1. Marcube

    BBCSO "Host Tempo" Trigger?

    Hello all, Just bought BBCSO in the Spitfire sale (my first sample library). Anyone heard tell of "Host Tempo" articulation triggering? Doesn't even exist in the manual!
  2. yellow_lupine

    Logic articulation set with Vienna Ensemble Pro

    Hi everyone, I am planning to move my current Cubase project to Logic and I wonder how to correctly handle articulation changes. In Cubase I have a single VE Pro plugin, connected to a unique VE Pro server instance hosting about 70 VSL instruments. Could you please tell me how should I...
  3. Sean J

    Universal DAW Articulation Manager

    I've made a new articulation manager to export hundreds of maps at once, for multiple DAWs. Studio One Cubase (currently requires the latest version of Excel) Reaper (beta) Most map settings are auto-filled w/ defaults, so an articulation & note number is as complicated as it gets for a...
  4. JyTy

    NI Stradivari Violin Articulations Playthrough & Reverb Comparison

    There's been a lot of debate around this violin on the web and most of the feedback was not so great. After watching the NI Playthrough I thought it has potential, decided to pull the plug and so I've bought the library... let me tell you I am not disappointed! It is a beautifully sounding and...
  5. Anevis

    Layring different articulations

    How do you layer different articuations? Recently I´ve been noticing that some tracks have all parts of strings section (1st, 2nd violins etc etc...) playing the spiccato but at the same time they are playing the long patches. Maybe I´m wrong and just can´t hear it properly, but I´ll attach to...
  6. Sean J

    Dorico Mapper

    Here's a mapper I made. I hope it helps others stay sane. It requires MS Excel on a PC (not the web version) to run a Macro. The macro will export several maps at once. Let me know if it helps you! Dorico Mapper -Sean
  7. Vsevolod

    Max Richter - dramatic strings articulations

    Hello! I do not have a musical education and try to make many discoveries in theory on my own. What articulations do you think were used here to get such a dramatic score? The first thing I hear is a technique of vibrato.. Secondly, it seems to me that Sul tasto / pont and Flautando are present...
  8. Transients

    Need some help with brass programming

    When you record a brass melody with long notes and sustain articulation and in the end of each note you wanna have a couple of 16th notes which leads into the next long note. Like: Baaaaaaaam-Bam-Bam-Baaaaaaaam-Bam-Bam-Baaaaaaaam Do you play the Bam-Bam (16th notes) also with the sustain...
  9. D

    Please delete

  10. H


    Hi, Ladies and Gentlemen. I need help. It' been more than one-month building computer installing programmes and software... Now, I'm creating a template But I couldn't finish it. I have more than 100 Articulations in my sample library. Can someone please tell me what is the most used...
  11. Loïc D

    Logic Pro X - my Spitfire UACC all articulations plist (link to dl)

    Hi there, These past weeks (months?) I've been working on building my own template. I relies quite heavily on Spitfire Audio products and UACC keyswitching. Since I could not find a comprehensive UACC plist file to import all articulations, I made my own. I share it here, for what it's worth...
  12. etudes

    OT Berlin Series Single vs. Multi Patch Differences?

    Hey friends, I recently purchased the Berlin Inspire series and am currently attempting to set up a template surrounding these. I've read up on CAPSULE plenty now, but I'm still fumbling around a bit trying to figure out how to go about this. I think I'd like to try building this template off...
  13. Fermile

    Ethnic library collection resolution

    Hi all, Recently I found myself searching for ethnic sounds like didgeridoo, pantam, irish flute and some more ethnic instruments... I decided I need some more information about the collections offered for comparison. After some research on this forum and other sources, I found out there are 3-4...
  14. Transients

    Middle Eastern Strings & Articulations

    Do any of the libraries from Spitfire, Orchestral Tools, VSL, ProjectSam etc have any middle eastern flavour, and articulations typically used in this kind of music, in their libraries? Any suggestions where to look for these kind of articulations and to create that middle eastern sound?
  15. Akarin

    Creating Expression Maps for CSS (and CSB/CSSS/CS2)

    Hey all. I've written a long and detailed explanation on how to build Cubase Expression Maps that work with CSS. Due to the way CSS (and all the Cinematic Studio Series instruments) is built, having a proper way to control it via Expression Maps is not straightforward. You can find it here...
  16. R

    Electrical guitar playing techniques

    Over the years I have bought a few electrical guitar libraries for kontakt, especially to create lead guitar parts. These libraries contain many different articulations. But as I am a keyboard player, but not a guitar player, sometimes I do not know what the playing technique actually is and...
  17. R

    Logic Pro X summing stack and articulation map?

