berlin strings

  1. sekkosiki

    Cinematic piece: "The Boy of the Stars"

    Hi all! I finished a cinematic piece, and I was also testing my template, a new mix and layered strings. I'd appreciate feedback about the composition, harmonies, mix, anything really regarding the piece. Thank you in advance! :) Libraries I used: Berlin Strings, with a little bit of Ark 2...
  2. sekkosiki

    Green Acre by Blakus with Berlin Strings, testing my template

    Hi! I'm testing my template with Green Acre by @Blakus. I'm using both Berlin Strings Main and Exp 1 and 2, and mixing a bit of close mics with tree. My main purpose was to create new layered legato patches with a warm, lush sound. Any comments appreciated! :)
  3. sekkosiki

    Short fun orchestral piece: "Morning in the Forest"

    Here's a new orchestral piece that I made to capture the feeling of a morning in a forest (not a quiet and peaceful morning). Tried a bit restricted orchestral setup with just 2 horns, 2 trumpets, 1 woodwind each, smaller strings sound. Berlin Strings Berlin Woodwinds Berlin Brass + SM...
  4. TheRealNerevar

    Mozart - Requiem in D minor Lacrimosa Dies Illa (Mockup by Valentin Partyka)

    I recently started to find interest in recreating some of my favourite pieces of music, not necessarily from anything film music or media oriented cues, to see how they are made and what libraries are the most adequate to do so. So i took my all time favourite one, from the one i think is the...
  5. fretti

    Irene Adler Theme (Sherlock) for Quintett

    Hi all! I finished the first version of a "mockup" of the Irene Adler theme from the TV Series Sherlock. While the original is actually for full orchestra, I decided to get more into Orchestral Tools First Chairs and did it as a string quintett. I'd be especially interest in mixing tips and...
  6. beyd770

    The Last Guardian (PS4) - "Forest" - Berlin Strings Mockup

    After finally taking everyones advice about transcribing more, I mocked up this version of Furukawas wonderful little piece. He has kindly provided scores for several of his compositions on his website: Takeshi Furukawa Berlin Orchestra + Garritan CFX Lite Piano, Pianoteq Clavichord, VSS3...
  7. beyd770

    Most efficient way to organizing multi's within Capsule?

    Problem solved. Please delete post.
  8. M

    Question about Berlin Strings Multi

    Hi all, I'm just beginning to delve into Berlin Strings Main. Is it possible to create a multi that contains both long and short articulations? The multis seem to be divided into longs and shorts; I would love to be able to mix the two kinds of articulations into one instrument. Am I...
  9. M

    Trying out Berlin Strings with Holst

    Hi all, I got Berlin Strings recently and finally have had some time to sink my teeth into it. I thought I would try mocking up an existing composition for strings, so I chose the first movement from Holst's St. Paul's Suite. This is the first 59 bars of that. I've just scratched the surface...
  10. M

    Berlin Strings-Ostinato Arp Legato

    I was just checking the patches of Berling Strings. They do not have Round Robins for Legato patches but somehow the Ostinato Arp Legato Patch seems flawless when fast lines are played. However I could not hear any Round Robin in notes. In simple words can anyone explain to me why does Ostinato...
  11. amadeus1

    Berlin Strings Expansion B - Celli and Basses

    Here's a link to the Berlin Strings Expansion B for Celli and Basses. Mainly sul pont, sul tasto, and flagolet articulations. A variety of each.
  12. amadeus1

    Berlin Strings - Expansion A - Special Bows 1

    Hi guys, I just posted a video describing the content of Orchestral Tools Strings Expansion A They're on sale until May 09.
  13. ChrisSiuMusic

    Berlin Strings: A Personal Review

    Hello my friends, I’m quite new to this community, and have not seen very many personal reviews of Berlin Strings, likely due to its cost. For those considering it, here’s a review I uploaded on my channel last week. Please enjoy! Feel free to subscribe if you would like to see more reviews.
  14. B

    Velocity based portamento in Berlin Strings

    Hello! In Berlin Strings, when you play a legato patch, and press the next key with a high velocity, a very slow portamento transition plays. Can you change that so instead the portamento will play when you play the next key soft?(Like in LASS) Can you edit these settings?
  15. Vik

    Smart Controls in Logic (and Berlin Strings)

    I generally have lots if problems with Logic's Smart Controls workflow. And with Berlin Strings, it seems more complicated than with other libs. When looking at this list (in Kontakt) when using BS, it is totally empty: As you can see in the Kontakt window, BS comes with CC3 assigned to...
  16. PhilipJohnston

    Berlin Brass, Strings, Winds...on 32 GB RAM?

