bernard herrmann composer toolkit

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    Bernard Herrmann (BHCT) + Ark 1&2?

    Hi there, I just bought Ark 1 & 2 in the last OT sale and I'm very happy with the libraries! Now I have a project where the BHCT could be useful + I always were interested in this library + it's in sale.. so, many reasons for just buying it :D BUT I wonder how well do BHCT and the Arks 1&2...
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    Spitfire Library Alternative Demos (not official)

    Here's my playlist on SC that uses Bernard Herrmann Composer Toolkit as the foundation. There are several other libraries from them and others that are also quite nice and listed in the notes. But, I could have done almost all of it with BHCT. Hopefully Spitfire will do some sort of sale for the...