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    Video Review: Top 5 Kontakt Instruments You Do Not Want To Miss

    Sometimes, you just need a really specific type of sound in one of your compositions. Or maybe sometimes you just need something cool or unique to inspire you. There are around 70 different award-winning Kontakt libraries on the Audio Plugin Deals store right now, so perhaps we can help you find...
  2. APD

    New in The Shop: Acoustic Revolutions 3 by ISW!

    We have another sizzling brand new addition to The Shop - the all new Acoustic Revolutions 3 by Impact Soundworks! Use your rewards to get it for $39.99! INSANITY...! Acoustic Revolutions 3 is Impact Soundwork’s most versatile, inspirational acoustic guitar collection yet. Whether you’re...
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    FS: Impact Soundworks, Embertone, Soundiron

    I am selling licenses for the following instruments as I haven't used them nearly as much as I wanted to in my daily composing workflow: Impact Soundworks Pearl Concert Grand - $60 (SOLD) Impact Soundworks Acoustic Revolutions Volume 1 - $10 Embertone Crystal Flute - $10 (SOLD) Soundiron...

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