bass clarinet

  1. B

    Shared recording sessions! French horn, clarinet and string quartet.

    Hi everyone - hopefully you are all safe and well!! We are very fortunate that our live room is isolated from our control room so we are still able to safely record musicians during these troubling times. Ordinarily we have a minimum booking of 3 hours to secure a session but once we have...
  2. S

    Hello from NC!

    Hello all! My name is Sebastian and I am a composer and arranger from a small town in North Carolina! I have been playing music for about 7 years now and writing for 2. Although I mainly write for piano, string quartet, and a small wind band I've started, I am not afraid to branch out a bit and...
  3. amadeus1

    Berlin Woodwinds Expansion C

    Here's a look at the expansion C of Berlin Woodwinds. It includes the solo bass flute, bass oboe, bass clarinet, and bassoon.
  4. amadeus1

    Berlin Woodwinds Expansion A - Eb Clarinet, ContraBassoon, Bass Clarinet

    Hi guys, here's a video on did on the Berlin Woodwinds Expansion A:
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