1. Time+Space

    LAST CHANCE DEALS AND MORE - Zero-G, Gothic, Sound Dust, Zynaptiq, Synchro Arts, The Unfinished

    Lots of last day deals for you to grab... ZERO-G - Last day for the Zero-G summer sale. Save up to 60% and get a free product when you spend £/$/€20. New Vintage Electric RnB is also 20% off for a limited time! GOTHIC INSTRUMENTS - Last day for the Gothic Instruments summer sale. Save up to...
  2. nagual

    How to solve imported midi files from Finale to Ableton audio dynamic prolems

    so i write the music in Finale, export it as midi files and use it as midi in Ableton. problem is, whenever i write for strings, the sound dynamics goes off the handle for itself while being played in Ableton. They dont have a problem in Finale play back, but as strings, their voice goes lower...
  3. I

    Awful glitch with Spitfire Symphonic Strings

    While I know most of you like and use SSS a lot, I noticed that no one really talked about recurrent glitches in this library. In Violins 1 & 2 Performance Legato, there's an irritating audio phase / panning issue when triggering different legato transitions with velocity. If you play two...
  4. sailenox

    Custom Mic Preamps and other gear

    Hi, just want to ask a question. Are there some people who are interested in custom built preamps or other stuff like compressors and synths? I'm a engineering student and i dont know what to do with my knowledge:emoji_joy:.
  5. L

    A good, but not too pricey Headphone Preamp for DT990 Pro 250Ohm with Steinberg UR 22

    Hey there, I'm planning to get the DT990Pro from Beyerdynamic. I own a Steinberg UR22 (which does a great job), unfortunately the "Phones Out" only support headphones at around 32-60 Ohm. There is a version of the DT990Pro with 80 Ohm, I prolly could use these, but I heard more than once, that...
  6. Duncan Formosa

    Kontakt randomly cuts out computers sound

    Over the past couple of weeks I've experienced this weird issue where kontakt will randomly stop all sound coming from my computer and the only way to get it back is to turn my audio interface on and off again. The audio interface is a SPL Crimson 3 which I've had for a number of years, not...
  7. sailenox

    A little Update - my own audio technology company which will change the sound of future

    I posted this last year. I just want to give you a little update. Right now i'm studying information- and communication technology and its really hard. I've learnt so much until now. I know how an Equalizer works and i can even build my own Equalizers. I'm surrounded by cracks in audio...
  8. Fab

    SoundCloud Mastering Service

    I noticed this recently and although I currently prefer to do them myself, I wonder how many of you have tried this and is it similar to other online mastering technology (LANDR?) Moreover, it seems some people like to complain of the soundcloud compression being quite bad! If that is true then...
  9. P

    Have you ever Dreamt a composition / Melody which you went on to use ?

    Interesting Question, as i find my mind subconsciously comes up with some lovely stuff just at the point before falling asleep; Do i remember it the next day ? Of Course not ? I think McCartney came up with Yesterday in a Dream (apparently) , and i have had one or 2 come to me that stuck with...
  10. Kubler

    Cubase • Adding delay to a mixer audio track

    Hi everyone, I am in the process of transitioning from FL Studio to Cubase, so far I've been able to sort out most of the basics but I still have some things to figure out, and this is one of those. In FL there's simply an icon on the mixer tracks on which you you can click to add or substract...
  11. C

    No sound from Asio4all driver when playing thru laptop speakers, but plugging headphones have sound.

    Hi guys, so today for some weird reason that god knows what reason is, my laptop speaker decided to not have sounds when i use the Asio4all driver whether i use it on my DAW, or i just load up a standalone kontakt 6 without a DAW. There will be no sounds from my laptop speakers, but last few...
  12. dman007

    What brand cables do you use between audio interface and monitors?

    What brand of balanced cables do you use between your audio interface and monitors? Any Mogami users in the UK ? Interested in any recommendations
  13. sailenox

    I'm Elias, just a experimental guy who want to change the world of sounddesign

    Hey, I'm Elias, 18 years old and from Germany. I grew up in a musicial family and i'm playing music since i'm able to think. First of all it was the organ, then drums, keyboards and guitar/bass. When I was 7 my father bought me my first keyboard. I was able to record 8 tracks with this thing. A...
  14. Bluemount Score

    Room tone audio files?

