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    The 2021 Collection - FREE Limited-Edition Library

    We're so excited to announce our first-year anniversary is here, and with it, we have created a new Free Limited-Edition library we want to share with you: 'The 2021 Collection'. This library will be given to all of those who participate in our 'The Art of Brewing Audio' event, which will last...
  2. AudioBrewers

    The Art of Brewing Audio (Ends 1 February, 2022)

    As an attempt to keep a close relationship to all those of you who have enjoyed our products throughout 2021, celebrate the holidays and our 1st year anniversary, we put together a small event where we invite you all to share your music with us. By doing so, you will receive a limited-edition...
  3. Cory Pelizzari

    Library Spotlight - Axé

    Get it here:
  4. AudioBrewers

    This is Axé

    This is Axé! We are so proud to present to you our largest project to date: Axé. Axé (pronounced ash-eh) brings Epic Music and Latin American instruments together for the first time. Our aim was to sample a massive ensemble of powerful drums in a wet hall to create a massive-sounding ensemble...
  5. AudioBrewers

    Audio Brewers' 'Piano Toy' giveaway!

    Last Thursday, we met with @Simeon to talk about 'Piano Toy', our amazing 'Advanced Pitch Shifting' tech and of course, what we love most: Samples! Might sound like a small instrument, but trust us, we took it seriously and created probably the most comprehensive 'Piano Toy' ever made! And now...
  6. AudioBrewers

    Introducing Piano Toy - A small instrument made huge! 🎹🎹 (Free version also available!)

    We're super happy to announce our new release 'Piano Toy', a beautifully small instrument made HUGE - additional FREE version available! Keep reading for more info. How is it huge? Well, let us elaborate: Articulations Our main aim when sampling Piano Toy was to offer the best of the best...
  7. AudioBrewers

    Tangent Drum - Last Week of Intro Price (43% OFF Through 15 August)

    This is the last week of our 'Intro Price' sale for Tangent Drum! The Stereo and Ambisonics versions for 39€! Tangent Drum is the last steel tongue drum you will ever need. Why? 1. Because it contains 28 articulations (5 Core, 13 Prepared, 10 Sound Design) 2. Because we developed our 'Sample...
  8. AudioBrewers

    'Pianoforte' Intro Price ending SOON! 🎹🎹🎹 47% off!

    'Pianoforte', our latest sample library featuring a Fazioli F212 is ending its Intro Price period soon!! Sustains, Una Corda, Muted, and Sound Design Pads. Recorded, mixed and delivered in Ambisonics and Stereo. Multiple Mic Positions and Dedicated Mixes (Stereo) Multiple Hyper-realistic Mix...
  9. AudioBrewers

    A new Piano appeared! 'The Upright' by Audio Brewers

    Hi everyone, we are the Audio Brewers, and we launched as a company focused on creating Sample Libraries recorded, mixed and delivered in Ambisonics! We are thrilled to announce that our flagship product, 'The Upright' is now available! 'The Upright' is a 1989 vintage upright piano with a...
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