1. Duncan Formosa

    Saturday Morning Cartoon Theme

    Came up with this short little theme and it reminded me a bit of Saturday morning cartoons. Got to give a special thanks to my friend Alan McGeoch who recorded the guitar lines (with the exception of the second guitar near the end, I came up with that idea later on and he got really busy and...
  2. nuyo

    How to recreate this bass sound ?

    It's from the JXL sample pack. It's a sound that he constantly uses troughout his scores. It's a heavy amped bass guitar but I haven't been able to get anything that sounds similiar to this one. It sounds clean in the high and low end but with a distorted and gnarly character to it.
  3. nuyo

    Gnarly/Dirty sounding Bass Sample Library

    Im looking for a Bass Guitar Sample Library that sounds heavy, dirty, gnarly, agressive......
  4. 8Dio Productions

    The New Bazantar Sale 39 String Acoustic Bass

    THE NEW BAZANTAR 39-STRING ACOUSTIC BASS In 1607 Italian composer, Claudio Monteverdi, wrote his opera "Orfeo". The opera required a larger string section (15 viols) complimented by an assortment of smaller ensembles. In the 1700s the viols got replaced by the new Violin family. The...
  5. M

    CLOSED...Found Seller

    WTB: Scarbee Jay Bass
  6. jrrshop

    60% off Boz ProVocative and Mongoose, now $19 each instead of $49

    60% off Boz Digital Labs ProVocative vocal detuner/thickener and Mongoose bass mono-izer, now $19 each instead of $49: ProVocative thickens and widens vocals, synths and guitars (some people even use it on drums), and is dead easy...
  7. 8Dio Productions

    8Dio Warm Weekend Sale

    8Dio Warm Weekend Sale Every weekend we will be putting three of our favorite instruments on a unique sale and yes ... this sale can be combined with our new Bundle Maker The New Alien Drum The infamous Hang Drum from Troels private...
  8. DSmolken

    Karoryfer Samples March sale, half off most stuff

    Until March 31, 2020 we at Karoryfer Samples have the following on sale: Vengeful Cello $29 ($59 regular) Hadziha $19 ($39 regular) Secret Agent Guitar $19 ($39 regular) Secret Agent Bass $29 ($39 regular) Big Rusty Drums $19 ($39 regular) Unruly Drums $19 ($39 regular) Frankensnare $9 ($19...
  9. jrrshop

    Up to 75% off UJAM, McDSP, and Propellerhead

    Up to 60% off UJAM Virtual Bassists, now $59 each or $109 for all 3: Up to 75% off McDSP, starting at $29: $100 off Propellerhead Reason 11...
  10. DSmolken

    Secret Agent Bass - a 70s Polish bass guitar sampled in excessive detail

    Get it here: When I released Secret Agent Guitar, I promised that if it sold well, I would acquire and sample a matching bass. That took a while, mostly because finding one with a neck that's not warped or broken proved...
  11. 8Dio Productions

    Anthology Strings & Extended Studio Percussion Flash Sale

    Anthology Strings & Extended Studio Percussion Flash Sale Our iconic Anthology String and Adagio Strings are now on Flash Sale, plus we have extended our Studio Percussion Bundle by an additional 48 Hours! Sale Ends (02/04 11 AM PST) Anthology Strings Ensemble: Anthology contains both...
  12. Illico

    I'm looking for a Hybrid Bass Sample like...

    I have many orchestral samples libraries but not so much hybrid ones (HALion Sonic SE...) I'm looking for some bass (sub-bass) samples like this one @1:35-1:50 I'm on Cubase Pro with Kontakt (Full). I could probably with some tricks, create my own sound, with Retrologue2, Charlatan, Reaktor...
  13. jrrshop

    30% off all Acousticsamples

    30% off all Acousticsamples plus extra discounts in cart when ordering multiple Acousticsamples products: Acousticsamples A-Pian Gaveau Petite Grand Piano Library $49 $34 Acousticsamples AcademicGrand Steinway D Piano Library $79 $55...
  14. RichiCarter

    Opinions Desperately Needed On How To Fix My Mix...

