1. DSmolken

    Sfzformat - documenting SFZ and how to use it

    For a couple of months now, I've been documenting the wiki with information on all the listed opcodes, and also added a couple of guides on mapping basic drums and sustained instruments. I've collected the information published in other places, documented SFZ 2 and ARIA extensions...
  2. J

    Halion Symphonic Orchestra - host in VEPro without Halion?

    Hi, I have a template of 64 Midi and about a dozen audio tracks. It's slow to load and a bit slow to move around in, even when almost empty. I want to host my Halion Symphonic Orchestra in VEPro. I only have the trial of VEPro for now. It seems it may not be a useful solution for me as I only...
  3. reutunes

    80% off Aurora Choir - limited time deal

    An 11 GB female choir for 80% off? Oh go on then... Brand new Kontakt choir library from ARIA Sounds now just €89. I was lucky enough to create the walkthrough video for this (below) and it's an extremely nice sounding choir with true legato scripting and a basic but flexible syllable builder...