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  1. yellow_lupine

    Logic articulation set with Vienna Ensemble Pro

    Hi everyone, I am planning to move my current Cubase project to Logic and I wonder how to correctly handle articulation changes. In Cubase I have a single VE Pro plugin, connected to a unique VE Pro server instance hosting about 70 VSL instruments. Could you please tell me how should I...
  2. babylonwaves

    Free Art Conductor Expression Maps and Logic Articulation Sets for Spitfire BBCSO Discover

    Hey guy, as you might know, you can get Spitfire's BBCSO Discover library for free when you go to their website and fill in a survey. I think it's a really nice effort and decided that I'll put together a free version of Art Conductor for Logic and Cubase to go along with it. All the details...
  3. Wunderhorn

    Logic: Articulations Sets Getting Messy

    While giving my template an overhaul (moving from ArtzID to Logic's articulation editor) I have yet to find the proper rhyme and reason of how this articulation editor is actually working. If you have only one Instrument to take care of. Well. Easy. If you have several keyswitched instruments...
  4. sleepfacingwest

    Logic Articulation Sets and VEP - Sending CC data to the right instrument

    Hey all, I hope this is the right place to post this. My issue isn't with Kontakt per se, but it's the only place that seemed to specialize in scripting. This is an issue getting automation data to go to the correct place using Logic Pro, VEP, articulation sets, and logic scripting. Setup...
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