1. A

    Thoughts and Examples of 8Dio Century Harps ?

    Please post them if you have them. Also, does the center panning work well and are these harps easy to fit into an orchestral context?
  2. 8Dio Productions

    8Dio Custom Instrument Series: Circle Strings is Available now

    8Dio Custom Instrument Series: Circle Strings is Available now We did it again! We partnered with our master luthier and designed an instrument from scratch looking for new sounds, new timbres, new possibilities of sonic fulfillment, and we created Circle Strings. Circle Strings is a peculiar...
  3. Anevis

    8Dio Majestica

    I've looked at 8Dio what they have to offer for BF and discovered their orchestra Majestica that is on sale for $176 I think. I already own one of their strings library (Agitato Sordino Strings) and I find them very good. Since Majestica is more that 60% off I kind of want to buy it. They have...
  4. LeonRossMusic

    8DIO - Christopher Young Orchestral Touch

    Hi guys, As Halloween approaches shortly, 8dio kindly allowed me to review their Chris Young horror library. 8DIO - CHRISTOPHER YOUNG ORCHESTRAL TOUCH | Walkthrough Definitely recommend this one for any of you composing horror. :emoji_spider_web::emoji_jack_o_lantern:
  5. D

    8DIO Epic Choir Bundle - Requiem Pro. Dissapointed customer

    Hello, Recently I bought Epic Choir Bundle which consist of Lacrimosa & Requiem Pro. The installation of Lacrimosa is ok. This is different with Requiem Pro. After installation, this library becomes unusable. All images & text labels are missing. I have contacted 8DIO support and I have...
  6. amadeus1

    6 Horn Comparison - Audiobro, Spitfire, Orchestral Tools, 8dio, VSL, Synchron

    Hey guys, A walkthrough of 6 Top Brass Libraries and their French Horn Ensemble. Thanks, Bill
  7. M

    8dio Acoustic Nylon Guitar on sale -- your thoughts?

    8dio's Acoustic Nylon Guitar is on a flash sale, until 10 a.m. 3/9. For those who own this instrument, what are your thoughts about it? The solo version sounded pretty good to my ears. The strumming version sounded good, but less remarkable. I'm not sure I'll spring for it, even with the...
  8. nickmurraymusic

    ULTIMATE Spiccato Strings Shootout - Which Library Sounds Best?

    I decided to pull up 19 different Spiccato String libraries and test which one sounds the best (at the time of making this video). I tested Spitfire Audio's Albion One, Albion Legacy, Albion 2 Loegria, Albion 3 Iceni, Mural (Legacy), Spitfire Symphonic Strings, Hans Zimmer Strings, BML Sable...
  9. Illico

    Transcribed : Thomas Newman - Shawshank Redemption

    This is my mockup of the introduction's theme from Shawshank Redemption film. A music from one of my favorite composers, Thomas Newman. I used EWQL Symphonic Orchestra and 8Dio Adagietto layering for strings. EWQLSO and Organic Samples for Horns. From soundtrack:
  10. X-Bassist

    8Dio Saxes

    Anyone have this yet? I like the sound in the video, but been burned by 8Dio scripting before (uneven range balance or instruments needing a lot of tweaking to get the sound smooth). Interesting though, considering how difficult sax is to get right...
  11. Alex Niedt

    8Dio Insolidus, Bazantar, 1969 Piano

    My piece using three total tracks/patches: Insolidus Arc 4 Syllables, The New Bazantar Main, and The New 1969 Piano Main
  12. stevebarden

    8Dio memory usage in Kontakt/VEPro

    I’ve come upon an issue that I’ve never seen before. In setting up a template on a slave with VEPro, I’m seeing that 8Dio’s Century Strings and Century Strings Sordino are using approximately twice the amount of memory that it shows in Kontakt. I get that there is some overhead in any...
  13. transverb

    8DIO Strings vs Spitfire Strings

    Forgive the novice question. I have 8DIO Adagietto and Agitato Sordino. I'm not classically trained nor composing classical music instead I use strings for alt / rock / folk / atmosphere songs and occasionally on trailers. I know I'm missing solo instruments (cello / viola) which I'm...
  14. T

    Lacrimosa Sale - only DEMO?

    Hey everybody! As probably most of you I purchased Lacrimosa on it's 98$ Sale, but when I open it in Kontakt it says it's only a demo. A friend told me that his version (also bought on sale) works totally normal. Did anybody else experience this and if yes, what was your solution? (Yes, I...
  15. Celestial Aeon

    Nightsky - cinematic texture

    I wanted to try something texturelike this time and combined Spitfire alternative solo strings with NOVO, 8Dio Insolidus and Spitfire British Drama and some small Omnisphere 2 details. End outcome is quite organic in my opinion with lots of intricate details and movement. Compositionwise I...
  16. Beluga

    Bought 8dio Orchestral Shepards- have I been scammed?

