1. paulmatthew

    Best ASRock board for 8700k or 9900k?

    I’m almost ready to pull the trigger and build a PC rather than stick with Mac for upgrade ability reasons. I’ve decided on either the 8700k or 9900k , Noctua cooler, Fractal design case, 64GB Ram. Which Taichi board would be the best fit for these processors, the Taichi z370 or z390? I’m also...
  2. Jorgakis

    Weaker cpu + 128gb ram or 8700k + max 64gb

    So it is the time to upgrade my setup I think. Currently working with: intel core i5 4670k @ 4Ghz and 32 GB RAM (mainboard maximum) windows 10 + Cubase 8 Pro ssd and hdd ... please don't laugh. Was considering doing a "regular" upgrade and making a 8700k machine with 64 Gigs, but I doubt...
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