1. jaketanner

    FS 2012 Late model Mac mini. Fully loaded. FREE shipping

    Hi Folks, For those that know about this treasure, there is no need to read the rest...LOL Just look at the picture for the specs :). Selling my audio computer: the sought after and user upgradable 2012 Mac mini. What is being sold is ONLY the computer, there are no peripherals that come with...
  2. kessel

    IPad Pro, should I buy it?

    Hi, I'm about to change my contract with my mobile provider and was thinking about getting an iPad Pro additional to my contract as this time I don't need a new phone. The question is that after watching some infos on the internet I'm still not pretty sure if it's worth buying it specially...
  3. Vik

    Poll: Should Apple release a model between the Mac Pro and the Mac Mini?

    Should Apple, in your opinion, release a model between the 2019 Mac Pro and Mac Mini? I appreciate that Apple has released info about their upcoming and very impressive Mac Pro. But it seems, to some degree, to be aimed at the video market. Many composers/musicians/recording studios don't need...
  4. SomeGuy

    Favorite or most useful Apple Watch apps (music or non/music related)

    After trying (and enjoying) a fitbit charge 3, I took the plunge on an Apple Watch series 3 with the hopes that it will do all the fitness tracking, but also add some productivity to my life as well. Have 30 days to see if it beats out the fitbit on my wrist. So to get a head start, looking from...
  5. Callum Hoskin

    Logic User Considering Switching To Cubase

    I am a competent logic user and very happy with the program however I need to upgrade my hardware as I am pushing my machine to the limit. It goes without saying that macs are expensive and overpriced so I am considering windows alternatives and running cubase. This would obviously be a huge...
  6. RRBE Sound

    Advice Wanted: Selling/Upgrading Mac Pro (late) 2013.

    Hi all! So last year I bought a used Mac Pro (Late) 2013 model for a great price, and I have been very happy with it. These are the specs: 32GB RAM 4-Core Xeon 3.7Ghz processor 4GB Dual AMD Fire Pro D300 2GB video cards 256GB Apple SSD However, I am now considering this: upgrading my Mac...
  7. W

    2015 (late) iMac i7 with 64gb RAM or...?

    Hello, I am hoping to gather some wisdom before purchasing a new computer. I am a part time commercial music composer. Until recently I had never attempted full orchestral mock-ups but I have a fair bit of experience using orch. elements in my work. I have some how been getting away with...
  8. M

    MacBook Air wit Logic Pro and Kontakt?

    Hello, I own a MacBook Air with a 1.6ghz processor with an SSD. I have been considering installing Logic Pro and Kontakt to use on the go. Does anyone have any experience with using MacBook Air for composing? Will it crash or could it handle a limited template? Thanks in advance for any answers!
  9. Audio Birdi

    FS: Saffire Pro 24 + PCI-e card | Behringer FCA610 | iPad 3 16gb wifi

    Hi there all, I currently have a the 3 following items for sale: Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 firewire audio interface + Syba SD-PEX30009 2x FW-800 1x FW-400 PCI-e card Price: £150 Behringer FCA610 USB 2.0 + firewire audio interface Price: £100 iPad 16gb 3rd gen wifi model Price: £100 All can...
  10. jonnybutter

    Apple is the new Microsoft and needs to be dumped, part #27030

    I am a long time Apple user (started with Mac llci in 1992). I stuck with them through many ups and downs for mostly good reasons. But while I'll continue using my current mac until I replace it, when that day comes, I will not replace with another Apple. I am at the end of the line with them...

    For Sale: Apple Mac Pro 6,1 2.7GHz 12core 64GB RAM 1TB Flash

    Hi everyone, Not sure if this is exactly the right place, but thought I'd mention that I have the following for sale on eBay ( Apple Mac Pro 6,1, 2013 model, with: 2.7GHz CPU (12 core / 24 thread)...
  12. RRBE Sound

    Efficient iPad Connection?

    Hello Everyone! :) So I have been fumbling with DAW control from mechanical faders to iPad control. I have come to the conclusion that I only need an iPad as control. - As I already have one spare. I use Logic, and the logic remote. BUT: I can not figure out one efficient way to connect...
  13. Vik

    Petition to make Apple add song credits

    With Apple Music (and iTunes on iPhone), song credits/composers aren't usually listed. Please sign this petition:
  14. M

    MacBook Air and Logic Pro X

    Hi, I just bought a MacBook Air (2015) 13 inch with 1,6Ghz, 8 GBs of ram and an SSD hard drive. I do all composing on my homecomputer and will continue to do so. However, I was wondering if it would work to install Logic and Kontakt on the Air for composing during travels. Would it run smoothly...
  15. J

    IMac purchasing advice

    I am preparing to purchase a new iMac 27-inch iMac with Retina 5K display and upgrading to the 4.0GHz quad-core Intel Core i7, Turbo Boost up to 4.2GHz to use with Logic and sample libraries. I have two questions regarding both the memory and the storage. First of all I've been told that...