1. Callum Hoskin

    Reverb Sends Logic - Best Way???

    At the moment I have my tracks routed to reverbs, through auxiliary sends, and the tracks outputed to a bus. Eg: Violins I Legato goes to the Valhalla aux and is outputed to the UpperStringsLong bus. The problem is when I bounce out my section buses as stems they are 100% dry I wanted to know if...

    MIDI vs AUX for composing/mixing.

    TL;DR - Aux vs MIDI, which is better with VEP routing in Logic Pro? ––––– I’m working in Logic X with VEP 6 & mostly Kontakt libraries on the PC Slave. In VEP I’m using 1 instance per 1 library instrument family (SCS Ensembles, SCS Vl1, SCS Vla, Albion ONE, Mural Vl1….) Multiple instances of...
  3. N

    VEP5 Multiport Layer Aux Issue

    The moment I add an aux track with the multiport template in Logic, only midi channel 1 is addressed on vienna ensemble pro no matter what midi channel I'm playing on. What caused this, and how do I fix it?