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  1. udizisser

    Ample China Woodwind - Qudi and Dongxiao Review and Demo

    Ample Sound China Qudi and Dongxiao Ample China Qudi (ACQD) is built on the latest development of the Woodwind Sample Engine, with 4.4 GB samples, including head and body articulations, FX sounds, as...

    When the BWW & SF Solo Strings in the Ethnic Orchestra

    Hi there, I'm very glad to share a piece of ethnic re-arrangment that I cherish very much last year. You can hear the effect of BWW &SStW etc in this piece as a solo instrument. I am very surprised by the performance of these instruments in this piece. If you come across works of the ethnic...
  3. stigc56

    Export As Audio in Cubase creates CC errors

    Hi I'm using the Export As Audio function in Cubase, and have found that there are some CC errors in An Ample Guitar Track. This is the situation: In bar 23 I use the sustain pedal in an Ample Guitar Track and I have made sure that the CC64 = 0 right after in bar 24. This works as expected...
  4. Jason Morin

    Ample Sound Releases: Ample Bass Precision Extension (UPDATE GIVEAWAY)

    Hello! Ample Sound is proud to present the long awaited pick extension of Ample Bass Precision. This expension is based on the legendary Fender Precision Bass, a four string electric bass guitar model that was first introduced to the market in the fifties. ABP Extension will bring a new...
  5. Jason Morin

    Ample Sound Releases: Ample Bass Yinyang (ABY) 89$

    Ample Sound is extremely proud to release Ample Bass Yinyang (ABY). This beautiful instrument is well described here by : ''Fodera basses have long been ''THE stuff'' of dreams for most bass players. Their reputation as exquisite instruments and their association with some of...
  6. Vin

    FS: NI The Giant

    Both sold, thanks!
  7. Jason Morin Releases Ample Bass Acoustic (ABA)

    Hello! Ample Bass Acoustic (ABA) is a sample-based virtual instrument that brings you a detailed emulation of a Guild B-54 CE. It is now available at for 95$ (limited time) Sysem Requirements: -5 GB of free hard disk space. -Windows XP or newer, Pentium 4 or Athlon...
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