1. Dear Villain

    Circus of the Mind - live accordion, clarinet, with virtual instruments

    Hi all, I'm so excited to share a project which was seven years in the making: Circus of the Mind. I wrote some music for my accordion and clarinet duo, Acclarion, to perform alongside a string quartet, a piano trio, and a guitar and marimba duo. Now, with funding from the Canada Council for...
  2. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron's Little Pump Reeds 2.0: On sale now for $17!

    We are excited to present the newest upgrade to a Soundiron gem, LITTLE PUMP REEDS Little Pump Reeds is a fun collection of small reed instruments and toys. We deeply sampled each instrument lovingly and thoroughly, with careful attention to realistic playability & musicality. This library...
  3. Dear Villain

    A different quartet: accordion, clarinet, guitar, marimba

    Part of our upcoming album, Acclarion (accordion and clarinet duo) performs alongside various virtual instrument combinations, including this piece, with guitar and marimba. The piece is named Geranos (ritual crane dance associated with the mythical king, Theseus). The guitar and marimba take...
  4. Jos Wylin

    Andante assai, part 2 of my little accordion concerto

    Part 2 is based on a Russian folksong. It's not a virtuoso part, but meant as emotional interpretation piece (contrasting to the parts 1 and 3). Andante assai Jos
  5. Jos Wylin

    Concerto Piccolo for Accordion and Chamber Orchestra (part 1and 2)

    This is the right time to present the first part of my Concerto Piccolo for accordion/bayan and chamber orchestra. It is (once more) my intention to highlight this beautiful and rich instrument as a full and worthy concert instrument next to the other more familiar ones. Far too often the...
  6. TigerTheFrog

    Which Accordion do you Recommend?

    I have a number of accordions, including several in World Suite, the Kontakt one, and the inexpensive Bandoneon from Kontakt Hub. I'm looking for French Musette, Nina Rota-style Italian, maybe Eastern European. Sorry @Polkasound I'm sure the Tarilonte accordions are first-rate, but it's not...
  7. Vladinir

    April Fool's Day Discount from CMP

    From the 1 to 10 April, 2017, you can get: • 50% off for SAXBAND Soprano Sax Library. • 50% off for SAXBAND Alto Sax Library. • 50% off for SAXBAND Tenor Sax Library. • 50% off for SAXBAND Baritone Sax Library. • 45% off for SAXBAND Medium Bundle. • 42% off for SAXBAND Full Bundle. • 40% off...
  8. Dear Villain


    Hope you enjoy it!
  9. ulrik

    Freebass Accordion Sample Library

    Hi! I have been searching for a "freebass accordion" sample library without any luck, does anyone have any suggestions of where to look? Regards Ulrik
  10. Vladinir

    Cmusic Production Offers Up To 35% November Discounts

    From the 30 October to 5 November, 2016, Cmusic Production is offering: 35% off for SAXBAND Soprano Sax Library. 35% off for SAXBAND Alto Sax Library. 35% off for SAXBAND Tenor Sax Library. 35% off for SAXBAND Baritone Sax Library. 35% off for SAXBAND Medium Bundle. 35% off for SAXBAND Full...
  11. Vladinir

    Cmusic Production updates Vintage Bandoneon Library to v1.2!

    Cmusic Production has updated the Vintage Bandoneon library to volume 1.2 for Kontakt 5. The Vintage Bandoneon Library contains a large number of samples in four layers with 4x Round Robin. Velocity is regulated by modulation (CC1), making for smooth transitions between layers. Special "hidden"...