop

    Up to 80% off Akai, MixMeister, Voxengo, Prominy, UJAM, Bitwig, & Propellerhead

    Up to 80% off Akai MPC Standard $69, MPC Premier $129, VIP Standard $49, and VIP Plus $69. Akai software now works with all major MIDI controllers, you no longer need Akai controllers to use them: Up to 70% off MixMeister Express...
  7. jrrshop

    25% off Bitwig

    25% off Bitwig, Bitwig Educational, and Upgrades: Bitwig Studio $299 Bitwig Studio Educational $199 Bitwig Studio Upgrade $129 Bitwig Studio Upgrade from Bitwig 8-Track $259
  8. Brueland

    Choosing Cubase even though I master another DAW

    Steinberg's sale for upgrading to Cubase Pro 9.5 at 40% off when owning a licence for LE/AI ends August 31. I'm currently using Bitwig Studio, and have so since 2015 but I'm considering switching to Cubase to learn it the hard way for reasons I will state below. I love Bitwig Studio's workflow...
  9. mr.vad0614

    For Sale Neural DSP, Celemony, Best Service, Toontrack, Waves, Magix & More!

    Please see list of available items below, although I have stated the prices for each. I am also open to reasonable offers too and am willing to negotiate within reason...Thank you for your interest! PLEASE NOTE: Buyer must cover PayPal Fee, this will vary depending on the the country or area...
  10. C-Wave

    FS: Waves Audio

    Waves packages for $450: - H-Reverb $100 - Morgan Page EMP Toolbox (including H-EQ) $175 - Gold Bundle $175 including one brand new 1-year maintenance plan - JJP Analog Legends $125 - Supertap Delay Plugin $40 (or free) PayPal ONLY
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