1. ltreacher

    FOLKLORICA - virtual instruments inspired by Folklore project

    Hey! Folklorica is now live! Folklorica is a virtual instrument project designed and built by composer Lucie Treacher (me!), which uses tales, taboos and superstitions as starting points in creating colourful and conceptual virtual instruments for Full Kontakt 6.4.1...
  2. M

    Garden Studio Room Acoustics

    Hi, I’m new here so firstly apologies if this is in the wrong section. I’m currently in the process of relocating my studio to a garden log cabin and would like some advice on positioning my studio set up. The room has been soundproofed with an additional floating wall and ceiling which have 2...
  3. sailenox

    Junkie XL acoustic treatment in his studio

    Hey guys, i recently built my new studio desk and tidied up my studio. The next big thing is acoustics. I dont want to build a pro mixing/mastering room, but i want to mix and master as good as possible. Junkie XL once mentioned that he do all the mixing stuff on his own. I also watched his...
  4. 8Dio Productions

    8Dio Instant & Advanced Guitar Sale All Volumes $58

    Instant & Advanced Guitar Sale: Advanced Guitars: At the heart of these extraordinary libraries are two parallel sample engines. One engine designed for solo guitars and a second engine designed for advanced strumming. The idea is to let the engines do the work, while you do the driving. The...
  5. Kubler

    Le Saut – Original animated short film soundtrack

    Hello everyone, I realized recently that I never posted this two-years old work, so here it is. During spring 2018 I scored “Le Saut” (“The Jump”), an animated short film made entirely in watercolors by a student from art school Émile Cohl in Lyon, France, as her graduation project. You can...
  6. Thomas Kallweit

    Old taped guitars (1981 - 1987)

    Ok, sorry and slightly something different: As I'm working with virtual instruments for lots of years I also kept track of what I did before computers became commanders for what we do. So I had the need to compile some comprovisational solo guitar stuff I did when I was younger with a cassette...
  7. C

    Best, Focused, High-Quality Individual Instrument Libraries?

    I've found myself really liking very focused individual sample libraries. While the Komplete's and Ominispheres would be nice, I can't always justify $400, $600, $1000 purchases. One option is to save up, but I feel I'd be saving up and not doing anything. Examples of what I am referring to in...
  8. CGR

    New Atmospheric Soundtrack/Theme

  9. ChrisSiuMusic

    Orange Tree Samples: Evolution Songwriter (A Review)

    Please enjoy!!
  10. Erick - BVA

    Seurat Updated to 1.6 and 30% for a limited time!

    Hello Everyone! Seurat has been updated again, to 1.6! To commemorate, we've put it on sale for 30% off for a limited time (26 days left at the time of posting this). Current sale price: £26.25+ VAT The recent update adds the ability to reverse any sound source with the click of a button. A...
  11. 1

    Anyone using ASC - Acoustic Science Corporation? (Acoustic treatment company)

    Hey everyone! :D Like the title says, is there anyone using ASC - Acoustic Science Corporation to treat their mixing rooms? Have not heard a single bad review of their stuff so far, but would like to know more opinions. The prices are pretty steep and I'm wondering if it's overpriced or if it's...
  12. creativeforge

    Mastering acoustic piano: minimal treatment?

    Hi, I finally downloaded this studio recording from a DAT tape in my DAW. It sounds great, but wondering if I should apply minimal mastering on this. If so, what would you suggest? Here's the WAV file (16/44.1). I have a few Waves...
  13. MatthewHarnage

    Fantasy track combining Medieval Era II with acoustic guitar. Looking for any feedback on mix.

    Hey everyone, This was created for a Fantasy game coming out in 2018. It is played in a secret library area and was meant to be calming and somewhat reflective. The main melody is the main theme of the game, inverted. I thought I did pretty well with the mix. Everything sounds clear and...
  14. MoteMusic

    Warm in the Cold - Game music

    The finished draft of track 2 for my upcoming game music asset store pack. This one is designed as an ingame background track. I say draft because everything is a draft until I've had feedback! Otherwise, it's complete and fully produced. In here there's a sampled&altered piano, strings, syths...
  15. NathanTiemeyer

    Acoustic Room Treatment for New Studio - What am I doing?

    Hey all! I've been reading up lately here and several other places on what to do and what not to do when it comes to acoustic treatment. My room is a square, a 12 ft by 10 ft old bedroom which is soon becoming my new studio. I work almost exclusively with virtual instruments and only record...
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