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    Reaching for "the next level"

    Hey, purely electronic music is music too. If you're cool with music that makes little attempt to emulate real instruments (you should be), why bother drawing a line between that and the stuff that does? Not that I fully agree with the mentality, but I definitely understand it.
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    Why JW is so Fucking good !!!

    Eh, I'm happy to admit that I find it complex enough to call it "complex." Thanks for sharing! Hoping I pick some of this up through osmosis.
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    Music Theory - is there ever a point where you have everything in your composition under control?

    If I may butt in - I think a lot of people are using the word "music" to refer to music tradition as it has developed thus far, predominantly western. As someone who tries to give all "art" the benefit of the doubt (at least initially), I think that disregarding this tradition is a valid place...
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    A Most Curious Thing - short piano/orchestral theme

    Sort of! I thought it could either be a black comedy, or maybe one of those comedy-tinged set-in-1800s-Britain dramas that I suspect must exist but have never watched.
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    Programming vs Controllers

    I honestly program it in a lot because I'm a novice at orchestration and constantly need to hear back and retweak lines. But, ignoring that, I think key-playing for VSTs is a skill to be practiced, and I'm a very very rusty piano player.
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    Rey's Theme - Mockup (1st minute)

    Sounds great to my (untrained) ear! One of the more memorable things from that movie, in my opinion. Wondering what reverb you used? Just one thing: there's a bit of hissy/static-y harshness to the strings... I've also noticed it on Spitfire Studio Strings and tend to filter it out. I don't...
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    A Most Curious Thing - short piano/orchestral theme

    This came about while I was messing around on the piano... looking back, I think I was subconsciously ripping off of Tom Waits on his Blood Money album, but hopefully just a little. I imagined this as a theme for a TV show. Features Spitfire Studio Strings/Woodwinds. Would love to get...
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    Spitfire Appreciation Thread

    I only contacted Spitfire support once but I can confirm that Sandy rocks
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    Looking for a good legato piano

    Tongued percussion? Gross, man.
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    Robinson, les Amoureux Sauvages – Short film original score

    Lovely stuff. Thought the choir sort of thing at around 3:40 (especially the rhythmic part it ends with) was really cool in particular!
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    Mass Affect - a theme with Spitfire Studio stuff

    I recently got Spitfire Studio Orchestra (core), and as a first exercise, I decided to take a song I had done with Philharmonik and switch in my new toy. I'm still a novice at using these orchestral libraries, so I'm hoping for feedback on what I could focus on improving on (next time...I've...
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    Multiband Limiter?

    I think Maximus would be able to... Yea, I'm one of those FL Studio users.
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    How much RAM does your PC have?

    I'm about to add another 8GB really depends on what kind of libraries you're using. 8GB + Spitfire Studio Core + SSD/purging, for example, suits an entry-level guy like me just fine. Not everyone here has been fully sucked into the sample library spiral (yet)!
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    Orchestration: Where do I even start?

    Seconding this as a quick way to get started. When I initially wanted to get into this stuff, I just went over most of the sections there just to get an awareness of what people think about when orchestrating, then experimented with a sample library on my own musical ideas. Just reading very...
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    So what should I put on my SSD?

    Video games For real though, I'd put everything on it unless you think you'd get close to running out of space on it. You might have a bit of a difficult time trying to make space afterward (like if you bought a new library and really wanted to get it on there).
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    Thoughts about going the other way - doing music as hobby / part-time again

    Would trying to make a drastically different music in your spare time help at all? I'm interested in this because I don't have a job like yours and always hoped it would be as close to an ideal job as a job could ever get. Like if I were in your position making regular orchestral scores, would...
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    John Williams - Leia's Theme - Mockup

    Sounds fantastic! Lacks a bit of low end during the climax to me, but that is all the constructive feedback I can give. Well done.
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    Final Encounter (soundtrack for a boss fight)

    First time sharing a song here. It's more synth and sound design than composition, but I know there are some people here who are into this sort of stuff! Would love to get feedback about the mixing/mastering in particular. I'm okay with where I am at as a "composer," but I'm really trying to...
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    Race to the Limitless Expanse - Orchestral Action

    Enjoyed the composition a lot! I do also think there is something off with the sound, though it might be a preference thing? It seems a little bit too midrangey at times, and lacking low end, particularly in the first half. Which, based on your followup, sounds like it was done on purpose...
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    Hello all you good people

    I'm cheering for you! Because I'm in the same boat! As a student on autopilot I chose software engineering as a safe option. What kind of work do you do?
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    Music Theory - is there ever a point where you have everything in your composition under control?

