1. C

    Superhero Theme inspired by the MCU

    Hi all! I wrote this theme after watching a bunch of superhero movies recently and have gone for that Marvel sound - would love some feedback! Hope you enjoy and thanks.
  2. juliandoe

    Need help with Logic Pro: How can you do... "that"?

    I've loaded the bbcso template for logic to study and steal some ideas but there's "that" thing that I don't even know how to call... Basically what happens is that starting from a track with a plugin with active GUI if I change track the GUI changes in the instrument of the new track. With my...
  3. D

    Hoopus vs bbcso black friday

    Hello! BF is coming around and I've been looking at all-in-one orchestral libraries for that are around 500USD or less. So far from what I've gathered, HOOPUS and BBCSO have been recommended at their sale prices. If you could pick one, which one, and why? If you have another recommendation...
  4. D

    Orchestral library for Film/game music (BBCSO Vs ?)

    I'd like to buy my first orchestral library this BF or Christmas. I'm interested in writing music for games/film. Regarding my tastes at the moment: John Williams - Hedwig's Theme Howard Shore - Old Friends David Arnold - Opening Titles (BBC series Sherlock) Jeremy Soule - Reign of the Septims...
  5. D

    Star Wars - Luke&Leia Mockup using only BBCSO

    After watching the new Berlin Orchestra, I just wanted to know how well BBCSO Pro has the balance and placement of the orchestra. So I made a quick mockup by excerpting a part of Luke & Leia from John Williams. I think it has a quite good natural volume balance. (But it's not perfect) Composers...
  6. C

    Orchestral piece inspired by Western film scores - feedback welcome!

    I've always been fascinated by the famous scores from classic Western movies. From The Magnificent Seven (Elmer Bernstein) to Once Upon a Time in the West (the great Ennio Morricone), these scores evoked vastness, hope and adventure through memorable melodies and beautiful orchestration. This...
  7. Marcube

    BBCSO "Host Tempo" Trigger?

    Hello all, Just bought BBCSO in the Spitfire sale (my first sample library). Anyone heard tell of "Host Tempo" articulation triggering? Doesn't even exist in the manual!
  8. G

    First orchestral library purchase decision

    Hi! I'm trying to decide which orchestral library to start. There is the Spitfire spring sale going on right now, and I'm thinking about the BBCSO but I'm not sure what to do. I'm not new to orchestration, I have studied it and scored more than a few songs. I would like a library that I can...
  9. C

    BBCSO Pro custom mix based on real mixes?

    I'm planning on getting BBCSO Pro next time it's on sale. Mixing is a huge factor into how much I like a recording. BBCSO Pro has an unprecedented amount of mic positions to emulate real recording styles. I'm wondering if anyone has mic signal combo suggestions to get the kind of sound I want...
  10. C

    Mac Mini Intel or M1 for Spitfire BBC Symphony Orchestra Core?

    I am thinking of getting a Mac Mini to replace my laptop (which has 12 GB of memory and the most underpowered i7 in existence). I know that M1 is fast but like many, I have concerns about the memory limit. I have not seen enough examples to confirm the speculation that the M1 RAM is twice as...
  11. C

    Using BBCSO without staccato articulatons

    Just started digging into BBCSO Core. I noticed that the brass doesn't have a staccato patch, just a staccatissimo one. The included patch doesn't really sound authentic as a short note patch. Is making the piano roll note super short with the staccatissimo patch the only way to get short notes...
  12. Spitfire Team

    BBC Symphony Orchestra — NEW UPDATE!

    We are pleased to announce a new update for BBC Symphony Orchestra! In this update we have added an extra set of stunning performances from the brilliant brass section, as well as updating a selection of legatos with abilities including fast runs and shorts. Watch Paul's video for more...
  13. C

    An orchestral suite of themes inspired by classic Adventure movies!

    Hi all The piece is an assortment of musical cues inspired by some of my favourite classic Adventure films. It tells the story of an unexpected hero, content with their ordinary life but suddenly called into action; our hero experiences sacrifice and love in their journey, and finally arises...
  14. Bluemount Score

    New years track using BBCSO, Tina Guo, CSS / CSB, 8DIO Insolidus

    I made a little "opening track" last year and published it January 1st, so I decided to do it again! Happy new year folks! The beginning is a little dark, but it brightens up.
  15. Adam Takacs

    BBCSO Professional piece in progress

    Hey guys! I don't like sharing my works in progress, but I think all the independent demos can be useful in these days... (I hope it will be) I use only BBCSO professional for this piece. While I have some technical problems with the library, (slow loading, clicks and pops, maybe because I...
  16. bfreepro

    REVIEW: BBCSO Professional by Spitfire Audio

    EDIT: after posting, I found out this library will be updated in the coming weeks and I WILL revise this review where necessary after the updates. Contrary to what some people assume, I really do want to love this library/plug-in and am genuinely happy they are releasing these updates! Original...
  17. Bluemount Score

    ... I've probably listened to too much "Mars" (BBCSO, CSB and NI Symphony Series composition)

    ... and of course I don't even dare to compare it to Gustav Holsts original, but it must have been an inspiration in some parts. This track is almost a year old, not in 5/4 and a rather traditional approach (?) to the overused term of "epic music", therefore I somewhat tried to keep it realistic...
  18. Bluemount Score

    Short comedy waltz made with BBCSO!

