analog synthesizers

  1. jrrshop

    25% off Arturia OB-Xa V introductory sale, now $149 instead of $199

    25% off Arturia OB-Xa V introductory sale, now $149 instead of $199: The OB-Xa V takes the immense analog power of the fat, aggressive sounding OB-Xa from the 80s charts to the modern era. Faithful to the sound of the original and supercharged with new...
  2. jrrshop

    50% off Cherry Audio Voltage Modular, starting at $15

    50% off Cherry Audio Voltage Modular Core, Ignite, Nucleus, and Year One Collection, starting at $15: The best-sounding, most powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use virtual modular instrument available. Stellar and innovative...
  3. J

    FS: Novation Bass Station II

    Selling a mint condition Bass Station II Amazing little synth, I am however moving to a smaller studio, and scaling back on my hardware. I have barely used this thing (mainly due to my expanse of software synths), but it works great as a standalone analog synth, or as a MIDI controller, or...
  4. UVI

    UVI releases UVX80 - a new library featuring the sounds of a rare '80s Japanese polysynth

    UVI has released UVX80, a new library featuring sounds inspired by a rare '80s Japanese analog polysynth, including over 250 new patches, dual-layer architecture, built-in modulation and effects and an intuitive, hardware-inspired interface. The debut release of a now well-known Japanese...
  5. Y

    Korg Minilogue Inquiry

    Hello: I'm curious to hear if anyone has gotten their hands on the Korg Minilogue... For $499, it seems like a real steal, especially in that it is a 4-voice Analog Synth! Any pros and cons based on user experience? Thanks! Rod
  6. loopsample

    Hello from a new Soundware company

    Hello everyone, We are a new Soundware company currently located in Hong Kong, Asia. Our team consists of certified Logic Pro trainer, Music Director, major Music Producers and Sound Designers. For over 20 years in the music industry, we have done works for Stadium Concerts, Feature Movies...
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