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  1. Time+Space

    THIS WEEKS DEALS! Wavelet Audio, Hypersamples, Lunatic Audio, Audio Modeling, VSL

    Some of this weeks deals and offers, in case you missed any... (IT'S A BIGGY!) HYPERSAMPLES - Founder of Hypersamples, Alessandro Camnasio (Gothic Instruments DRONAR, Avengers Endgame) has started his journey with 2 Kontakt sample libraries, with more titles in the near future! Save 27% on...
  2. Time+Space

    DEALS OF THE WEEK! Output, AAS, Boom Library, Zynaptiq, Eventide, Sonora Cinematic

    In case you missed them, here are the current deals at Time+Space... OUTPUT - 37% off Output EXHALE, the world's first truly modern vocal engine fraturing real singers recorded by top producers! AAS - 50% off Chromaphone 3 and Chromaphone 3 sound packs BOOM LIBRARY - 20% off Boom Library...
  3. Time+Space

    SEPTEMBER DEAL! Spend £26/$30/€30 and get Zero-G Herz-OG Kontakt Synth for free!

    ⚡SEPTEMBER DEAL⚡ Spend over £26/$30/€30 at Time+Space and get Zero-G Herz-OG Kontakt Synth for free, usually worth £60!! Simply add it to your cart along with your other purchases and it will be reduced to FREE at checkout! SHOP NOW ➡
  4. Time+Space

    BIG SAVINGS! Zynaptiq, EastWest, VSL, PreSonus, AAS, Eventide

    Lots of deals to be had over at Time+Space... ZYNAPTIQ - Up to 75% off Zynaptiq Pitchmap, perfect for remixes, audio editing and more! EASTWEST - Up to 60% off in the Labor Day sale! Vocals, Pianos, Brass... it's all here! VSL - 30% off all Synchron String Libraries + free expansion! Up to...
  5. Time+Space

    Labour day sale and more! eastwest and presonus

    To celebrate Labour Day, Presonus and EastWest both have incredibly generous offers for a limited time... EASTWEST - Save up to 60% off EastWest's best-selling collections and automatically get their new OPUS Engine for free! What could be better than that? PRESONUS - Save up to 50% off all...
  6. APD

    APD Offer: 67% Off Palette Bundle by Red Room Audio

    For just $199.99 (instead of $600), get PALETTE BUNDLE by Red Room Audio! This Kontakt Player bundle features PALETTE – MELODIC, PALETTE – ORCHESTRAL FX & PALETTE – RUNS & ARPS. All 3 were recently updated to version 1.2. Already own Palette Sketchpad? Complete your Palette collection! Palette...
  7. Time+Space

    Exclusive deals during NAMM 2020 from Soundiron, Zero-G, Wavelet Audio and Gothic Instruments

    It’s that time of year again, where music fans and software developers from across the globe all flock to California for one of the world’s largest music trade shows and to celebrate the occasion Time+Space has launched some exclusive deals through to Monday with savings of up to 70%. Head over...
  8. APD

    70% OFF: Pripyat Pianos - Radioactive Pianos from Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

    For just $59.99 (instead of $199), get PRIPYAT Pianos, Radioactive Pianos from the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone by STRIX Instruments! PRIPYAT Pianos takes you deep into the heart of a place few human beings would dare to venture: into the heart of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, the very site of the...
  9. APD

    78% off: Boutique Mega Deal!

    For just $119.99 (instead of $554), get the Boutique Mega Deal! The Boutique Mega Deal contains the following products: Pluginboutique Carbon Electra + Emissions Expansion Pluginboutique VirtualCZ + FutureCZ Expansion Pluginboutique Scaler SoundSpot Oracle Audiomodern Paths 1 & 2 Bundle...
  10. APD

    82% Off: ZapZorn Master Collection

    For just $99.99 (instead of $549.99), get the full ZapZorn Master Collection! Already own some items in the collection? We got you covered - you can get individual items at 50% off. The ZapZorn Master Collection contains all 16 products in the ZapZorn Composer Tools arsenal comprising of...
  11. APD

    81% Off: X (AAX, UA, VST, VST3) by Type Writer Audio

    For just $24.99 (instead of $129.99), get X by Type Writer Audio! Add that extra oomph to your audio production with the most complete stereo widening plugin on the market. With X in your corner, you immediately gain an advantage over others who do not have this secret weapon in their arsenal...
  12. APD

    Limited Free Download - Synths DX by Karanyi Music!

