1. Yaroslove

    Sold: Ableton 10/11 Suite

    Again available. For sale Ableton 10/11 Suite (Push Bundle). You will get a software only, not a hardware. Transfer via Abletons official website. Price - 400$. Feel free to DM.
  2. jrrshop

    Up to 30% off Bitwig

    Up to 30% off Bitwig, Bitwig Educational, Bitwig 16-Track, and Upgrades: Bitwig Studio 3 $299 Bitwig Studio 3 Educational $199 Bitwig Studio 16-Track $79 Bitwig Studio 3 12 Month Upgrade Plan $129 Bitwig Studio 3 Upgrade from...
  3. nagual

    How to solve imported midi files from Finale to Ableton audio dynamic prolems

    so i write the music in Finale, export it as midi files and use it as midi in Ableton. problem is, whenever i write for strings, the sound dynamics goes off the handle for itself while being played in Ableton. They dont have a problem in Finale play back, but as strings, their voice goes lower...
  4. P

    Gary Numan - Cars - Synth Lead Patch on Ableton made with Analog Instrument

    Gary Numan - Cars - Synth Lead Patch on Ableton made with Analog Instrument
  5. Yaroslove

    Ableton 11 Suite (Sold out)

    Hi, boys and girls! I have Ableton 11 Suite (Push Bundle) for sale. Buy the way, this licence also includes 10 Suite. Transfer via official website. Feel free to DM. Price - 390$. P.S. My page on fb -
  6. enriko

    East West Play issues in Ableton Live

    Hey, I'm using two external SSDs for my East-West Library, and whenever I'm in a project for a certain amount of time or x amount of instances of Play is active, the entire Play engine just stops working. The only thing I can do is either reset the max voices in settings or restart Ableton...
  7. A

    Cubase: Get audio to stretch according to pitch

    Hi, There's a feature that I love in Ableton, but I can't seem to figure out how to achieve in Cubase. I want to adjust the pitch of an audio event, and have the stretching of the audio follow the pitch, the same way it does when you play the audio in a sampler (playing a lower pitch will...
  8. Yaroslove

    Ableton 10/11 Suite (Push Bundle)

    Hello! I have two licenses of Ableton 10 Suite (Push Bundle) for sale. One version already comes with free upgrade to 11 Suite, another not. Transfer via official website. Feel free to DM. Prices: 1) 450$ for version with free upgrade to 11 Suite; 2) 290$ for a regular version of 10 Suite...
  9. jrrshop

    Up to 86% off Ableton, Lexicon, Arturia, Nomad Factory, Flux, MIA Laboratories, Harrison Consoles, and GRM Tools

    Up to $150 off Ableton and receive a free upgrade to version 11 when it is released in 2021: 50% off all Lexicon reverb and effects plugins and bundles: 50% off...
  10. jzhwu

    Spitfire BBCSO Track vs CC automation in Ableton

    Hey everyone, first time poster here and new to composing. I saw another thread from a couple of years ago that seems relevant to the issue I'm experiencing...
  11. jrrshop

    Up to 81% off PSP, Eventide, and Bitwig

    81% off PSP 2445 plate reverb, now $29 instead of $149 extended until July 5: 60% off Eventide Crystals pitched delays and shimmer reverbs, now $39 instead of $99 extended until July 7: Up to 33% off Bitwig, Bitwig...
  12. E

    For Sale sold.

  13. Dr Sabs

    Ableton Rewire to replace VEP?

    Hey everyone, So in my current system I use Vienna Ensemble Pro (VEP) to host symphonic instruments on my 2 slave computers, and I also use a local instance of VEP to run my synth plugins (for when I'm working on film projects and i want to keep consistency with the sounds across cues). I was...
  14. P

    Looking for Live 10 Suite Upgrade From Live 10 Standard

    All in the title. Anyone have this available? Thanks
  15. smaleski

    For Sale Ableton live 10 suite

    Ableton wasn't a good fit for me so I'd like to offer it to someone who can use it better. License Transfer - $450
  16. jrrshop

    Up to 90% off Ableton, Nomad Factory, MIA Laboratories, Plug & Mix, & MeldaProduction

    30% off Ableton Live, Suite, Intro, and Upgrades: Up to 90% off Nomad Factory, including E-Retrovox and Liquid Verb for $4.99 each: 38% off MIA Laboratories...
  17. arcy

    FS: Ableton Live 10 Suite (NO EDU) - SOLD!!

    Hi guys! I'm selling my Live Suite 10 original license (not educational). I need only your Ableton account to be able to transfer the license. I accept only PayPal. 350 € ;)
  18. jrrshop

    Up to 71% off Tokyo Dawn Records, iZotope, Antares, Prime Studio, Joaquin Ace, Fabilter, Ableton, and oeksound

    Up to 45% off all Tokyo Dawn Records: 71% off iZotope Tonal Balance Bundle Crossgrade from any paid iZotope or Exponential Audio, now $199 instead of $699...
  19. jrrshop

    Up to 40% off Acon Digital, Positive Grid, Ableton, XILS Lab, and Xhun Audio

    Acon Digital AudioLava 2 audio cleaning software now $19 instead of $29.90: 40% off Positive Grid Distortion, Modulation, and Delay, now $59 each instead of $99: 40% off XILS...
  20. S

    FS: Ableton Live 10 Standard License (EDU)

    Hey again everyone! I'm currently not using my Ableton license so i'm looking to have someone buy it from me. It is the standard version of Live 10 and i'm currently selling it at $190 Lmk if you're interested! (P.S. This is an EDUCATION license so it will only transfer to those with a...
  21. jrrshop

