bass guitar

  1. jrrshop

    Up to 75% off UJAM, McDSP, and Propellerhead

    Up to 60% off UJAM Virtual Bassists, now $59 each or $109 for all 3: Up to 75% off McDSP, starting at $29: $100 off Propellerhead Reason 11...
  2. Cory Pelizzari

    A Quality Affordable Bass Library - XBass

    Get it here: Patches: Support my work: Buy my albums:
  3. DSmolken

    Secret Agent Bass - a 70s Polish bass guitar sampled in excessive detail

    Get it here: When I released Secret Agent Guitar, I promised that if it sold well, I would acquire and sample a matching bass. That took a while, mostly because finding one with a neck that's not warped or broken proved...
  4. 9

    Piccolo Electric Bass Library...... Does One Exist?

    I just recently jumped on the NI sale offering OTS Evolution Flatwound and Roundwound bass instruments. Love them both. But I was just thinking, I haven't come across any libraries offering piccolo strung electric bass. Sure, I could tune my existing bass libraries up 12 semitones, but it's...
  5. APD

    EXCLUSIVE DEAL: The All New Dan Dean Signature Bass Collection ~ Out Now! Only available until Janua

    Introducing the first APD exclusive through special development with Dan Dean. This unique collection features 5 different bass guitar libraries, each with its own distinctive sound. The DD Signature Bass Collection will only exist from January 12th-25th. For more details, checkout the manual...
  6. M

    For sale - scarbee pre-bass

    I am selling NI Scarbee Pre-Bass for half price $43 / £30 / €38 (half price). PM if interested, Thanks!
  7. sekkosiki

    Bass guitar for pop/rock

    Hey, I'm looking a bass guitar mainly for pop/rock (not for metal). Which do you have, and which do you prefer? I'm not a bassist, thus presets would be good to have. And also I know very little about playing a bass, so I'm looking for an easy library to use. (but I'm of course willing to learn...