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  1. D

    A question about BBC Core

    Hello everyone. I'm considering getting BBC Core as my first big sample library. Does anyone know how much I could get it on sale for? Right now I have a 40% offer that expires tomorrow, but I'm considering waiting until Black Friday in case it will be a discounted more then.
  2. Marcube

    BBCSO "Host Tempo" Trigger?

    Hello all, Just bought BBCSO in the Spitfire sale (my first sample library). Anyone heard tell of "Host Tempo" articulation triggering? Doesn't even exist in the manual!
  3. Trinkets' Toad

    The Force Theme (Star Wars) - Mockup + 3D Animation

    Hello there! Here's a small mockup I made of a John Williams' classic from Star Wars using BBCSO Core alone (aside from Cinesamples' room tone). This was all done by ear so there'll likely be some imperfections. The 3D animations were done in After Effects. Let me know what you think!
  4. C

    Mac Mini Intel or M1 for Spitfire BBC Symphony Orchestra Core?

    I am thinking of getting a Mac Mini to replace my laptop (which has 12 GB of memory and the most underpowered i7 in existence). I know that M1 is fast but like many, I have concerns about the memory limit. I have not seen enough examples to confirm the speculation that the M1 RAM is twice as...
  5. C

    Using BBCSO without staccato articulatons

    Just started digging into BBCSO Core. I noticed that the brass doesn't have a staccato patch, just a staccatissimo one. The included patch doesn't really sound authentic as a short note patch. Is making the piano roll note super short with the staccatissimo patch the only way to get short notes...
  6. Spitfire Team

    BBC Symphony Orchestra — NEW UPDATE!

    We are pleased to announce a new update for BBC Symphony Orchestra! In this update we have added an extra set of stunning performances from the brilliant brass section, as well as updating a selection of legatos with abilities including fast runs and shorts. Watch Paul's video for more...
  7. Timothy Schmidt

    String Music with Areia + BBCSO

    Hi everyone! I've seen some questions recently about the "classical"/"natural" viability of Audio Imperia products, as well as the usual stream of discussion surrounding the quality and usefulness of Spitfire's BBCSO. In response to both, here's a series of string orchestra pieces I wrote for...
  8. Piano & Strings

    BBC Core User?... a few questions

    Hi, If you're already a user of BBC Core, I'd love a few opinions on a couple of specific areas regarding the library... 1) Spitfire tech support reported to me that the whole library will load in under 12GB of ram. With Pro, I do remember hearing some reports in the early days of further ram...
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