    For a limited time, get SYNTHS DX by Karanyi Music FREE! SYNTHS DX is a collection of inspiring sounds perfect for creating subtle cinematic atmospheres, deep, wide sci-fi pads for film and video games. It is also ideal for ambient and synth wave music production. With its 60+ instrument...
  13. APD

    76% OFF: Ethnic Instrument Bundle by ISW!

    For just $99.99 (instead of $414), get the Ethnic Instruments Bundle by Impact Soundworks. This is truly a must-have collection of eclectic sounds from around the world. Limited time offer, don't miss out! Take a journey around the globe with these world-class instruments! Built for the FULL...
  14. APD

    61% Off: Mastering Suite by ACON Digital

    For just $49.99 (instead of $129), get the Mastering Suite by ACON Digital. The Mastering Suite contains 5 plugins: Dynamics, Multiband Dynamics, Limit, Equalize and Dither. These plug-ins are designed for maximum signal transparency with an intuitive workflow. Acon Digital Mastering Suite is...
  15. APD

    67% Off: Electro City by Sample Logic

    For the next 2 weeks, you can get ELECTRO CITY for just $99 instead of $299.99 (67% off). Built on Sample Logic’s dynamic MULTI CORE sample engine,ELECTRO CITY makes creativity a breeze. Effortlessly design infinite rhythmic sequences, melodic phrases and beat loops by stacking and shaping up...
  16. APD

    70% OFF: Front Row Violins by Kirk Hunter Studios

    For just $89.99, get the world’s only live divisi violin solo and ensemble – FRONT ROW VIOLINS by Kirk Hunter Studios! FRONT ROW VIOLINS reinvents everything you know about virtual violin instruments. Designed for Native Instrument’s Kontakt Retail (full version required), the core of Front Row...
  17. APD

    95% OFF: Rigid Audio Bundle

    For just $39 (instead of $746), get the massive Rigid Audio Bundle comprising of Aquiver, Cinematrix, Synferno, Supine, Padstation 2, Hypernode and Outerspace bundle! These are some of the best products from Rigid Audio and are available at an insane exclusive deep discount for only a few days...
  18. APD

    Final Hours: 83% Off: AcousticSamples 4-in-1 Guitar Bundle!

    For just $99.99 (instead of $576), get the AcousticSamples 4-in-1 Guitar Bundle comprising of GD-6 Acoustic Guitar, Strategy, Sunbird and Telematic V3! Acousticsamples creates virtual instruments focused on the perfect recreation of acoustic and electric instrument such as guitars, pianos...
  19. APD

    77% off - Score FX 2 by ueberschall!

    For just $39 (you save $129), get Score FX II by ueberschall! Score FX II sets the standard for underscores, FX, rhythms and atmospheres and is an essential addition to your cinematic sound design arsenal. Deal Page: Deal Ends: April...
  20. APD

    Mixing and Mastering Life Savers - Top 5 Audio FX Plugins

    Today I wanted to share my top 5 favorite audio plugins. For this list I will be focusing solely on effects plugins, used in mixing and mastering, as opposed to synths or VST instruments. Read full article:
  21. APD

    Last Minutes: 100% off Memory-V by IK Multimedia - FREE Download!

    Less than 24 hrs left to get Memory-V by IK Multimedia FREE! Originally $49.99, now available FREE until midnight (EST). This is one deal you should not miss! Download here:
  22. APD

    Final Minutes: 72% off - Sonuscore Bundle or Buy Just What You Need!

    For just $98.99 (instead of $357), get the SONUSCORE Bundle comprising of Lyrical Cello Phrases, Origins Vol 1 – Steel Tongue & Sansula and Trinity Drums! Already own some items in bundle? Choose what you need à la carte! Offer ends soon, don't miss out! Deal Page:
  23. APD

    The Unique Sounds of Aviram Arabic Strings - Quick Walkthrough

    Arabic Strings, by Aviram Dayan, is a beautiful and authentic string library created specifically to capture the unique sound and performance of Arabian themed music. There really is no other library quite like this on the market today. It offers 18 different keyswitchable articulations, many...
  24. APD

    65% off - Aviram Arabic Strings by Aviram Dayan Production

    For just $90.99, get Aviram Arabic Strings! This large collection of eastern samples are perfect for situations when you need that genuine eastern flavor in your compositions. Weighing in at 3GB with 9800+ sounds, this library contains the following string sections: Classical Violin, Baroque...
  25. APD

    Review - Rhapsody: Orchestral Percussion by ISW!