    Having become a proud V8P member recently apparently it is because of my "contributions that" 8dio "can keep creating more extraordinary instruments and push the bar for sonic design and music." As the loyal customer that I am I wanted to get something nice from the good folks at 8dio at the...
  17. al_net77

    Brass... which one?

    Ok, I realized this is the time to get some brass to expand my palette. At now I've got only the VSL SE brasses (I picked all the SE one year ago) and the Epic Orchestra coming with VEP (but never installed). My genres can vary to orchestral to cinematic, so I'm looking for a "general" lib, if...
  18. bfreepro

    Review: 8Dio Silka Choir

    This was the most difficult review yet as there is a lot of content to dig through, and I initially was wowed by the arcs. However we gotta take a look at everything included and all the aspects of using this library. Can it hold it's own to justify a $598 price tag AND offer enough content...
  19. T

    Kontakt Batch re-save on two user accounts.

    Hi, Can I ask for advice please? I have two user accounts on my macbook pro and can only perform a successful Kontakt batch re-save on my main account for my 8dio libraries. The problem is I use my second user account for all my music production. An attempt to batch re-save any 8dio library...
  20. Oxborg

    8DIO's Adagio strings worth it?

    Hi, This is my first post on this forum and I apologize beforehand for any faults I am doing. I was looking for a new strings library to mostly complement my Albion strings with a bit more scratchy sound and more articulations on the short notes (Marcato and different types of Spiccato) and I...
  21. bfreepro

    Review: 66 Tubas by 8dio.

    Thanks to those who participated in the poll! The poll is still open here https://vi-control.net/community/threads/review-8dios-century-brass-ensemble.75616/ so feel free to chime in! 66 Tubas: "The Verdict: 7.25/10. This is a very niche library and truly provides a sound you absolutely cannot...
  22. bfreepro

    Review: 8Dio's Century Brass Ensemble

    8.5/10 "Century Brass is a very good library, but it’s note quite achieved greatness yet. The wealth of articulations and versatility, as well as the realism and detail captured in the recordings, are some of the highlights of Century Brass. These standout features are slightly marred by...
  23. Alex Niedt

    8Dio Studio Percussion Auxiliary Demo

    Wanted to make a little track using only sound sources from the 8Dio Studio Percussion Auxiliary library. There are some creative tonal uses of the library, including a pad, percussive melody, and perhaps most interestingly, a bass made from a heavily processed timpani.
  24. jpb007.uk

    8DIO 66 TUBAS - Routing Outputs

    Hi fellow VI-Control'ers, I have 8DIO's 66 Tubas and enjoying using their various samples. However, we're scratching our heads as to how to route the different Mics to different Kontakt channels. I was hoping it would be as simple as the method used by Spitfire Audio or similar - simply...
  25. Alex Niedt

    "The Hive" | Dark Hybrid Suspense

    Hi, everyone! Would love to hear some feedback. This was my first attempt at this sort of genre. The whole "film" music thing is pretty new to me. For anyone curious, I used a lot of various libraries, but definitely heavy on 8Dio, Spitfire, and a bit of Heavyocity. Thanks!
  26. TheMetalborn

    Starting a Kontakt library...

    Hello everyone, fairly new to the forum. I have begun composing for my own personal project. The project is Progressive Death Metal with Cinematic Elements set in Space. I am currently using East West Quantum Leap Composer Cloud and I’m honestly not crazy about the samples themselves. As a...
  27. Celestial Aeon

    Choral tune (8Dio Insolidus)

    I have to say I love Insolidus from 8Dio. It is just so inspiring tool to use and intuitive to play with. With this tune I wanted to create simple, but ethereal sound and utilised Spitfire Olafur Arnalds Evos as well.
  28. paulmatthew

    Thumbs Up To 8DIO Support

    In light of the recent threads claiming that 8DIO doesn't fix issues with their libraries , I would like to share my current experiences with 8DIO which have been nothing but positive. I'm sure this thread will bring out a few anti-8DIO remarks , but I have a feeling there will be others who...
  29. amadeus1

    8 Top Brass Solo Libraries Compared

    Hi guys, Here's a comparison I just did on Brass Solo Libraries, the legato patch. VSL, 8Dio, Cinebrass, Spitfire, Berlin Brass, Hollywood Brass, Sample Modeling brass, and Symphony Series brass are compared with the legato patch. Thanks, Bill
  30. paularthur

    FS: Soundiron Sonespheres (SOLD) & Requiem Light

    Soundiron Sonespheres V.1 = $40 - SOLD Soundiron Requiem Light = $89* additional reduction + SI fees
  31. A

    My big fat guide to using a virtual orchestra.

