1. Duncan Formosa

    To The Rescue!

    Attempted to write a piece with the idea of a hero going off on adventure to rescue the love interest and then they venture off into the sunset. Tried to make it sound like an old fashioned adventure theme.
  2. Kubler

    Score video – My Westworld Scoring Competition entry

    Hey everyone ! I thought about bumping the entry discussions topic, but starting a new thread in this section seems cleaner. I wanted to give a try to making a score video, something I rather enjoy and might keep doing on a regular basis with past and future work ! I decided to start off with...
  3. Broojacker

    Orchestral hybrid ethnic action

    New track for my gamedev portfolio. Thanks for your comments.
  4. ChrisSiuMusic

    Exploring ProjectSam's PANDORA: An Overview

    Hey all! Let's take a look into ProjectSam's latest offering: Pandora. Please enjoy!
  5. Sarah De Carlo

    My return to action music production (BT Phobos+MAP+Ethera Gold).

    Hi everyone, after a period in which I focused more on the production of orchestral music, today the inspiration to produce action music is back. As I often do when the inspiration is missing (we talked about it in another thread), I randomly selected presets from some libraries, and from them...
  6. reimerpdx

    Hybrid Soundtrack for an RPG Webseries

    Hi fellow VI-C'ers. I'd like to share with you my studios recent album release, Adventures of Gaia, Vol.I. A soundtrack created for a SciFi Fantasy ttRPG web-series of the same name. This is an ongoing project, and I anticipate refining enough music for a second volume within the next 6 to 9...
  7. Mysterylab

    Infidel Armies

    My latest... Hope you enjoy I got some good feedback on my last piece; about my soundspace not sounding very unified. I just sprang for MIR, and I think it's an improvement for putting these disparate sound libraries into the same room in a (fairly) convincing way. Composition and...
  8. Broojacker

    Battle track for videogame

    Hi, I have here atmospheric orchestral battle track for the dark fantasy game. I will be grateful for your opinion.
  9. 4al.Coda

    Into Jungle - Orchestral adventure/action

    Hi guys! :) Recently I get redroom Palette – Primary Colors, and I used it for the 1st time last Week to compose this piece inspired by the next video game: shadow of the Tomb Raider. I chose not to use brass in this composition (just a little bit of tuba sometimes). The beginning represent the...
  10. bayramjazz

    Dramatic soundtrack / Pilgrim / Artur Bayramgalin

    Welcome to the mystical place where Celtic meets Chill! Atmospheric and Mysterious yet peaceful and sorrow filled that evolves in emotional depth. Fiddle lead Celtic adventure of discovery and empowerment.
  11. Dear Villain

    Drone Attack

    Hope you'll check out it out! Comments always appreciated :)
  12. MoteMusic

    Music for 1950's B-movie stage production

    So I'm writing music for a stage production for the first time ever, which is pretty fun. The production is "Attack Of The Giant Leeches". The film was pretty craptastic first time around and the stage play promises no different, only it'll be funny. Genuinely funny, and because it wants to be...
  13. K

    Composers Challenge - Mass Effect 2! Sci-fi! Action!

    Hello everyone, I have run Composers Challenges but this is the first time that I've posted here. So hopefully this may interest you. This contest is about giving a chance to the amateur composers more than anything else. Mass Effect 2 is an award winning video game and a part of the most...
  14. Patrick de Caumette

    My latest scores

    Happy New Year to all! I haven't posted anything here in quite a while so here goes: A medley of the best cues from an ABC historic series' first four episodes: and since we have a lot of new members, a video reel of action/suspense/drama/games scenes: I hope that you'll enjoy some of it!
  15. Simon Daum

    Upright - an epic attempt

    One of the main reasons I am on this forum is to improove my epic writing skills (: This was another attempt of me to go in that direction, and just wanted to share it with you. Feedback is welcome. The song was written for a friend of mine as entrance song for his mma fights...
  16. TomNoyd

    Tell me what's wrong with these meager attempts at Hybrid music (works in progress)

    I don't mean that in a defensive, sarcastic, rhetorical sort of way. I'm sincerely inviting people to take a listen and give their 2 cents on what needs to be improved with these tracks. (I'm still not too savvy with embing Soundcloud playlists so I may be editing this post a few times)...
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