    Up to 90% off Soundtoys, Overloud, Air Music Tech, Positive Grid, SONiVOX, XLN Audio, & Ableton

    70% off Soundtoys Little Alter Boy, now $29 instead of $99: 35% off Overloud American Classics TH-U Rig Library introductory sale, now $19 instead of $29: Up to 90% off almost...
  22. jrrshop

    Up to 60% off iZotope, Tokyo Dawn, DDMF, Audiomodern, Ohm Force, XLN Audio, Ableton, & more

    Up to 60% off iZotope Neutron 3 introductory sale, including permanent price drops on Neutron 3 Advanced and nice Crossgrade deals on Neutron, Mix & Master Bundle, and Music Production Suite 2.1: 50% off Tokyo Dawn Records Nova GE...
  23. Josh Kinniard

    Ableton LIve: Make Clip Loop = Arrangement Loop Brace

    Hello Live People: Is there a best way or shortcut to quickly match a clip’s loop brace and start point to that of the arrangement view's loop brace?
  24. Dave Hilowitz

    Free violin sample library in Kontakt, Ableton, SFZ formats

    First, here's the story behind the sample: The link to the samples is in the description to the YouTube video.
  25. karelpsota

    Took a break from trailers to write sexy dance music

    First time... in years I wrote something for myself. Definitely, made me enjoy writing music again :) To make it fun, I limited myself to Ableton stock plugins. All the synth and drums were designed using Operator (mostly using FM synthesis) The vocals are ripped from YT. I just typed "rap...
  26. BrandonYLau

    File Size Export Issue with Ableton 9

    Hi all! I've been tasked by a client to create a sleep cycle binaural beat, and I'm using Ableton 9 as my DAW. This is a 450 minute binaural beat, used to help people with sleep disorders. Apparently Ableton has a upper cap to how big of a file you can export, and needless to say, with this...
  27. jrrshop

    Up to 90% off Propellerhead, iZotope, XLN Audio, Ableton, FabFilter, IL, Waves, Acon, and Beatskillz

    Propellerhead Reason 10 Upgrade on sale for $99: 88% off iZotope RX 6 Elements, now $29 instead of $129. Ends Monday: 50% off all XLN Audio Addictive Drums, Addictive Keys, Addictive Trigger...
  28. KallumS


    Selling my Ableton Live 9 Suite license and my Push 1 midi controller. The software and controller are fantastic but I'm switching DAWs. Push is slightly scratched but in great condition with every pad and knob working. £350.00 with free UK delivery. Any questions please don't hesitate to ask.
  29. BrandonYLau

    Izotope RX Screwing up my undo history

    I've recently purchased Izotope RX Elements (part of their sale bundle) and it's been working wonders on cleaning up dialogue. I think the way RX works is that it's constantly adapting to the noise and eliminating it. The problem is that every single instance of these adaptations is recorded...
  30. S

    WINDCHORDS, a device to play chords and scales for windcontroller players!

    Dear Folks, After a long but succesfull design and re-design cycle, I would like to present to you.....WINDCHORDS. Please go to the following webpage and enjoy the tutorials, here is the link: Both MIDI keyboard players and windcontroller players can...
  31. M

    Realidrums Performance clips

    I just picked up Realidrums 2 days ago, and am loving it. I highly recommend this product. But there's one thing I can't get to work and am hoping someone here can point out what I might be doing wrong. Using the Groove Generator, there's a feature called MIDI Drag n Drop, where you can drag a...
  32. I

    FS: Symphobia 2, Embertone Cello & vln, Ableton Suite 8, 2CAudio B2

    Hi guys, I'm selling the following: Embertone Blakus Cello - $70,- Embertone Friedlander violin - $70,- Ableton Suite 8 - $130,- 2CAudio B2 - $70,- Let me know if you're interested in any of these!
  33. V

    Switching from FL Studio to another DAW

    Hello, I've been using FL Studio since I started producing and composing (I don't compose professionally). Now I know it's really not the best for composing but it's what I'm comfortable with and I know it inside and out. However, I want to start exploring other DAWs and switch away from FL...
  34. creativeforge

    Ableton LIVE & virtual instruments

    I'm curious to hear if anyone is using Ableton LIVE with soft synths and vstis successfully as a professional creative tool for soundtracks and/or 'live" performance? Pros and Cons? Thanks!
  35. Tareck117

    Why would you choose Cubase over the rest ?

    Hey, I'm currently using Ableton Live as my main DAW because initially I had a huge discount on it But, Ableton seems more interested in providing functionalities to its PUSH controller then to the software itself. One of my friend suggested me to try Cubase and I would like to know your...

    (Gave) away $50/€30 Ableton web shop discount coupon.

    I bought Korg NanoKontrol 2 and received a bunch of free software and this voucher. I don't use Live or any of the Ableton products so giving it away, if anyone could get some value out of it, please reply I'll send the code. Copied from the description: This coupon gives you a $50/€30...
  37. Alohabob

    Are the Yamaha WX5, or other wind controllers, still viable?

    I don't perform live but rather I compose. However, I don't play piano well either so I'm usually using the step editor to draw in notes. I have an Akai EWI wind controller that I've never liked because of the fact that the keys are touch-sensitive and being a sax player I can't ever get used...
  38. J

    Smpte lock in ableton (like in logic)

    I recently made the switch from logic to ableton and I'm working to video for the first time. I want to change the tempo of the project while keeping some clips in place with the video (locked to smpte) Anyone know if/how this can be done? Thanks for any help.
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