1. K

    Need experienced Spitfire user willing to help me "massage" my orchestral lines

    I am a big Spitfire fan who has all the Symphonic Orchestra and the Studio Orchestra as well as Albion ONE 10th Anniversary Edition. Having come from VSL before discovering Spitfire, I'm sometimes frustrated by the fact that Spitfire's long patches are all velocity insensitive, expecting the...
  2. Vik

    (Re-)recording MIDI notes and dynamics in Logic?

    I've never found a good way to re-record dynamics/vibrato (etc) info in Logic. There's something with the workflow which doesn't make sense to me. For instance, I sometimes ending up with stuff like this: Also, both region based automation and track based automatons seem to have...
  3. Transients

    Orchestral Template and Automation

    Anyone using Studio One? I am trying to build an orchestral template with kontakt libraries. How do you deal with recording automation and midi cc like dynamics and expression in Studio One? Are these set up and included in the template you use? And since there are 3 automation options to choose...
  4. d.healey

    Tutorial: How to loop samples

    Hope this is useful to some of you:
  5. U

    Articulation Switch and Automation Level Jump Issue

    Having an issue with Logic and Kontakt 5's library in particular. I've been using Logic's new articulation feature to switch articulations within regions. This works 80% of the time, occasionally I'll have to jiggle some handle to get it to remember which articulation to switch to. However...
  6. Hywel

    Transitioning from recording CC data as part of MIDI track to Automation track in Cubase 9.5.

    Hi folks I’ve been experimenting with where I record my CC data - CC 1s and 11s mostly. I find that viewing and editing CC data in a Cubase Automation track is MUCH easier than doing the exact same things in the edit window of a MIDI part. However, whenever I record the data - whether it’s in...
  7. Lotus Lake

    Is Anyone Else Having Big Problems with Kontakt MIDI CC and Track/Region Automation in Logic 10.4?

    Hi folks, I've been having some serious issues with automation/MIDI writing in Logic Pro 10.4.1. I think there may be several issues I'm encountering, some of which may be a potential misunderstanding of how Logic 10.4 handles MIDI CC Region Automation vs Track Automation, and some of which...
  8. Solara_Audio

    Behringer BCF 2000: Make use of motor faders?

    Dear VI control members, after visiting this board every now and then for years, this is my first post and it is a result of desperation. I've used the search function, but wasn't able to come up with a solution. TL;DR: How do I send the automation-data I recorded into my midi parts back to...
  9. Amusics

    Logic 10.4.1 Automation/Midi error

    I have an interesting issue that showed up this morning. Updated to Logic 10.4.1 over the weekend. Starting writing today and I'm noticing the options to change the Automation/Midi drop down aren't showing up in my piano roll. Anyone else having this issue? I'm able to see it on other files, but...
  10. hozierschurch

    Automation play back - weird static sounds?

    Whenever I play back automated parts (from VSTis) in Logic Pro X I can hear static. It doesn't happen on parts where no automation is taking place ... or when I play the automation in ... Can anyone troubleshoot for me? Thanks!
  11. A

    Quantize MIDI that have Automation?

    Hi! When recording MIDI Strings and Winds we end up with a performance that have lots of modulation. I often want to quantize this performance, resulting in the MIDI notes being on the grid but the modulation left unaffected (see attached picture). How do you guys go about this procedure? Is...
  12. KMA

    Behringer BCF2000 - Worth It? (...if it's cheap?)

    I have an opportunity to pick up an unused Behringer BCF2000 at an excellent price. I'm a Logic Pro X user who needs something basic for automation input (both for VIs and as a mix control surface). I'll be in the market for some more specific gear (Avid or thereabouts) in the next year or two...
  13. Vik

    Smart Controls in Logic (and Berlin Strings)

    I generally have lots if problems with Logic's Smart Controls workflow. And with Berlin Strings, it seems more complicated than with other libs. When looking at this list (in Kontakt) when using BS, it is totally empty: As you can see in the Kontakt window, BS comes with CC3 assigned to...
  14. Jaybee

    [SOLVED] Touch OSC sending 4 x for each press issue

    Starting to use the iPad with Touch OSC to send CC messages to change articulations and very much liking the feel of this workflow over keyswitching in the piano roll. However, my momentary buttons on my TouchOSC template seem to be sending 4 x for each press. i.e. Sending on CC58 to...
  15. C

    Anyone having any luck automating enable/disable of Kontakt 5 in VE Pro 6?

    Disabling Kontakt 5 from parameter in Cubase is fine, but enabling crashes VE Pro. Updated to latest versions of Kontakt, VE Pro and Cubase 8.5.30. Confirmed that enable works fine in Play and VIpro. Just not Kontakt. It seemed to work fine when I lightly dragged the parameter from .50 to .49...
  16. magneto538

    Control_par_automation_id and friends

    Hello folks, I'm getting into Kontakt 5.6.x these days (finally!) and I am collecting info about the new features included in the new version in order to update Koala. As far as I've seen, very little informations are provided by NI about the new CONTROL_PAR_AUTOMATION_ID, as well as how it...
  17. U

    OT Berlin Strings - Automation Problems

    Hi guys, I'm using BST 2.1 with Capsule 2.5. Have problems automating certain controls via CC: (a) Legato volume I assign a CC, which does affect the control. Problem is that a value of 0 does not turn the know all the way to the left and a value of 127 does not turn the know all the way to...
  18. M

    [Tutorial] Cubase - export multiple Formats at once

    Hi guys, I wrote a small script to make the Postprocessing function in Cubase's export dialog useful. Mainly for the reason that I was working on project were i needed to export MP3, WAV and OGG at the same time. Here is a screenshot: Thanks to DAWlabs for explaining the custom export...
  19. Vik

    Controlling Dynamics etc In Logic Pro

    It's that time of the year ago, you know – Christmas, which is when we rebuild our workflow, try new gadgets and maybe even make some new templates. :-] There are several ways to set up the automation of dynamics etc in Kontakt libraries, with or without HyperDraw/Automation, with/without Smart...