berlin woodwinds

  1. ag75

    Do the Berlin Woodwind expansions ever go on sale?

    I forgot to look to see if the Berlin woodwind expansions were on sale for Black Friday. I’ve been meaning to pick some of these up I absolutely love the Berlin WW library.
  2. Jorgakis

    Some uplifting classic movie track

    Well, I barely had time to compose during the last months but I still try my best to finish something and to improve my composing. This track turned out something between Korngold and E.T. I guess?? I hope you like it anyways! best wishes Jorgo
  3. amadeus1

    Berlin Woodwinds Expansion C

    Here's a look at the expansion C of Berlin Woodwinds. It includes the solo bass flute, bass oboe, bass clarinet, and bassoon.
  4. amadeus1

    Berlin Woodwinds Expansion A - Eb Clarinet, ContraBassoon, Bass Clarinet

    Hi guys, here's a video on did on the Berlin Woodwinds Expansion A:
  5. ChrisSiuMusic

    Berlin Woodwinds Revive: Is It Worth the Upgrade?

    Hi all! Here's a comparison video discussing BWW Revive and Legacy, and if Revive is really worth upgrading to.
  6. Jorgakis

    Some "asian/symphonic" vibes with orchestra

    This is my semi-asian-western-movie-style overture. At first I didn't want to take the "asian" path, but then I thought it was cool, after rewatching mulan(disney). I'm not sure if it's too overloaded or would work in some way as a soundtrack. Let me know what you think. greetings Jorgo
  7. Jorgakis

    I've rewritten my first symphonic piece

    Hi, 4 Years ago I wrote my first "symphonic" piece, which really was not that symphonic because of reasons. But I always wanted to do something with its main theme (which is the opening theme here) so I took it and tried to improve it with my new "knowledge". At that time I was discovering...
  8. PhilipJohnston

    Berlin Brass, Strings, Winds...on 32 GB RAM?

    Berlin Brass, Winds and Strings on a 2013 i7 iMac with 32GB it futile? Or is it possible, as long as I'm smart about only including in the template articulations I'm most commonly going to use? If that's the approach I take, just how limited is that articulation list likely to be...
  9. Jorgakis

    Love Theme 1992

    Hello, I recently rewatched the 1992's Dracula Movie, and I just love its soundtrack. So I stole the key and the alto flute and the em9-chord from Mina's and Dracula's Theme and did the usual dramatic thing that I always want to do. Some JW's across the stars orchestration is included ofc:D...
  10. Jorgakis

    Orchestral Summer Fantasy

    Hello there, this is a little fantasy I first wrote for piano solo, but I couldn't play it that nicely, so I orchestrated it. I hope you like it greetings Jorgo
  11. Jorgakis

    "In The Palace Garden" - Prokofiev Style

    Hello everybody, here is a new piece, heavily inspired by Prokofiev's 5th symphony, which is my favourite at the moment. I had to write something that reminds me of the 4th movement(and some romeo and juliet) because it's too cool. Still not a very relaxing composition but I hope it's not that...
  12. Jorgakis

    1. Mvmt Symphony 0 "Utopia"

    Hello there, this is my try on a rather symphonic opening movement than poem, as I did once. It's called utopia because it somehow has this kind of "forced" enthusiasm and I never thought it would be finishable, because its themes are really hard to fit together:D But I tried it anyways, just...
  13. Jorgakis

    Some dark december music

    Hello people, this is my last composition for this year(I think), and I feel like it somehow sums up the things I've collected so far. It was an instant composition over last weekend, it somehow came out very natural, without revising many parts. Maybe there are some additional percussive...
  14. Jorgakis

    Rise - Heroic Theme

    Hello there, while working on a symphonic piece again, tried to make a more commercial track as a break. I thought it was really tough. Since I feel that the use of "hybrid" instruments is not the area I feel really comfortable with, I tried to make a contemporary epic kind of theme with the...
  15. Jorgakis

    Magic (Mini-) Suite

    Hello there, This is a little kinda-suite I did while trying to make a "magic"-soundtrack. It's a bit confusing (again), at least for this topic it might fit... I hope you will like it: best wishes, Jorgo
  16. Jorgakis

    Nocturne for Orchestra(night music)

    Hello to all, This piece has two competing ideas/themes that I thought would be cool for a film, but in a 5 min arrangement didn't work well. I still don't know if it works but I didn't want to spend too much on this piece(because I think I already did). hope you like it, Jorgo
  17. Jorgakis

    A New Adventure (feat BWW)

    Hello everybody, after hearing the suggestions on my last track I posted, I decided to change something in my template, mainly the woodwinds and percussion. They were vsl se and I don't have any MIR pro or something like that. So I bought BWW which seemed to be a must-have(and Hollywood Orch...
  18. C

    Mahler Symphony No. 6 Mockup

    Hello everyone, This is a mockup I created about 2 years ago. About 3 months ago I decided to create a video showcasing it. Since posting on youtube I've noticed it getting a lot of traction and random people posting it all over the web. Some slightly positive... and...
  19. OrchestralTools

    Orchestral Tools CAPSULE 2.5 Release + CAPSULE in 4 Minutes Video

    Hey Guys, we are proud to announce that again we will make the life of composers a little bit easier, individual and flexible - The CAPSULE 2.5 update is here! An update which will increase usability, playability and customization options of the most powerful articulation management system ever...
  20. utopia

    OT Capsule, BWW confusion

    Hey guys, Tried searching but couldn't find relevant info. I'm sorry for what looks to be stupid questions. I'm rebuilding my template from scratch. Finally got to try out the CAPSULE update for BWW and couldn't really understand, how to set things up inside multi patches. First off, the...
  21. BradHoyt

    Violin and Bass Oboe duet using Spitfire Sacconi and Orchestral Tools

    Hi all, Just finished a little piece for your perusal that I think showcases the 'playable' and 'legato' patches for Spitfire's Sacconi String Quartet solo violin and the bass oboe that comes with Orchestral Tools Berlin Woodwinds Expansion C. Check it out here: It's interesting to see and...
  22. sharmayelverton

    Berlin Woodwinds vs Sample Modeling Winds vs Alternatives?

    Hi guys, I want to get a boss woodwind library that sounds good but is also playable and versatile so that I can write intricate orchestral and solo material. Wanted to get your general opinion. I know Berlin Woodwinds are good but I'm also tempted by the sample modeling winds. I already use...