arturia v collection

  1. Aubrey19

    CLOSED Arturia Collection 8

    - I'm selling Arturia V Collection 8 for 150€ (Website Price: 599€). - No transfer fees, according to Arturia. - It includes the following licenses: - Previous successful transactions:€.123094/post-5073646 Send me...
  2. LoveEnigma

    CLOSED ---

  3. luigizaccheo

    Music Production - sound synthesis on Depeche Mode "Peace"

    hi all guys, this is a new tutorial on sound synthesis for our students at Saint Louis College of Music in Rome. Good listening, I hope you like it
  4. LoveEnigma

    CLOSED Arturia V Collection 6 (removed from sale)

    removed from sale
  5. dknc

    FS - Arturia V Collection 7

    V Collection 7: $199 USD I'm new here, but have references on KVR (@mt12345, @mikecueto, @dsynth27) and a Reverb store with lots of positive feedback as a seller: Buyer covers PP fees. Thanks from North Carolina, US! Dave
  6. C

    CLOSED Sold Arturia Pigments 70€

    Sold! I'm selling my license for: Arturia Pigments, 70€ Payment by Paypal
  7. X

    CLOSED Arturia V7 Collection + OB-Xa V

    Hi everyone, I'm selling my Arturia V7 Collection because I'm not using it so much nowadays. The OB-Xa V is included. Price: 300$
  8. Glenn Broersma

    CLOSED SOLD Arturia V collection 6 with Pigments upgrade.

    Together in 1 purchase. e189,-
  9. J

    FS: Komplete 11, Arturia V 6

    A couple of good deals Komplete 11 (transfer) $350 Arturia V 6 (new license) $300
  10. Reid Rosefelt

    50% Off on Arturia V Collection 5 for Native Instrument Users

    I just received an email about this special NI offer for the Arturia V Collection 5 for $249 (or $99 for update) It ends on 5/31...
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