1. Illico

    BIFSC2020 - Escape

    Finalists for the Berlin International Film Scoring Competition 2020 (BIFSC 2020) are announced! Congratulations, hopefully there's a chance to listen to their work soon. Danilo Silva Aguiar Gage Behnkendorf Francesco Berta Kwangho Cho Hakan Glante Wilkus van der Hoven Tony Lavaud Ioannes...
  2. marcodistefano

    The 6th Extinction Crisis - BIFSC 2019 - 100% Spitfire Audio

    It was very an interesting experience to compose this year for the BIFSC Although I did not make it to the short list I am happy of what I have composed and glad to share it here I cannot share the music with the BIFSC video for copyright restriction though The track is composed based on the...