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  1. Leslie Fuller

    NOT a Competition, but yet another Scoring Opportunity!

    While looking around, I just discovered that there was a previous Abbey Road Studios Film Scoring Competition in 2020! To my surprise, the 2020 competition page is still up on Abbey Road Studio’s site, and the 2020 competition video is still available for download. Link to the page follows...
  2. Leslie Fuller

    Abbey Road Studios Film Scoring Competition Announced!

    Just seen another Film Scoring Competition announcement, this time by the famous Abbey Road Studios, in London. This one is time limited, with an entry deadline of 24th April. See below for details...
  3. Dietz

    A nice story about MIR Pro in pandemic times ...

    Just in case you missed this sanguine little story: ->!MIR_Story
  4. Mathieu A

    "L'Hypothèse de la Reine Rouge" recording session with the London Symphony Orchestra at Abbey Road

    Hi guys, last year, I had the great pleasure to conduct the LSO during the recording of "L'Hypothèse de la Reine Rouge" at Abbey Road Studios. A wonderful experience with this legendary orchestra and with the great Simon Rhodes who recorded it.
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