1. amadeus1

    Symphonic Symphonic Strings vs Afflatus Strings

    Hey guys, I just did a comparison between the 2 string libraries using the ensemble patches and section patches for legato and sustains or longs. Hope you find it useful, Best, Bill
  2. amadeus1

    Flautando Synchron Strings Pro vs Afflatus

    Hey guys, I updated the SSP and Afflatus comparison with the correct Afflatus flautando patch which is shown during the first minutes or so of the video. Thanks to AscherMusic for the improved accuracy and his persistence :) Best, Bill
  3. amadeus1

    Synchron Strings Pro vs Afflatus

    Hi guys, Here's a short comparison between Afflatus Strings and Synchron Strings Pro using long comparison for ensembles and individual string sections. Best, Bill
  4. amadeus1

    Afflatus Strings Overview

    Hi guys, Here's an overview of some Afflatus ensemble patches. The legato transitions are seamless! Price is 50% off regular for the first time until December 1. Best, Bill
  5. ChrisSiuMusic

    5 String Libraries You GOTTA Know About!

    Hey everyone! Today's video features my top 5 string libraries. I'm a big believer in 'less is more', so if you're looking for a comparison of over 50+ libs, this isn't the one for you. Here's are 5 key factors that I look for in a string library: Detail of sound Recording quality...
  6. Akarin

    Afflatus layered with Century Strings

    I wanted to try to layer Strezov Afflatus with 8Dio Century Strings. Quite happy how it turned out, although the mix might be a bit too bright. The woodwinds are from Spitfire Studio Woodwinds Pro.
  7. ChrisSiuMusic

    Afflatus Chapter 1 Strings: A Review

    Strezov Sampling has produced a string library that stands up to the competition. Let's discuss some of the content that lies within.
  8. justthere

    Afflatus users: Have you used it with OT MindControl?

    Hi folks - I’ve been really enjoying listening to the demos of this library, but I’ve been put off by the lack of key switching - which would require me to have far more tracks in a session than I think is necessary or desirable. I’m wondering if anyone has used it with Orange Tree’s Mind...
  9. rlundv

    Wandering - Orchestral Projects:

    Here is my recent composition, which is my first finished track (!). I started the process by finding motifs, harmony and countervoices with a pianosketch. The tempo has later been adjusted, and all themes have been re-recorded to match the individual instruments used in the mockup. Libraries...
  10. Vik

    My review of Strezov Afflatus Strings

    I'll post a review of Strezov Afflatus Strings ("SAS") in January. I didn't plan to post anything yet, but in case someone should be interested - or have suggestions/questions/comments before I post the actual review: here are my preliminary conclusions so far. Main strength: You can build...
  11. bfreepro

    Afflatus Chapter I: Strings - In depth review and critique

    This is a big one! A walkthru/demo video is in the works as well (which will include side by side comparison with other string libraries) , but here is the written review! Please feel free to...
  12. StrezovSampling

    Strezov Sampling presents AFFLATUS Chapter 1 // 1.2 Update feat. 18GB of new sample content

    A Great Adventure Unfolds: Strezov Sampling are proud to present Afflatus Chapter I Strings Inspired by film and classical music icons this collection pushes the boundaries of traditional sampling methods by introducing revolutionary features like Auto Divisi combined with Polyphonic True...
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