    Rhapsody Orchestral Percussion is a library produced by Impact Soundworks (creators of the Shreddage series, Bravura Scoring Brass & Pearl Concert Grand). This particular library is a versatile and very worthy addition to the many various orchestral percussion virtual instruments on the market...
  26. APD

    75% Off – Rhapsody: Orchestral Percussion by Impact Soundworks!

    For just $49.99, get Rhapsody: Orchestral Percussion by Impact Soundworks! This exquisite symphonic collection for KONTAKT features a comprehensive collection of 50 traditional & extended percussive instruments recorded through three mic positions. With a clean, focused character that is not...
  27. APD

    Video Review: Getting Emotional with Resonance Emotional Mallets by ISW!

    In this review, Jonny Dyas reviews Resonance Emotional Mallets by Impact Soundworks. Resonance Emotional Mallets is a unique sample library consisting of various custom mallet instruments that are charged with emotion. Read full article here...
  28. APD

    APD Valentine's Day Special!

    We hope you love surprises because there's a pleasant surprise waiting in your rewards wallet! To celebrate the, we have added an extra $20 to your rewards wallet which you can use to purchase any product in The Shop. Don't have an APD account? Create an account and instantly receive $20 in...
  29. APD

    Video Review: How to Train Your Evolution: Dragon

    As we all know, training a dragon is no easy feat. Reason why we've created this brief video showing you exactly what to do! Read full article (includes video):
  30. APD

    60% off: Thunder Springs by Sample Logic!

    For just $39.99, get Thunder Springs by Sample Logic. Originally $99.99, this collection of 450+ rare and mutilated Instruments & Multis is now offered at 60% for a limited time only, don’t miss this one! Deal Page: Offer Expires...
  31. APD

    Video Review: Top 5 Kontakt Instruments You Do Not Want To Miss

    Sometimes, you just need a really specific type of sound in one of your compositions. Or maybe sometimes you just need something cool or unique to inspire you. There are around 70 different award-winning Kontakt libraries on the Audio Plugin Deals store right now, so perhaps we can help you find...
  32. APD

    73% off: 12GB+ Cinematic Synth Collection by Zero-G!

    For just $99.99, get the incredible 12GB+ Cinematic Synth Collection by Zero-G! IN THIS COLLECTION ($371.95 Value) Dark Ambient Distortion & Feedback Extreme Environments Extreme Vocal Environments EPICA Bass Surface Tension Video Playlist SoundCloud Playlist More Details These Kontakt...
  33. APD

    Video Review: Exploring Expeditions by Sample Logic

    Expeditions by Sample Logic is an expansive rhythmic sequencing and effects engine running on the full version of Kontakt. It is highly portable at about 1.5GB but manages to feature over 965 cinematic and world loops, meaning you will likely find a sound for any situation or music genre...
  34. APD

    Video Review: Getting Chills with Frozen Plain!

    Check out this short review showcasing what is possible with all 9 Frozen Plain libraries now available in The Shop! More details here
  35. APD

    68% off - EastWest Sounds Complete Scoring Package - APD Exclusive!

    For just $299.99, get the Complete Scoring Package by EastWest Sounds. This breathtaking collection comprises of 2 extremely successful and multi-award winning libraries: EastWest Symphonic Orchestra Gold and EastWest Symphonic Choirs Gold. The Symphonic Orchestra eclipses all others with...
  36. reutunes

    Searching for "that sound" - and I found it

    I have loads of different SFX libraries from various developers which are all useful in their own way. However, in the quest for bigger and more hard-hitting FX I often find these samples try to do too much. Sometimes I just need a simple screenwipe swoosh or a great sub hit - "that sound" -...
  37. APD

    Get 84% off Voices and Percussion Bundle by Crypto Cipher!

    For just $99.99, get the Voices and Percussion Bundle comprising of Rare Raga Voices, Extinct Instruments & Exotic Percussion Libraries by Crypto Cipher at a massive 84% off, that is $99.99 instead of $612! Founded in 2010 and based in New Delhi, Crypto Cipher offers affordable, authentic...
  38. Wunderhorn

    When Marketing Crosses the Line of Etiquette (Audio Plugin Deals)

    Just got a marketing text message on my phone from Audio Plugin Deals. This was never requested nor authorized. I find that simply rude. I can understand that the battle for customers is getting heated over the holidays, however there is no reason to loose one's etiquette. A marketer needs to...
  39. APD

    New in The Shop: Acoustic Revolutions 3 by ISW!