    Hey guys, I've been getting a bit frustrated really. Essentially I've decided to take a variety of tracks, spanning the past few years, and condense them down into an E.P. The drama is as well that I've recently changed machines and most of the original mixes have been lost, which means I only...
  15. hypnotize

    Kick and Bass balance

    Hello everyone! I did not find the discussion of an interesting and important topic. To obtain a good mix, it is very important to make the right balance between the kick and the bass. I do so: I make a solo kick and look on analyzer values, precisely RMS. Then I do the bass solo and underline...
  16. H

    Tutorial - How to make a sub bass patch

    Hi everyone, This tutorial covers two different types of sub basses and how to layer them. Let me know what you think! RECIPES: Simple Oscillator: Sine Filter: If you want to bring in more mids to “hear” the pitch better, use a Lowpass filter and crank the Drive. Distortion: Again, if you want...
  17. Cory Pelizzari

    Library Spotlight - The Lowdown

    Get it here:
  18. Victor N.

    NI Heavyweight Bass and Drums Special 50% Off was wondering if anyone used any of those that they can recommend? especially the drums. thanks also anyone by chance knows a deal on a good bass instrument?
  19. H

    How to create an FM bass patch

    Two different FM bass patches - a simple and modern FM bass and a more complex and classic one as well (recipes in the Youtube video description) Let me know what you think!
  20. AkihitoOkawa

    Prominy Electric Bass Guitar: SR5 Rock Bass 2 - new video demo posted

    Prominy SR5 Rock Bass 2 Prominy released SR5 Rock Bass 2; a virtual bass guitar instrument capturing the sound of MUSICMAN ® StingRay5 ® and including approx. 26GB*, 21,700 samples. SR5 Rock bass 2 is a new version of SR5 Rock Bass that has established a reputation for its realistic sound and...
  21. L

    How to make this great bass

    Good Morning I use ableton and I have Serum and Spire only for now. As I am a beginner in sound design, I just wanted to ask if someone knows how to generate this kind of bass, I just love it. It starts around 30s
  22. R

    Guitar doubling bass in Massive/Reaktor

    I need a good big-sounding bass synth with some kind of wah/formant effect for doubling distorted guitars. Something like the one in the heavy parts of this: Not sure how to get something like that out of Massive or Reaktor, can anyone help me out?
  23. SBK

    Headphones 300 Euros with much bass and quality sound for mixing-mastering?

    Hey guys, I like speakers and headphones with lots of bass, and in general I use to make better mixes when hearing lots of bass that I can feel it! Anyone knows a good headphone pair with strong bass that you can feel it but also be high quality for mixing and mastering? Would love to hear...
  24. dman007

    Bass Guitar VST Instruments / Sample - Which one!?

    What are the most realistic bass guitar VST instruments / samples for pop/rock music? What would you recommend and what's your favourite?
  25. Daniele Nasuti

    Hi from Italy

    Hello, I'm Daniele Nasuti, I come from Italy and I've been playing piano since I was 7 and the accordion from 14. In these years I learned also Tuba, Guitar, Electric Bass and Drums and sang in several choirs. As musician I come from italian pop music which I've listened since I was a child...
  26. ThomasNL

    Collecting good pop/rock band libraries (Drums, Guitars, Elec. Bass)

    Hey guys and girls, I have a clear overview of all the orchestral libraries out there but I actually have very little knowledge about the best and worst libraries for more pop/rock music styles. Unleash your suggestions onto my humble soul! Kind regards, Thomas ps. I did try to find the...
  27. R

    Reverb on Bass and Sub in Orchestral Music

    Hello, I was wondering if any of you guys put reverb on bass sounds or on the sub. I come from the electronic music world where this is highly discouraged because of phase issues. What do you think?
  28. G

    Bluegrass instruments libraries

    Can you guys recommend any good libraries/instruments for Bluegrass? I got RealiTones' RealiBanjo. And I've seen Boulder Sounds Banjo come up as a suggestion as well. But I'm also looking for some good Bluegrass-style upright bass, mandolin, and fiddle instruments.
  29. APD

    DEAL: Get 60% off Embertone's Intimate Solo Strings Bundle + $25 Embertone Gift Certificate.

    60% off Embertone Intimate Solo Strings Bundle + $25 Embertone Gift Certificate Embertone’s Intimate Solo Strings Bundle is an astonishing collection of the most detailed, life-like solo strings on the market today, with all the controls necessary to create beautiful and realistic...
  30. DanielOutro

    Looking for musicians and producers to work remotely

    We're Outro, a Montreal-based company that has recently launched an online marketplace for musicians, producers and singers. Our mission is to give talented artists a consistent source of revenue — you can work by selling your own loops and samples, or by collaborating directly with Outro users...
  31. Mikael Adle

