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  1. Artemi

    The Mummy Returns by Alan Silvestri [CineBrass & Berlin Strings / Mockup]

    Hello! I wanted to share my recent mockup from the Mummy Returns film. (This is a combination of Evy kidnapped and My first bus ride themes from the movie) The main libraries used for this mockup are Cinebrass core, Berlin Strings, True Strike 1 and some Albion One for woodwinds and...
  2. Reid Rosefelt

    Poll for Albion 1 and ONE Owners

    To be clear, I'm not asking about both. Either one counts.
  3. J

    Cinematic Studio Series VS Nucleus

    Hello all! I am new to the forum but have read many posts on here for info about sample libraries and whatnot. I am just getting started in composing for film/tv/video games. I purchased Albion One a while ago and have done a number of pieces with it. I am not super happy with it tbh. The...
  4. angeruroth

    I'll miss you - A sad and emotional piece using Sonva, BDT, Tundra and Aone

    Sometimes words are not enough, or you are not able to say what you feel, but music can express so much in such a short time... Although, in this case, I think I'd need a lot more than a 4' track to convey everything I'd like to say, because sadness cannot exist without joy, and both are not...
  5. Akarin

    5 mins comparison of Nucleus, Albion One, SStO & Iconica

    Hey all. I've made a quick video to compare the tone of 4 different all-in-one orchestral libraries. Nucleus, Albion One, Spitfire Studio Orchestra, Steinberg Iconica: Performance adapted for each library, no mixing nor external reverb used, only a maximizer to bring everything to the same...
  6. L

    Is Albion One still worth to get?

    Hey I'am really new to the game. Albion One is currently on sale and I don't know if I should get it, because it's a bit old. I don't know if there are libraries out there that are new with better patches and more content. I own Ark 1, Vocalise, Alica's Keys and Tina Guo Legato.
  7. will_m

    Albion One vs Metropolis Ark 1

    Not strictly a review as such but hopefully a useful comparison between two of the big ensemble libraries.
  8. Bluemount Score

    Tier Ascent (adventurous orchestral piece)

    This one is part of the album I'm currently releasing and my 9th composition overall. In my opinion, it's definitely my best release so far. Any listen and feedback is much appreciated. Libraries used: CSS MA 1 MA 2 Albion ONE Action Strikes Kontakt Factory Library
  9. Akarin

    Lack of short articulations in Spitfire Studio Strings and the time machine trick

    Hey all. I'm currently trying to decide if the Spitfire Studio Orchestra could be a good fit for me. From what I understand, there's only one technique for short articulations in the Studio Strings. As I like to write phrases switching between different types of shorts, someone suggested that I...
  10. beyd770

    Albion 1 vs updates - Why so many prefer the old version?

    Why does the first version of Albion 1 show up in so many composers VST-lists? Albion ONE has a "Legacy"-version included - is this the same as the original version? Both Junkie XL and Daniel James claim they use the original version for various reasons. Do you guys still prefer the first...
  11. arpegiah

    New Cubase 9 Pro Expression Maps

    Hi guys, Metropolis Ark 3, CineHorns Core and Hollywood Choir Expression Maps are added to our website. Also Custom Expression Maps includes Vst Preset Instrument. Download from our website at: Under Musicians Zone click on Expression Maps tab. Emjoy!
  12. Le Malin 78

    Two new music composed for filmmaker showreels

    Hello everybody, I’m proud to present to you two new showreels of my friend Julien Patoue (Film Director) on which ones, i composed the music : One being based on a song written for the occasion (Wedding Song) on which Julien followed the rhythm of the song while giving indications of pace of...
  13. arpegiah

    Spitfire-Albion One Expression Maps Available Now!

    Hi, just added the Spitfire-Albion One Expression Maps for Cubase Pro 9-9.5 on my website. Go to up right corner under Musicians Zone you will find Expression Maps Page. Enjoy!
  14. marcodistefano

    Albion one rescored

    hi everyone Yet another Albion One rescored version Thanks for feedback
  15. Garry

    It starts with the first step...

    So my cryptic title is thematic: this being my first post (hi everyone!), and my question about the first steps when composing for film. I'm new to composing, and having recently purchased Albion, which I absolutely love, have started to compose orchestral music (just for fun, no pretensions...
  16. Salohcin894

    Ablion ONE, Loegria or Tundra?

    Hello all! Looking to purchase my first orchestral library, and I'm super interested in the Albion series, mostly because of the clean GUI and good starting point for building a library. I tried the composers cloud, and working with EW felt a bit clunky to me. I've been digging around, and...
  17. beyd770

    First attempt at happy cinematic music - Albion ONE

    Hey guys! Norwegian noob trying to get some overview on orchestral mockups and writing with samples. I have never studied music, and I can not read from sheets, so I can only rely on my ear and what I can hear inside my head :) This is my first template, and my first "real" composition. If...
  18. J

    Template for Spitfire Albion One?

    I use Albion One to sketch out nearly all my work and then keep a lot of the patches even in final writing. Out of curiosity I wondered how others split Albion up or what loose template they use for it. I've always found it a little counterintuitive in terms of splitting the library up for...
  19. Svyato

    Epic fantasy music attempt (Albion One)

    Hello everyone, That's been one year that I've been using sample libraries (for scoring) and wanted to try a new genre, that is epic / fantasy epic style. I would be glad to have some of your feedbacks in order to improve my skills, please, if you enjoy it (or not). :) Have a very nice day ;)
  20. C

    Why so much love for the Albion series?

    I found it very universal that people show a lot of love for Spitfire Albion series. As a composer who's looking to buy his very first high-end sample libraries, I couldn't really wrap my head around this. Why would people like writing with limitation aka not having access to individual sections...
  21. windyweekend

    Albion One strings - from the same source as Mural?

    Does anybody know if the strings in Albion One are sourced from the same samples as those in Mural Ensembles? Am curious if these were assembled with the new Air studios recordings that were used for Mural. Any ideas out there?
  22. windyweekend

    Massive Pumping Cellos

    Hi all I'm looking to give my gear an upgrade on strings and percussion and am gravitating towards Spitfire. I'd like to invest in getting one or both of these areas better, but at a reasonable price (<$1000). One thing I need to know is how attacking the cello-esque sound of their lower...
  23. SymphonicSamples

    Aroha, a piece for Spitfire's Albion One, and some thoughts.

    I finally got around to testing Albion One a couple of weeks ago and created a new template in Cubase and took it for a test drive. I must say I love the sound stage captured in these samples !! The piece is made using two Spitfire Libraries and consists almost entirely of Albion One with a very...
  24. toddkedwards

    Do you use any Reverb with the Albion series?

    I was just curious to see if anyone uses an additional reverb(s) with Albion I, One, II, III, IV? Or do you tend to use Albion's built in reverb? If so, what types of reverbs do you like to use with them? Currently in my template setup I use two reverbs for all instruments, that are sent with...
  25. Chris Porter

    Spitfire Albion One - Opinions and Impressions

    The links to download the new Albion One have started arriving in people's inboxes for those that pre-ordered. Tell us what you think!
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