    Hi all I've made an hour long guide to using VIs to create realistic orchestral mock ups and recordings. Hope it's helpful.
  32. R

    Cheap, cheerfull and definitely alive sounding solo flutes (part 1)

    I really like the (often) warm sound of flutes. And of course, the more alive it sounds the better. So in the past I have bought various flute libraries. Mind you, I play music for fun, and therefore I have a kind of financial upper limit when buying libraries. If possible, I prefer cheap and...
  33. Celestial Aeon

    8Dio Insolidus test run

    Insolidus is one of those choir libraries that I personally just love. It is intuitive to play and the sound is sublime. This tune I basically recorded just by pushing record and playing improvised choir lines with preset sound. Spitfire Olafur Arnalds Evo layer doubling as well.
  34. storyteller

    Century Strings - How to Increase Performance by at least 600%. No compromises. (Century Brass too)

    Like many others, I've recently taken the dive into Century Strings. Beautiful library! Gorgeous actually. One giant issue.... Load times. :confused: Like 26 seconds of beachballing (OSX, Violins 1 patch) before the samples start to load. This is on an i7 iMac with SSDs over thunderbolt...
  35. Cory Pelizzari

    Remember This Library? - Click

  36. Cory Pelizzari

    Library Spotlight - Clocks

  37. Cory Pelizzari

    Comparing Anthology to Adagio

  38. theepiccomposer

    Problem With Loading Time of 8Dio Anthology Strings

    I know that this has been discussed on a couple of other forums and Youtube videos, but none of the solutions I find are working for me. Anthology Strings, for me, takes at least 3 minutes to boot up before the memory even starts to load, while for other people, it takes a few seconds. This is...
  39. Dear Villain

    Drone Attack

    Hope you'll check out it out! Comments always appreciated :)
  40. zacnelson

    "Fallen" featuring 8dio Insolidus Choir

    I have a lovely time working with Insolidus to create this new production, it's a beautiful and inspiring library. I hope you enjoy listening to this and I'm happy to discuss anything about this with you.
  41. JN Music

    Game of Thrones main title with tin whistle!

    Hello everyone, this is Joshua from Hong Kong. I've done some work for Chinese TV dramas and some Hong Kong films. Here's a personal project that I would like some feedback to, as I aim to improve my skills in mixing/arranging/orchestrating etc.. This is my personal take of the Game of Thrones...
  42. midiman

    Has anyone heard this 8Dio teaser? Insolidus 8dio next gen choir?

    Wondering if others have seen this. Sounds fantastic. Has that lush Eric Whitacre sound, doesn't it? Funny how this will compare to the actual Eric Whitacre Choir Lib by Spitfire :) This Insolidus Choir would be a good counterpart to the upcoming Performance Samples Oceania Choir. Oceania seems...
  43. premjj

    Libraries similar to 8dm (8dio)?

    Hi I am working on some EDM style tracks and was wondering if someone could suggest any libraries which can get me started quickly. I've checked out the 8dm series by 8dio. Any others suggestions will be really helpful. Thanks in advance PJ
  44. Treppenwitz

    8Dio Multi Installer

    Hey, I installed 8dio Adagio Basses, then ran the Multi_Installer Setup as instructed. I put it in the same folder as Adagio Basses. All it seems to have installed is a folder called "Kontakt 5\pictures\" and a bunch of PNG and TXT files. This can't be right, can it?
  45. J

    8dio denies my purchase! (RESOLVED)

    The day before yesterday I bought their product "Agitato Sordino Strings" after half hour , some one called "Sincerely Lee" tell me that I need to upload the copy of my passport or ID card I was not at home that time ,so I told him I will when I get home. You know what happen? When I get...
  46. rvb

    8dio Aura Studio Percussion, thoughts?

    I'm rather new here, so please let me know if I posted this at the wrong topic. I can't seem to find any reviews or in depth information about the Aura Studio Percussion library, the recordings that I was able to hear do sound excellent and I am currently looking for that high quality perc...
  47. M

    8Dio Agitato Legato Arpeggio worth it if I have Cinematic Strings?

    Hi all, I know this has been discussed a lot already, but just wondered if someone might have thoughts about my specific situation. I own Cinematic Strings Two and am looking into possibly buying the 8dio Agitato Legato Arpeggio strings while it's still on sale. I'm especially interested in a...
  48. Rick Horrocks

    Backdraft OST Remake - 'You Go, We Go' (Hans Zimmer)

    A follow on from the thread I posted yesterday in the 'Composition, Orchestration & Technique' forum where I posted a video showing what libraries I used to create this. Here's the track on Soundcloud. Let me know your thoughts :thumbsup: Cheers :)
  49. Rick Horrocks

    Backdraft OST Remake (Hans Zimmer) Ft. 8Dio, Orchestral Tools & Spitfire Audio Products

    Hey all, So I've released a video showing how I achieved I relatively realistic mock-up of 'You Go, We Go' from one of Zimmer's lesser known scores, Backdraft. I love the score to this movie so thought I'd share it with you guys :) I talk a little about how I use VE Pro and what sample...
  50. catibi79

    Here is my 8Dio 2016 Standout Contest Submission...

    I'm just finished my composition for 8Dio 2016 Standout Contest. Enjoy. :)