    Locus Odyssey for u-he Bazille by Leap Into The Void

    Dear vi-control members and readers. Let me announce a new soundset for Bazille called Locus Odyssey. Available now with a 50% discount. The possibilities of shaping sounds and atmospheres goes beyond the beyond. The more I delve into these possibilities in Bazille the more colors are...
  32. ranaprathap

    Tips for creating interesting pulses

    Can anyone give me tips for creating interesting arpeggiating percussive like pulse sounds? The kind you can hear from 10 second mark in this song: I don't want to use any particular sample libraries for that, I would like to do learn to create them. What I usually end up doing is take a...
  33. JunoVHS

    *NEW* Soundiron "Lo" - Kick and Low Frequency FX library

    Hi guys, Spencer here (JunoVHS) with Soundiron announcing our newest release "Lo" a kick and low frequency FX library in the style of our other JunoVHS titles. Essentially, you get lots of solid electronic kicks, lots of gritty low-frequency oriented effects and glitch drums, ambiences and more...
  34. Mikael Adle

    Help me get 500! - Leap Into The Void group buy.

    Hey forum members, composers, producers, hobbyists and all, Is it possible to collect 500 people? Help me get 500! A once in a lifetime group buy. (€10) Heres how it works. Enter the group buy by pressing the "Enter here" button on the special offers page and complete your payment (€10)...
  35. M

    For sale - scarbee pre-bass

    I am selling NI Scarbee Pre-Bass for half price $43 / £30 / €38 (half price). PM if interested, Thanks!
  36. akox

    *New Release* Bad Blood: Serum Unchained (Presets for Xfer Records's Serum)

    Hi there! We are excited to release our latest sound set for Xfer Records's Serum, Bad Blood: Serum Unchained. Following our previous release in our Inspire Series with 11 free presets and 4 wavetables, this time we come with a full 85 preset sound set, 6 custom wavetables and 11 LFO shapes...
  37. X-Bassist

    PSF Acoustic Bass Premier 2 Free GUI

    Hey VI Controllers, *** I have decided to add the interface to this thread, since the PM system here has been an issue. Please scroll down for the GUI download and instructions. Thank you for those that have been so patient with my lack of a response. I just hope anyone who can use it will...
  38. Time+Space

    New: Epica Bass for Kontakt from Sam Spacey

    Sam Spacey, the producer behind the multi award-winning Epica, has released Epica Bass - a dedicated analog bass synth library obsessively sampled from Sam´s extensive and personal collection of all-star classic analog synths and modulars. From the vintage Neve preamp and the UBK Fatso hardware...
  39. Mikael Adle

    Leap Into The Void announces "Polymorphic Atavism" for u-he Bazille

    Leap Into The Void releases "Polymorphic Atavism" for U-he Bazille. Let me introduce you to Leap Into The Void’s fifth installment for U-he Bazille, called Polymorphic Atavism. Polymorphic Atavism is a diverse, deep and versatile collection of sounds ranging from sequences, soundscapes...
  40. FarleyCZ

    A bit of dnb for a change? :)

    Hi all, I've recently finished a track that mixes liquid Drum & Bass with a little piano piece, synth instrumentation and few other things. I'd be glad if you could listen to it and tell me what you think of it! :) I know it's not going to be anywhere near the huge compositions you guys make...
  41. E

    Bounces Ohio - NI Maschine and WAV library

    NEW MASCHINE AND WAV PRODUCT AVAILABLE !!! Get our new Maschine and wav library inspired from Zapp and Roger work. This new funky loops and beats volume will provide you inspirational sounds, hi-quality samples and professional records. This library contains 4 construction kits including ...
  42. Y

    FS: Moog Minitaur with Wooden Side Panels

    Hello: I am selling my Moog Minitaur. I am the original owner. I have purchased some new gear and must part with this beauty. The synth is in great working order. I've kept it safe and sound in my studio since I bought it. Purchase includes Moog Minitaur, original box, AC adapter and USB...
  43. B

    How to sample deep bass sounds?

    We have a tempered glass shower door that makes a really cool deep bass "BoOoOoOoOoM" sound that lasts for about 3 seconds. I currently only have a Tascam DR-40 with only the built in mics. Trying to sample it with this I just end up with a "Thunk" sound that is only about 1/4 second long. So...
  44. Heavyocity Media

    Heavyocity & Icebreaker Audio present "C-Tools" for Reaktor

    Heavyocity & Icebreaker Audio are proud to present "C-Tools", a trinity of retro synth sounds, for Reaktor. Get it in the next week for just $29! Learn more about C-Tools here: Inspired by the future aesthetic of the 70’s and 80’s, C-Tools is three...
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