1. Cory Pelizzari

    Comparing Anthology to Adagio

  2. Babe

    8Dio Anthology and Agitato Problem.

    Just purchase Agitato and got the Anthology upgrade for free as I already had Adagio. No problems with the legatos in Adagio, they sound as they should. However in both Agitato and Anthology, the difference between the sustains notes and legatos are huge. Problem is that the legatos are mono...
  3. pixel

    8dio Agitato Bundle - opinions

    I want to buy CineStrings Core but Agitato Bundle have exactly the same price and now I'm not sure which one to choose. I know CineStrings as it's old library used so many times but Agitato is total unknown for me. I'm concerned because I see that they did a lot of interesting articulations...
  4. storyteller

    It is kind of like magic... Legato Sordinos & More

    Well, this weekend I got curious about something, which may have just opened the door to something really wonderful here in the vi-control community. After fighting with sustained sordino patches in a place where I needed legato sordino, I conceded that the only real solution was to just buy...
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