    I'm trying to put more than one instance of VI Pro (dimension string desks in this case) in a summing stack in order to drive them with the same MIDI/score track. They have identically arranged matrices and control mappings, so are designed to work with the same articulation map. The summing...
  18. W

    Articulation maps vs. template balancing

    In my new template (almost done!) I am heavily leveraging Logic Pro X 10.4’s new articulation maps feature, along with ARTzID v2, in order to have a (slightly) more concise template where parts aren’t spread across as many tracks, and also to make a far larger set of instruments and...
  19. R

    Articulations in Digital Performer

    I've cobbled together a method for doing articulations in DP using patch changes. Here's a video explaining how: Articulations in DP using Patch Changes
  20. G

    Studio One and TouchOSC

    Has anyone got Studio one and TouchOSC setup successfully? I've got TouchOSC working with my Logic setup,. But I'm testing out an orchestral build setup with Studio One and TouchOSC and aint having no luck with it. I have setup a Network MIDI session in the Mac MIDI Studio Setup. Then I have...
  21. S

    Logic Pro X Articulations / mod wheel confusion

    Hello, Apologies if this has been answered somewhere, I searched and couldn't locate it! I am using Orchestral Tools' wonderful woodwind additional instruments bass clarinet. I am trying to use multiple articulations on a single track by using CAPSULE and Logic Pro X's Articulations feature. I...
  22. Manaberry

    Open Stage Control (Tutorial) - An alternative to Lemur and TouchOSC

    Hi everyone! I've been using Open Stage Control for almost two years now (jeez, time flies). This application really improved my workflow as a composer. It’s an alternative to Lemur/TouchOSC. This is a free software developed by Jean-Emmanuel, available on Windows, OSX, Linux. It's quite a long...
  23. amadeus1

    Hans Zimmer Strings - uncommon, rare, unique articulations

    Hi Guys, Here's a video emphasizing the uniqueness of HZS. Thanks, Bill
  24. stigc56

    Edit articulation sets in Logic - reacting slower and slower!

    Have you noticed that the articulation settings window is getting slower when you edit the Articulation settings? The system is FAR from snappy and it's not my set-up, but it just gets slower and slower. I think anybody with a programming ambition, could make a fortune creating a really SMART...
  25. Karsten Laser

    How to delete Articulations in Cubase

    Hello ViControlers, maybe I'm overseeing something but does anyone know an easy method how delete all articulations (when using Expression Maps) of a midi part n Cubase // Nuendo? Did not find a key command or a way to do this with the project or midi logical editor. Thanks for any advice on this!
  26. Wassim Samad

    How to learn the art of articulations

    Hi, I'm trying to improve my composing skills as I find I'm restricting myself re-using the same techniques I am used to. I'm a bit experienced about using Legato, Sordino, Harmonics, Spiccato, Staccato for Strings, Brass, Woodwinds, ... But my libraries come with other articulations for...
  27. Eloy

    Sample Articulation Control - SkiSwitcher 3

    I wanted to build a large/new template that included articulation control. I chose SkiSwitcher 3 - this was/is a great investment. What a joy it was to play chords, change each note within the chord to a different articulation, just like a string quartet (VSL Dimension strings never sounded...

    Emotional Cello - Unload Articulations

    Is there a way to unload unwanted articulations in Emotional Cello Master Patch to save ram? I know there are individual patches but none of them have portamento & other controls.
  29. E

    Expression Maps in Cubase

    Hi, I'm in the process of making expression maps for my libraries and I'm having trouble setting them up. I want one track that has kontact and an expression map that houses all available articulations for that instrument. A lot of my libraries come with multi patches but also the individual...
  30. Vik

    How can Logic become better at controlling CCs (and articulations)?

    Control of dynamics (and vibrato etc etc) and articulation is a big thing for people who use virtual instruments, and is very cumbersome in Logic. For starters, I often can't just enable record and enable automation touch mode and start to play some MIDI notes on my keyboard and control dynamics...
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