1. Kejero

    Music For Animation // Elvis and Benny

    Hi all! For those interested in scoring animation, I've started a weekly behind-the-scenes for the music I did for 'Elvis and Benny'. The first episode is out now on YouTube!
  2. TomNoyd

    Boobs and blood - Soundtrack to animated short about savage cavewomen

    Hello, I recently finished my first soundtrack to a film and I'm just excited to share it. It’s a tastefully strange animated short for ‘mature’ audiences called Savage Death Valley where “[t]wo cavewomen try and survive in a perilous wasteland, where gargantuan beasts rule.” Here’s the...
  3. AdamSold

    Winter Waltz /UP! style animation music

    Hey guys! Here is my next short melody I recently finished. For me its kinda Winter mood, dancing on ice for instance. It reminds me a bit of M. Giacchino's style… feedbacks are welcome :)
  4. beyd770

    My first payed job - Happy cinematic animation sketch :)

    Hello! Got my first job as a composer and working on a little theme for the project. It was mocked up really fast after writing the theme and harmony using piano. I like the sound, but know there are room for improvement - any tips for a total beginner? Will try to make it very simple...
  5. paularthur

    Favorite Anime cues, scores & or themes ?

    It's one of my favorite mediums of art and i figure i can't be the only one obsessed, there's some pretty great stuff... Would love to hear other people's fav's and get some inspo as i hope to work on one in the future! Here are some of my pics: Spirited Away - "One Summer's Day" by: Joe...
  6. Andrew Goodwin

    The Lion's Blaze Animated (comedy)

    Hi Guys, Finally after a year of waiting we were able to post. Lots of nerdy RPG references. Jake Sidwell and I wrote music for this. Here is my part of the score: also completed a 5 song 80's ep with vox being released in 2 weeks ish related to this.
  7. Jonas.Ingebretsen

    The Big Reveal [Feedback appreciated]

    Hello. I recently uploaded a new test score with my semi-upgraded template. "The Big Reveal". Feedback on the score, orchestration or mix would be very much appreciated :) Cheers!