88 keys

  1. C

    For Sale Studiologic 88-key fully weighted midi controller with aftertouch

    This is an opportunity to acquire a high quality, unused unit (like new) 88-key fully weight keyboard with the renowned Fatar keybed. The feel is as good as it gets. Didn't get the chance to use it as I moved to a smaller place (need a smaller keyboard). Comes with aftertouch, 4 pedal ports (2...
  2. Mr.Scarbee

    Scarbee releases Classic EP-88s for Kontakt 5

    Scarbee has released Scarbee Classic EP-88s, a sampled 88 key electric piano from the '70s. The Kontakt 5 instrument uses various convolution effects to emulate both the classic keyboard amp and to gradually add vintage flavour from the 88 key model from 1974. Scarbee Classic EP-88s is fully...
  3. Vastman

    Please let Akai know that the 88 Advanced should be semi-weighted!

    Most of us are in the same boat... there are NO good semi-weighted high quality 88 kbds out there... and every new opportunity, ala the new NI 88... have clunky or even nice, but still for US... klunky weighted action kbds... Apparently Akai is in the early phase of coming out with an Akai...
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