    An "original soundtrack" I made for a current private project of a friend of mine and myself, composed only using Spitfire Audio's BBCSO Pro with a touch of Valhalla Room reverb.
  19. H

    Concerto for Hyperorchestra, 1st movement - (not film music)

    This is the 1st of four movements of my in progress Concerto. It was scored using BBCSO, Orbis, IRCAM Prepared Piano, and Pianoteq 6. It's a quiet, brooding pieces with many spaces. As it's mixed in binaural, it's best listened to with headphones.
  20. Bluemount Score

    Gustav Holst - Mars (Mockup, beginning)

    Please be generous with me here! :shocked: Second time I try a mockup. I made this for practice reasons by only watching and listening to an orchestral performance on YouTube, no sheet papers etc. Therefore, some instruments are missing for sure. Besides reverb, it's completely unmixed. Also I...
  21. Bluemount Score

    Spitfire Library Repair vs Reinstall

    Does deleting and reinstalling a library via the Spitfire App solve this? The Support seems to be very slow right now. I would simply try it, but we are talking about 600GB BBCSO download size...
  22. Piano & Strings

    BBC Core User?... a few questions

    Hi, If you're already a user of BBC Core, I'd love a few opinions on a couple of specific areas regarding the library... 1) Spitfire tech support reported to me that the whole library will load in under 12GB of ram. With Pro, I do remember hearing some reports in the early days of further ram...
  23. Bluemount Score

    Volume balance between instrument sections advice

    I'm currently building an orchestral template with mixed libraries (BBCSO Pro + Cinematic Studio Series + NI Symphony Series Percussion) One thing that always stood out to me was volume balancing of the different sections, strings, brass, winds and percussion in a realistic way. We know that...
  24. Aleela

    BBCSO Template for Spitfire Symphonic Orchestra - is it possible?

    Spitfire Audio has released some templates for the BBC Orchestra. Do you think they can also work for the Spitfire Symphonic Orchestra (+ Spitfire Percussion) ? Thanks in advance for the advice! I also ask @Spitfire Team @SpitfireSupport @christianhenson
  25. Bluemount Score

    20th Century Fox Intro Music (mock-up) CSS, CSB, NISS Percussion, BBCSO

    I randomly had this theme stuck in my head for the last weeks or so. Made a quick cover yesterday, to maybe get rid of that. Orchestration is not 100% like the real thing, but close. I think the Cinematic Studio Sound fits pretty well. Winds (barely audible, but there is a flute, oboe and...
  26. Graham Wayne

    Spitfire BBCSO control surface for DAWS using TouchOSC on IOS and Android devices

    UPDATE: NEW VERSION NOW AVAILABLE WHICH SUPPORTS BBCSO V1.20 TECHNIQUES (MUTED BRASS) - SEE THIS POST BELOW FOR DETAILS, DOWNLOAD LINKS AND INSTRUCTIONS ON USAGE I recently invested in Spitfire’s BBCSO, and while it’s great to use, the interface isn't always as good to use as it is to look at...
  27. Joel Ewers

    Home On The Ocean (BBC Symphony Orchestra)

    Here's a short original composition I made using BBC Symphony Orchestra: Just hoping for a bit of feedback. Let me know what sounds relatively acceptable, and what sticks out like a sore thumb. :laugh: Thank you!
  28. M

    The AntiHero - Fully BBCSO

    The past few pieces I've posted have been a mixture of BBCSO and other libraries. This time, I wanted to create something entirely with BBCSO. Everything in this track is BBCSO. No extra reverb. It's all the room tone. I used a combination of tree, close wide, balcony, and all spill mics for...
  29. ryevick

    Seeking Spitfire Notation

    I just purchased a few Spitfire libraries, the main one being BBC SO. I have been trying to find out what the best notation/scoring software would be and was/am hoping Presonus Notion 6 would be a good option, especially since I use Studio One 4.5 Pro. I contacted customer support at Spitfire...
  30. M

    Dangerous Snowflakes - BBCSO (et al)

    I wanted to try out some synths with the BBCSO. I think it mixes so well with different types of instruments. Instruments used: BBCSO LABS Soft Piano LABS Opia Native Instruments Hybrid Keys Cinematic Studio Strings (Violin 1)
  31. Mattia Chiappa

    The Master - BBC Strings

    Hi! I've had some time on my hands in the past couple of days and worked on this new piece. I really enjoyed using the strings in the other 2 projects and I wanted to see how they hold on their own. Well almost on their own. I used a bit of percussion as well to add some orchestral colour...
  32. dylanlabelle

    BBC SO or Spitfire Studio Orchestra Pro?

    Losing sleep trying to figure out which library will justify the selling of one of my internal organs. I have the Joby Burgess Percussion library as well as Solo Strings and Albion ONE, so the two are neck and neck in my book in terms of utility. Anybody here have experience with both...
  33. Stevie

    Feature Request thread for the Spitfire Audio sample player

    Hey all, I've been using BBC SO for some days now and I really like the sample player. However, feature wise it is still not on par with SA's Kontakt libraries. Therefore I decided to create this FR thread. Because: who could give Spitfire better feedback than the people who use it? This...
  34. Bluemount Score

    BBCSO (Pro / Core / Discover 1.2.0) - free, complete template for FL Studio (UPDATED January 16th 2021)

    Dropbox Links to BBCSO template v2.5.2: Template all mics deactivated Template Mix 1 mics activated Update 2 from January 16th 2021 version 2.5.2 for FL Studio 20.8+ - Bass Flute Long Flutter articulation was missing - Some "extended legato" weren't actually extended, but normal legato...
  35. marcodistefano

    BBC Symphony Orchestra available now in Flow Orchestral template! (for Cubase, Vienna, Lemur)

    Hi All, I got lot of fun these last days adding the new BBC Symphony Orchestra in Flow If you are interested to have a solid working template with Cubase give it a look! Available in the pro version together with other 42 libraries or in a dedicate product called...
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