1. jrrshop

    EastWest Valentine's Sale, now 50% off almost everything

    EastWest Valentine's Sale, now 50% off almost everything: EastWest Fab Four $299 $149.50 EastWest Ghostwriter $299 $149.50 EastWest Goliath $299 $149.50 EastWest Gypsy $299 $149.50...
  2. Spitfire Team

    Albion Solstice — OUT NOW!

  3. Mark Kouznetsov

    Please delete this thread

  4. BradHoyt

    March of the Automatons - VI highlights

    Hi all, I released a new soundtrack based on the 3rd book in the Newbury & Hobbes steampunk mystery series by UK author George Mann, and thought I'd share some tracks from the album here periodically and mention some of the virtual instruments I used. This track is called "March of the...
  5. Mads Skønberg

    Epic Music - Mads Skønberg - now on YouTube

    I now have a YouTube-channel. Here you can listen to my latest compostition on SoundCloud: And here is a YouTube-video - the theme is pollution of our planet...
  6. will_m

    Albion One vs Metropolis Ark 1

    Not strictly a review as such but hopefully a useful comparison between two of the big ensemble libraries.
  7. T

    Spitfire Albion Sale Questions

    Just a couple of questions regrding purchasing the Albion products. Currently the Albion line is on sale for Black Friday @ $336 each. The Albion Collection is on sale for $1259. 1. Is the Albion Collection always on sale and always for $1259, or only for Black Friday? 2. If I purchase a subset...
  8. arpegiah

    New Cubase Pro 9 & 9.5 Expression Maps Available

    Hi guys, it`s been a while, busy finishing my new single "Shepherds journey" New Expression Maps are available on my website. Latest add on are Metropolis Ark 3, Hollywood Choir Gold, CineSamples-CineBrass Core, Albion One and EW-Voices Of The Empire. Now the Custom Expression Maps comes with...
  9. Mads Skønberg


  10. N

    Regarding the Albion series

    Hi everyone! I'm quite new to the game and currently looking around for the best orchestral package for me. I am kind of on a budget though, so I really want to make sure I get the most out of the money I invest. Anyway, I'm pretty keen on the Albion series, especially Albion ONE, but I'm not...
  11. Epicomposer

    Spitfire albion one 10th anniversary edition - review

    We reviewed Spitfire Audio's brand-new ALBION ONE - 10th Anniversary Edition for Epicomposer! "Featuring a 109-piece orchestra accompanied by a thunderous cinematic percussion and synthesizer section, ALBION ONE provides media composers with everything they need to create compelling scores...
  12. dman007

    Spitfire Albion One vs EWQL Cloud Composer X

    Hi, Advice and opinions much appreciated... Spitfire Albion One vs Eastwest Composer Cloud X (Hollywood Orchestra Gold) Which one and why? Thank you in advance.
  13. ptram

    Making ready-made ensembles with normal libraries

    Hi, Since some time, there has been a lot of what I call "ready-made ensemble" libraries (elsewhere called "instant orchestra"), like Action Strings, Albion One, or the recent The Orchestra. These instruments allow to choose a type of ensemble, a rhythm, a "mood", and with just a keyswitch and...
  14. J

    Spitfire Audio Albion II Loegria

    Changing career so selling some of my sample libraries. Spitfire doesn't actually allow the transfer of licenses so what I'm doing instead is selling my Spitfire account. The winning bidder will be given my username and password so they can access my account, change the username and password to...
  15. G

    Is the Albion bundle redundant if i have Spitfire Symphonic Orchestra and Komplete11?

    I recently got more into composing with orchestral stuff. Not as a profession but more because i love it, love playing with those sounds and textures and fascinated and having fun learning how to "mock up" orchestral stuff. I usually make music with my analog synths, but working with samples is...
  16. cliffordmartin

    Orchestral "Funtime" Mock up

    Chamber Strings mixed with orchestra demo/mock up.
  17. The Darris

    Samples Spotlight - Albion V Tundra Review

    Hey VI-Controllers, I've just posted the latest Samples Spotlight review of Albion V: Tundra. I have to say, having been a proud owner of the entire Albion series, this one certainly stands out the most when it comes to character. Tundra features a load of inspiring orchestral samples that...
  18. K8ch

    Spitfire Albion One - Ostinato .nka files/patterns: Are others available?

    Hello, Albion comes with a folder of ostinato strings patterns (.nka files), but I wondered if there were a place where I might find more of them. I'd be particularly interested in whether there's a place where people can go to share their own user-created .nka files. (If this is not the...
  19. thov72

    Albion 1/ONE section sizes

    So maybe I missed this somehow but all I know is that the strings in ONE are the same size as Mural. What about the other sections and especially what about Albion 1 Legacy? Does anyone know how many strings/winds/brass was used? Thank you, Thomas

    Help with Spitfire Albion Library Install

    Hello everyone, Jonathan here from the UK. I purchased my first Spitfire library last week, and have downloaded it (Albion) successfully. I have managed to install the library on NI Kontakt 5 with no problem. However, every time I close Kontakt and re-open it, the Albion library has to be...
  21. tymax

    In Search Of Treasure - Virtual Orchestral Cinematic

    Hello! A new approach to mixing was used in this composition. Do you think I have achieved the good sound? I would appreciate any help in finding the weak points of this track, what should I pay more attention to and what did I miss. I would be happy to get your feedback. Thank you!
  22. toddkedwards

    Do you use any Reverb with the Albion series?

    I was just curious to see if anyone uses an additional reverb(s) with Albion I, One, II, III, IV? Or do you tend to use Albion's built in reverb? If so, what types of reverbs do you like to use with them? Currently in my template setup I use two reverbs for all instruments, that are sent with...
  23. Chris Porter

    Spitfire Albion One - Opinions and Impressions

    The links to download the new Albion One have started arriving in people's inboxes for those that pre-ordered. Tell us what you think!
  24. kurtvanzo

    Spitfire Albion Ostinatum Presets

    Hey Albion fans, I'm trying to go through all the Ostinatum Presets, but can only find the "Redux" folder of newer presets. The Spitfire Redux page states: • ALL NEW “OSTINATUM” PRESET PATTERNS – Over 100 Carefully hewn and polished, inspiring, contemporary and incredibly musical Ostinatum...
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