    Berlin Brass, Winds and Strings on a 2013 i7 iMac with 32GB it futile? Or is it possible, as long as I'm smart about only including in the template articulations I'm most commonly going to use? If that's the approach I take, just how limited is that articulation list likely to be...
  17. U

    Le Mepris (Theme de Camille) - VI mockup

    Hi guys, alright, sharing here my first VI mockup. This is done for educational purposes only, no copyright infringement intended. This was orchestrated from the piano notes, as I do not have the concert notes. If anybody has the concert notes and could share them, I'd appreciate it. Would...
  18. U

    OT Berlin Strings - Automation Problems

    Hi guys, I'm using BST 2.1 with Capsule 2.5. Have problems automating certain controls via CC: (a) Legato volume I assign a CC, which does affect the control. Problem is that a value of 0 does not turn the know all the way to the left and a value of 127 does not turn the know all the way to...
  19. U

    OT Berlin Strings - How to rebow or initiate end of legato line ?

    Hi, I'm using OT BST 2.1 / Capsule 2.5. What is the best way to initiate the end of a legato line and issue a rebow ? Example: I have six 1/8th notes in a bar using Violins 1 legato patch (single articulation). I want to stop the legato transition after the sixth note (and initiate a rebow)...
  20. Vik

    The pros/cons of using solo strings instead of first chairs?

    I just listened again to OT's first chair demo.... ...and wonder what the pros and cons would be for someone who used regular solo instruments (in this case, it would be most relevant to use OT's solo strings I guess) instead of using the first chair library?
  21. E

    Thoughts on Spitfire Chamber Strings, VSL Dimension, Berlin, Cinematic Studio Strings

    Apologies up front for asking what must be a common question from a noob. Which library do you like the best from this list and why? I'm new to the forum and have listened to what seems like countless sound demos of the various string libraries on manufacturers websites, youtube and this forum...
  22. Treppenwitz

    Berlin Strings CAPSULE: Populating the Articulation Selector

    I'm at a loss for how to access the many articulations which are claimed for Berlin Strings within a Multi Articulation patch. I'm using CAPSULE 2.5 and have Multi Articulation Violin Longs loaded. The default has TR+1 and TR+2 loaded (HT & WT trills). The documentation (p. 43) claims that I...
  23. Treppenwitz

    Berlin Strings: What does "SUS Imm" mean?

    I've been puzzling over the articulation nomenclature in OT: Berlin Strings for the Long patches. There are six places in the CAPSULE documentation that start with the abbreviation "SUS Imm" with no further explanation. What could "Imm" mean? Is it German for Immer? Immeditate? I'm at a...
  24. C

    Mahler Symphony No. 6 Mockup

    Hello everyone, This is a mockup I created about 2 years ago. About 3 months ago I decided to create a video showcasing it. Since posting on youtube I've noticed it getting a lot of traction and random people posting it all over the web. Some slightly positive... and...
  25. OrchestralTools

    Orchestral Tools CAPSULE 2.5 Release + CAPSULE in 4 Minutes Video

    Hey Guys, we are proud to announce that again we will make the life of composers a little bit easier, individual and flexible - The CAPSULE 2.5 update is here! An update which will increase usability, playability and customization options of the most powerful articulation management system ever...
  26. Treppenwitz

    Orchestral Tools Forum

    Am I imagining things? Didn't there used to be a user forum on the Orchestral Tools site? Now it's only a set of canned Help files, which are not enough: Is there a dedicated space here or on KVR or somewhere else now? Or maybe I'm imagining things...
  27. Vik

    Would a Berlin Strings user need 8dio Adagio much?

    There have been many threads comparing string libraries here on VI-C, but I can't recall having seen a 'Berlin vs Adagio' thread yet. I've seen all the Berlin Strings and probably all the Adagio demos. I've even ordered Berlin, but for reasons I'll skip here, I may not be able to try it out...
  28. kavinsky

    Berling Strings, important!

    Today I stumbled upon a solution to a very big issue I had with Berling strings which kept me from using it for almost a year. Long story short - don't use the new 2.0 CAPSULE update, at least for legatos. Use the previous 1.6 version. The difference is just huge. Here's a bit of explanation...
  29. Vik

    Poll: Berlin Strings vs Spitfire (playability and sound)

    There were some comparisons on this forum around when Mural and Berlin Strings were launched. Since then, both have been updated and additional volumes have been released from both companies. I ended up with Mural, and based on my sound preferences (based on demos; I don't have Berlin Strings)...
  30. Treppenwitz

    String trills greater than WT

    Anyone know which string libraries do trills (NOT tempo-synched) greater than a whole-tone interval? The only ones I know of are Orchestral Tools: Symphonic Sphere. Can someone from OT confirm whether the new Berlin Strings EXP E (Effects) contains un-measured, non-tempo-synched trills greater...