    I agree to some degree, maybe I take my earlier studying for granted and am unwilling to give it credit because I see that part of my life as a waste of opportunity. However, I've spent a lot of time only enjoying listening to relatively inscrutable music (you seem to know metal, I'm referring...
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    Music Theory - is there ever a point where you have everything in your composition under control?

    I'd sooner attribute speed/intuitiveness while composing to organized and conscious experimentation/practice, rather than learning theory. It's entirely possible to learn theory without having it help much with composing... I managed it for years when I studied piano as a kid who didn't...
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    Spitfire Appreciation Thread

    I just bought Albion One and the core Studio Orchestra, mostly because of the sale going on, but also because all of the educational, entertaining, and honest videos Christian and Spitfire Audio put out made me feel comfortable buying them without having done extensive shopping and comparing...
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    Spitfire Studio Brass

    Software that doesn't 100% live up to expectations? No way!
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    How to make my tracks louder?

    I'm new to the loudness thing too, but another thing I know that might help is reducing frequency overlap between different instruments by attenuating from the one(s) that need those frequencies less. Otherwise your frequency buildup will waste headroom that could have been used to bring the...
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    Spitfire Spring Wish List Announced ;)

    Newbie coming from IK Philharmonik 1 - I'll probably get Albion One since it's a nice deal, and Studio Orchestra Core as an upgrade from Philharmonik. Tempted by Albion 3, but as a "cost-saving measure" I'm telling myself stick with 1, for now. Typing out my thoughts sort of justifies the...
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    Spitfire Spring Wish List Announced ;)

    Isn't Studio Woodwinds Pro just Studio Woodwinds with extra stuff? Why do you need both? Or by "Core" are you referring to a different one?
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    Ehm. Hello!

    \m/ "Metal soundtracks" sounds interesting, I'll have to look you up after work today! What kind of metal are/were you into?
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    Are instrument-separated ensembles out of style?

    It seems like a lot of the newer orchestral VSTs these days no longer feature things like separate violin/viola/cello/bass ensembles, instead offering just "high strings" and "low strings," for example... at least in those all-in-one type products. Why is this? Do people just use volume...
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    Diminished is used in the example... but I would think repeated modulation is more effective for prolonged rising tension. It really depends on the sort of melodic line(s) you want to work with though.
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    Reviewing Cinesamples' MONSTER Low Winds

    Thanks for this! I was interested in this the first time you posted about this. Seems great for sinister-sounding music.
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    Beginning Sound Design with U-he's Zebra2

    As an also-beginner, I don't think there's a way to get to designing the sounds in our heads. It's not unlike learning music composition - you have to start from a few basic building blocks to learn what is even possible. Eventually you start to make connections between what you imagine in...
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    Is film music just another job?

    I have yet to make money through music, but I think I would love to have this as a job! I don't share the same opinion of film and video games, so even when the job was at its roughest, I think I would take solace in the fact that I could actually appreciate the work I was paid to do. I've...
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    Harry Gregson-Williams' Sinbad Score

    I always pay attention when I see his name! It's happened several times that I watch a movie thinking, "this music is cool, sounds a bit like Harry Gregson-Williams..." and it turned out to be him indeed. I first became aware of him because he did the music on a lot of the Metal Gear Solid...
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    Hello from California

    Close enough! I'm in Fremont. Because it was the one that I "started with" a while ago if you get my meaning, the first DAW I decided to buy is FL Studio. I figured that, since I'm still fairly new, the decision would be somewhat blind no matter how much I demoed stuff, so I might as well go...
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    Hello from California

    Hey! I'm a programmer in the Bay Area going through the beginnings of a mid-life crisis, possibly. When I was much younger, I took rather clinical piano lessons for over ten years, the kind that just prepped you for the yearly performance and written theory tests. In high school I actually...