1. wunderflo

    Min. Requirements for Mixing Dolby Atmos (Nuendo + ???)

    Hey everyone, already posted in a couple of threads after lurking for a long time, but now it's time for my first own thread. :) Really love this place and community. Seems as if the good old forum days of like-minded nerds have never been gone in this niche of the internet, and we can just...
  2. AudioBrewers

    Audio Brewers' 'Piano Toy' giveaway!

    Last Thursday, we met with @Simeon to talk about 'Piano Toy', our amazing 'Advanced Pitch Shifting' tech and of course, what we love most: Samples! Might sound like a small instrument, but trust us, we took it seriously and created probably the most comprehensive 'Piano Toy' ever made! And now...
  3. O

    Atmos for Dune 2 (200 presets, pads, atmospheres, bass and synths)

    200 Presets for Dune 2: 100 Pads 65 Synths 20 Atmospheres 15 Basses & Dark Sounds Pads Each pad have modwheal to open or close filter or change timbre for sound. Most of pads have velocity assigned to filter ADR (attack, decay release) and few have expression wheel to other effects...

    String Audio releases Dark Matter

    String Audio has released Dark Matter, a powerful tool for Kontakt to create deep and complex cinematic sound textures. Each instrument is composed of four layers. The library features more than 13GB of sample material using Kontakt's lossless sample storage compression (more than 20GB not...
  5. SamiMatar

    Live Orchestral Album

    I am thrilled to finally announce the release of my first orchestral album in many years, Atmos: Symphonic Odyssey. Making this album was a unique experience for me because I exercised something unique: Where I could, I would write a note and not look back, there's no changing it. This...
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