    I'm searching for simple, long room tone recordings to lay under my orchestral tracks for quite moments. Nothing too fancy. Ideas where to find something like that? Thank you!
  15. Akarin

    Easily align audio SFX to the MIDI grid

    Hey all! I've just made a quick and dirty video that you may finde useful. Aligning SFX like trailer hits, risers or whoosh hits can quickly become a tedious task. So, let me show you a quick trick to speed up your workflow. If you find these kind of quick tips useful, let me know, I have a...
  16. ThomCSounds

    Checking Out : Bad Tape by Denise

    Hey guys, this is my review of Bad Tape by denise! Now available as part of the Tweaker's Boutique Bundle on APD (82% OFF for the bundle). Saturate, modulate, subtly or bluntly mangle the sound with Bad Tape! If you liked my video and would like to support, don't hesitate to do so via the...
  17. Fab

    Summing cable XLR (x2) Female to (x1) Male

    One for the cable experts out there! The idea is to connect 2 audio interfaces to the same monitoring setup using a pair of summing cables that have this configuration: XLR (x2) Female to XLR (x1) Male. The setup is: OUTPUT 1 of both Audio interfaces go to the left speaker OUTPUT 2 of...
  18. ChrisSiuMusic

    Composing With Audio Imperia's NUCLEUS (Orchestral Ballad)

    Good morning friends! If you've ever wondered how Audio Imperia's Nucleus works and what styles it can cover, I just uploaded a video featuring the softer, more intimate side of the library. I hope this is at least somewhat helpful. Please let me know if you have any questions!
  19. Anevis

    Phone mic - a bad idea?

    This might be a silly question, but I'm going to ask it anyway. Hope this question fits this section, didn't know where else to ask it. Have you recorded with your phone mic? I mean I'm currently not able to access my DAW and stuff. Let's say the only gear available is my laptop (that's not...
  20. KSProgrammer

    Audio Programming for Beginners, a Blog

    Hello all! I'm normally working away on the sample library side of the equation, but I have since started out writing some code for some audio plugins. It is quite a new territory for me and I have been dismayed by the number of resources that are difficult to follow without an extensive...
  21. B

    Cubase Folder Structure Question?

    Hey All on VI, Recently I deleted some recorded vocals that were stored in an "Untitled folder," they weren't contained in my Cubase Project Folder. After trying multiple data recovery programs, each program that was able to locate them and recovered, every time the WAV file came was corrupt...
  22. Transients

    Prepare Song for Mixing

    Hi When composing cinematic orchestral music with kontakt sample libraries and a huge number of kontakt instances and instrument tracks with midi note information. How do you guys prepare a song for mixing? When the composing part is finished and its time to start mixing the song, everything...
  23. Brian99

    Audio connection between Mac Mini and studio monitors?

    I'm currently using a macbook pro and a maschine MK3 controller and the maschine 2 software for creating tracks. The MK3 also acts as an audio interface to a powered subwoofer and 2 powered studio monitors. I'm thinking of updating to a new mac mini and also logic pro x and trying to figure...
  24. 1

    Cubase - Change back sample rate of imported and converted audio.

    I got loads of audio clips that have been converted when imported into a Cubase project from between 96khz and 48khz down to 44Khz (as that was the rate my projects). I need to export the project in 48khz and not sure if changing the sample rate of the project will just upsample the downsampled...
  25. ChrisSiuMusic

    Ecliptiq Audio - Warp (A Review)

    Hi friends! Today I wanted to review a synth perfect for cinematic scoring and sound design. Please enjoy!
  26. cliffordmartin

    Choir Writing/Composing

    Quick bit of fun with Labs Choir [Free]
  27. Akarin

    Can muting a MIDI track also mute an audio return track in Cubase?

    Hi all, I have a VEPro setup in my template. MIDI tracks each have an audio return track associated to them. When composing, I hide the audio return tracks. Is there a way to mute/solo the audio from a MIDI track (e.g. muting the MIDI violins track will also mute the Violins OUT audio track)...
  28. MatthewHarnage

    Octopath Traveler (favorite OST of the year so far)

    Just wanted to start a conversation of this fantastic soundtrack that seems to have gone unnoticed here! It's a huge collection of orchestral/other stuff with tons of great melodies, orchestration, and other awesome stuff. I definitely recommend listening to it if you haven't already.
  29. cliffordmartin

    Classical String Writing Part 2

    Classical String Writing Development/Programming idea Narrow Version
  30. ChrisSiuMusic

    Mixing Audio vs. MIDI

    This is my take on the subject.
  31. David Hall

    A chair for days?

    So I wasn't sure if this was the right forum to put this thread. I'm struggling with lower back pains and as you all are well aware, we sit on our computers for hours and if you don't have a good chair you might end up with some sore back pains. Now I am not a chair connoisseur, so I would...
  32. David Hall

    Lag spikes on studio one 3?

