berlin percussion

  1. sekkosiki

    Short fun orchestral piece: "Morning in the Forest"

    Here's a new orchestral piece that I made to capture the feeling of a morning in a forest (not a quiet and peaceful morning). Tried a bit restricted orchestral setup with just 2 horns, 2 trumpets, 1 woodwind each, smaller strings sound. Berlin Strings Berlin Woodwinds Berlin Brass + SM...
  2. Alex Niedt

    Berlin Percussion Demo - Unprocessed

    Got second place for this in the LA Modern Percussion composition contest, but it also doubles as an Orchestral Tools Berlin Percussion demo. All sounds are from the main library and timpani expansion, and there is no additional processing.
  3. C

    Spitfire Symphonic Brass & Berlin Percussion - Issues with Remembering Samples Btwn. Mirror Rigs

    Hi Vi Community, For months now, I've been having this very annoying issue with Berlin Percussion (and now, it has recently happened with the Spitfire Symphonic Brass Library): My workplace is set up such that there are two identical workstations, where each...
  4. M

    Using OT Berlin Brass/Percussion with Spitfire stuff.. does it work?

    Anyone have used the Berlin Brass or the Percussion WITH the Spitfire patches (i.e. Woodwinds, Strings)? If so, how to the two work together in the mix? How to different spaces blend together? Any addition reverb or eq treatment needed? I have done all the research and listening to all the...
  5. OrchestralTools

    Orchestral Tools CAPSULE 2.5 Release + CAPSULE in 4 Minutes Video

    Hey Guys, we are proud to announce that again we will make the life of composers a little bit easier, individual and flexible - The CAPSULE 2.5 update is here! An update which will increase usability, playability and customization options of the most powerful articulation management system ever...