1. Wibben

    AMD Graphics and Cubase crashes 2020

    I upgraded my DAW PC last year and went all in on AMD with a 3900x and a Radeon 5700. I love this machine but some time late last year AMD updated their graphics card software to a new suite called Adrenaline 2020. Ever since then, I get constant and spontaneous crashes in Cubase 10 and 10.5...
  2. Shad0wLandsUK

    AMD working on a 64/128 Beast for TR4 So who is going to build a VE Pro Monster with this one? ;) I have to admit that I am looking closely at the 3950X this September as I am in the market for a new PC (had my i7 4770K...
  3. Manaberry

    [Thread] AMD/Intel CPU 2019

    Hi there. Computex is happening. AMD and Intel conferences are done. Now we have to wait until further announcement from AMD at E3 (mid June) and Intel might come with something this summer. Intel has revealed an improved version of the 9900K: 9900KS. Frequency has been increased on both base...
  4. ranaprathap

    If you are planning to build a PC now, wait for Threadripper

    From what we are seeing from this video, the performance beats out intel's X299 platform in multithreaded work loads and hence if you are planning to build a PC now/near future, just wait until the rest of the benchmarks are out as it appears the AMDs' threadripper is offering more value.
  5. ranaprathap

    Amd ryzen is here

    AMD just released all the juicy details of their top tier RYZEN CPUs. Will you consider this over an i7 7700k, for example?