1. George Bellas

    Exchanging Syllables Between Strezov Choirs

    George Strezov mentions the ability to exchange "Syllabuilder Engine 3.0" templates between Arva, Freyja, and Wotan choirs. Am I understanding that correctly? I'm curious how that is even possible being that the syllables available within each of the libraries are in fact different, and so I'm...
  2. SymphonicSamples

    Between Worlds - Taking Strezov's Arva for a test drive

    Hey, I haven't posted any music on VI for some time and thought I'd share this track. I recently took Strezov's Arva for a test drive after putting it into my template, really loving the sections / divisi. I thought I'd see what different musical settings it was capable of when used on it's own...
  3. StrezovSampling

    ARVA Children Choir released // Free Soloists Expansion released!!!

    Strezov Sampling proudly announces ÁRVA the final chapter in the Next Generation Choir Series and a first of its kind in the history of sampling! Being in developement for more than 3 years the final chapter of Strezov Sampling's Next Generation Choir Series is at hand. Starting with WOTAN, the...
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