    I know that most of you use cubase or dp. I have been using studio one 3 and nothing to complain, except i sometimes will notice lag spikes and audio glitches. I i'm not familiar on how this occurs i did some research and my dpc latency shows that somehow is my graphic card causing some sort of...
  33. Pierre

    Out now: BOOM Library’s first sound design plug-in: Turbine
  34. dman007

    Audio Interface Recommendations

    Hi, I'm looking to upgrade my Focusrite Saffire Pro 14 audio interface and would like any suggestions based upon user experience etc. The budget is upto £500 GBP. Okay with Firewire, USB or Thunderbolt (up to TB3) Preferences: I would prefer an on-board MIDI IN but that's not essential...
  35. W

    "Air" frequency buildup, yes or no?

    In the following thread on mockup dynamics, I proposed the idea of splitting part of an ensemble patch among multiple channels in order to vary the dynamics of each section. "Ways of Getting Mockup Dynamics Spot-On." Discuss. It was suggested to me that this would not work because of frequency...
  36. premjj

    SOLVED: Strange USB issue with Focusrite Audio Interface (6i6)

    Hi Looking for some help with my audio interface, if someone here has experienced a similar issue before. I have been using the Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 (2nd Gen) for about a year now on Windows 7. ( As of yesterday morning when I...
  37. bjderganc

    Route audio signal INTO Kontakt?

    Is it possible to route a live audio signal into Kontakt? I'd love to test out effects without first creating audio files.
  38. RRBE Sound

    Which is better..? TC Electronic Konnekt 24D or Focusrite Saffire 6 Pro

    Dear All, As I latly requriered a lovely pair of Genelec 8040's, I also got a TC Electronic Konnekt 24D audio interface with the deal. The audio interface I use now is the Focusrite Saffire 6 Pro, which for my work is super great at the moment. However, I wonder if it would be unwise not to...
  39. NathanTiemeyer

    Upgrading to JBL Monitors- Should I upgrade Audio Interface as well?

    Hi all! For a while I've been mixing on my DT-770 headphones, but I believe it's time to step up my game and finally invest in some studio monitors, as well as some basic room treatment. I'm on a budget so I'm not going top tier, but, after some extensive research I've found the JBL LSR305's...
  40. DanielOutro

    What types of sounds/instruments would you like to hear in a sample pack?

    There are a lot of sample packs with classic drum machines, synths and traditional instruments. Let us know what new sounds you think could be interesting or helpful in your productions! This includes: Genres Playing styles FX Moods
  41. M

    Audio interface

    I looking to get new audio interface I looking the Presonus Studio 192 mobile or the motu ultralite mk4, both have similar setting I use studio one as main daw so the presonus one look more interesting, but i read some problems about latency, any one had try the studio 192 or mobile ? the motu...
  42. Oliver_MB

    Game Music Composer - Oliver Moya Bueno

    Hi, My name is Oliver. I'm a graduate clarinetist and sound technician and I'm currently dedicated to musical composition and sound design for video games. My style is influenced mainly by the music of John Williams and Nobuo Uematsu. I have been making music for video games since 2005...

    Cubase Monitor Output

    Hi Guys, New to Cubase. Assumed that once you've set up your 'Main Output' using your audio interface (Stereo), you could monitor imported audio files. It seems to me that I have to change my output. VST Connections - Studio - (Bus) Monitor - Device Port. When I do this, it removes the...

    Cubase Media Bay Issue

    Hi Guys, Just moved over to Cubase Pro 8.5. Having trouble locating audio files on my system and importing them into my sessions. Believe 'Media Bay' is the method to use however when I enter media, no audio files show. I located appropriate folders, and yet still no audio files show within...
  45. gideonleong

    Audient iD4 for Orchestral Sample Libraries ?

    Dear all, What are your thoughts on Audient iD4 as an audio interface for running orchestral sample libraries like Hollywood Orchestra from EASTWEST and some orchestral Kontakt libraries (Cinesamples, 8dio, SoundIron..etc) as well. Any thoughts on this ? How would you compare this with...
  46. Daniel Petras

    What is scripting and how does it apply to audio?

    Is anyone able to give an explanation on this topic or point to some relevant information as to what this means in audio? It seems like an important concept to dive into which I know nothing about. What is this black magic you people do?
  47. dog1978

    EVO Grid Review - Video

    I've done a review for Spitfire EVO Grid 1-4. Here is the german version:
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