    We have another sizzling brand new addition to The Shop - the all new Acoustic Revolutions 3 by Impact Soundworks! Use your rewards to get it for $39.99! INSANITY...! Acoustic Revolutions 3 is Impact Soundwork’s most versatile, inspirational acoustic guitar collection yet. Whether you’re...
  40. APD

    Get 72% off Ultimate Vocal Bundle by Zero-G!

    For just $99.99, get the award winning Ultimate Vocal Bundle by Zero-G comprising of 5 epic vocal libraries built for Kontakt that deliver an unparalleled value for money, and nearly every kind of vocal sample and style you’ll ever need! Don’t miss out on this amazing deal ending soon, hurry and...
  41. APD

    Get 79% off SONIBLE Smart Bundle - 2 World-Class AI Equalizers!

    For just $74.99, get The Smart Bundle featuring 2 world-class AI equalizers from Sonible at an amazing 79% off($274 savings)! This unique bundle features smart:EQ+ and smart:EQ Live. With smart:EQ+ and smart:EQ live you are prepared for any studio or live mixing task at hand. Both plug-ins are...
  42. APD

    Just 1 Week Left! Get 79% off The Sound Solutions Bundle by Composers Tools

    For just $89.99, get this epic deal featuring 3 libraries from Composers Toolsat an amazing 79% off($335 savings)! First in the bundle is the ABC ENGINE BUNDLE, a collection of 3 products using the same interface, allowing you to share snapshots or settings between patches. Second is Eris, a...
  43. APD

    FINAL DAY! Get 70% off Ventus Ethnic Winds Bundle by Impact Soundworks!

    Order Now:
  44. APD

    JUST 1 WEEK LEFT! Get 70% off Impact Soundworks Ventus Ethnic Bundle

    For just $149.99, Impact Soundworks proudly offer The Ventus Ethnic Winds Bundle featuring 5 beautiful and deeply sampled woodwinds at a whopping 70% off ($350 savings). The collection feature an Irish tin whistle, Japanese shakuhachi, Indian bansuri, two pan flutes, and three ocarinas. This is...
  45. APD

    Get up to 80% off APD Mega Bundle Deal!

    For the first time ever, Audio Plugin Deals presents the MEGA DEAL featuring 4 awesome developers with a total of 19 libraries! In this unique offer, you can either buy the whole bundle for just $189.97 or buy each product separately. Check below for a full list of products included. Gospel...
  46. APD

    Get 84% off Exclusive Private Collection by BOOM Library!

    For just $99.99, BOOM Library proudly offers The Exclusive Private Collection featuring 4 epic Medieval, Historical firearms, & Sci-Fi libraries at 84% off ($514 savings)! The Exclusive 13.5 GB Private Collection of 2900+ sounds is a Limited Edition deal offered only through Audio Plugin...
  47. APD

    Get 85% off Waterharp 2 & Thunder Springs Bundle by Sample Logic!

    For just $29.99, get the Waterharp 2 & Thunder Springs Bundle by Sample Logic. Normally valued at $199.99, you can now get both an amazing 85% off for a limited time only! Weighing in at 2.5GB, Waterharp 2 is a collection of over 550 breathtaking instruments and multis that will truly blow you...
  48. APD

    The Deal: Get 75% off Etherealwinds Harp II by Versilian Studios!

    For just $14.99, get Versilian Studio’s Etherealwinds Harp II normally valued at $59.99 (75% off)! Etherealwinds Harp II is a fully chromatically sampled 34-string lever harp. Each note is sampled with 3 velocity layers and up to 4 round robins. In addition to the harp, a full chromatically...
  49. APD

    The deal: get 90% off retro synths 1980s bundle by puremagnetik!

    For just $9.99, get the Retro Synths 1980s bundle by PUREMAGNETIK normally valued at $99.99 ($90 savings). That's at a whopping 90% discount. Retro Synths 1980s +Plus (available in Kontakt and Logic formats) teleports your studio back to the days of big hair, neon spandex, catchy lead riffs and...
  50. APD

    THE BIG DEAL: Get 50% off SONIC FACTION Archetype Kontakt Player Bundle!

    For just $74.99, get the SONIC FACTION Archetype Kontakt Bundle (50% OFF) brought to you by Audio Plugin Deals. Archetype includes some of the most sought-after synthesizers and drum machines in the world. Each instrument has been meticulously sampled from the original hardware and the result...
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