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    Incoming from Indiginus

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    Forum changeover this Sunday - Forum will be down for a few hours

    This smells of NWO mind control... 9:00, 12:00, 5:00, July 14, 2019... these are all big-time occult numbers... and I won't even go into 2.1... how much more obvious can this be? But as long as there's some big sales that day, I'll keep my mouth shut.
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    Aiva - Artificial Intelligence Composition: beta starting today

    Mike always has good insights... second-guessing and excessive options can destroy the genius of spontaneity. Also, raising the bar of ignorance!
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    Bohemian Series Expansions Thread, Violin Expansion 2 Improv Video

    Request copies of the first two versions... each version has some nice sustains with multi-dynamics. V2 - Exp 1 - is still my favorite for this very reason.
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    APD/SL *** Drama Spinoff

    More like Joe Friday: "Just the facts, ma'am."
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    Once Great, Now Unavailable Libraries?

    What happened there... did he close up shop?
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    Hip Hop Creator ... Finally Released!

    Gangsta-damn! It's Legit! Funk-it... let the cats scratch the pads and take full cred for the Grammy.
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    Audiobro Modern Scoring Brass (MSB)

    Didn't realize that this had been released... this is my first taste and it sounds killer.
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    Violins vs. Cellos

    Nice work... are you using a preset timbre with the violin? I find some of the violin patches to be phasey... but there are plenty of really solid articulations that make this a great library to write with. Have you heard anything about the upcoming viola? Thanks for sharing!
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    Documentary Score - Dammed to Extinction

    Awesome, man... keep plugging and getting the word out... both for this issue and your career. I'll definitely check out the documentary!
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    5G phones are amazing!

    I hope this was meant to be funny... because I'm smiling pretty hard right now.
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    Bohemian Series Expansions Thread, Violin Expansion 2 Improv Video

    Sounds really good... but I have to wonder what the CPU hit will be with this update. And to be honest, in retrospect, I truly wish that a basic viola version had been released, as with the violin and cello, just to have had something to work with and to have had more than one version to call upon.
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    New here, anyone else here in Arkansas?

    Greetings, Helen. My last visit to Little Rock was back in the 70's... probably changed a little bit since then, lol. Now living in the desert southwest, I often dream of ample firewood and bubbling brooks... definitely miss the lush greens east of here.
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    Orchestral Tools - A New Home for Organic Samples - Special Offers!

    Good for Organic Samples, OT, and the end users... it's like snatching up a young, talented film maker and giving them the resources to run with.
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    For. Fuck's. Sake.

    Just because... disagree at your own peril.
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    The end of Albion 2 Loegria?

    Outstanding work... words, visuals, music. Something to aspire to.
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    Hey, what's everybody doing?!

    Hey, VeePo! Yeah, there's a ton of info/suggestions for CSSS on the boards. And for my money, if you really want to generate the most popcorn, start the following thread: "What's the best string library?"
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    NI / Galaxy Instruments / Nils Frahm -- NOIRE

    Reminds me a bit of Patrick Leonard's solo improvisations. Check out "Rivers," it's actually a trio, but you'll get an idea just how musically unique and brilliant he is. Thanks for posting.
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    Tutorial: How To Study Classical Music as a film composer

    Mike, thanks so much for this and the other videos on YT. Even though I don't read, I've picked up some great "hacks" from these vids! What you call "absorbing," I consider a form of osmosis. I pick out maybe three or four of pieces in a given genre that I would like to "study," and then listen...
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    What is going on in Europe? Facebook is down, Whatsapp is down and other social mediums....

    Just a dry run through... no need to worry until the power grid goes down.
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    What do you think about this violins sound?

    Sounds great to me... maybe just a bit slower crescendo/dynamic when the those strings hit at 32sec.
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    Rattly And Raw Present: beautiful CHAOS

    They should offer a coupon to those those who purchased this to try another one of their instruments because this was a complete waste of $20... may have had potential, but completely unusable as is.
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    Shepard Tone Maker (Free) *Update*

    Nifty... thank you, Anders!
  24. LamaRose

    Veronica's Theme

    Well done, sir.
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    Stars & moon (orchestral)

    This sounds like an authentic, vintage recording of a beloved 20th-century classical/neo classical work. I've been listening to a ton of pieces from this period - cinematic and strictly orchestral - and this can hang with the best of them, imho. It has a magical, uplifting spirit to it in...
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    Morricone settles old scores with ‘simplistic’ directors

    I love it when someone with clout rips some a$$... the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, indeed!
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    Took a break from trailers to write sexy dance music

    Not into modern dance/EDM, but that is dope, my friend... it has fresh legs.
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    Brass Quintet (Cinematic Studio Brass)

    Excellent writing... the first 1:30 had a cool "Saving Private Ryan" vibe.
  29. LamaRose

    Ólafur Arnalds Sheet Music

    FYI, ran across this on Ólafur's official site whilst searching for sheet music... most is free... really cool gesture on his part:
  30. LamaRose

    "your online iCloud account has been breached..."

    No... just the pop-ups constantly warning me that my cloud limit has been reached, and that I should purchase/raise my limit to protect myself, lol.
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    Scared to ask for a payment (hiphop/pop instrumentals)

    Hiphop is full of leeches... even very successful writers/producers have and do get ripped-off... so I wouldn't count on any pay-it-forward magic.
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    Hello from Sweden

    Greetings! Say "hi" to Agnetha & Anni next time you see them. :emoji_dancers:
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    The real reason I haven't purchased samples in over a year

    This will make for a fine introductory sample library in the Money Horn Ensemble. The midi-serfs eagerly await.
  34. LamaRose

    Arché Collection...thoughts?

    Watching the videos, I kept thinking "foot controller." Innovative stuff.
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    Importing my legally purchased iTunes music into DAW for reference

    I double-checked, and my iTune-purchased files are a mix of mp3 & m4a. My other CD-ripped waves are still .wav. I'm using iTunes I just downloaded some previously purchased files from the store and they are all m4a. Maybe you could try re-downloading a few files and check the format...
  36. LamaRose

    Anything else like vynil noise to give the track imperfectness and character?

    Think you can still download a demo:
  37. LamaRose

    Importing my legally purchased iTunes music into DAW for reference

    No problems here. Don't use the import function. Open logic with your audio track set up and physically drag the mp4 from another window onto the track.
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    We Meet The Inventor Of Keysense

    Great to have you both on board again. Really appreciate and enjoy your respective youtube vids. Next time a skirmish breaks out, ask yourself: WWCD... What Would Caravaggio Do?
  39. LamaRose

    Another one bites to dust

    @impressions From my viewpoint, I'm seeing/listening to someone who is simply evolving... and part of evolving often requires putting away old passions, habits, friends, expectations, etc. And some of our best friends are our passions and expectations. They help define our identity... and when...
  40. LamaRose

    Any solo violin/viola/cello that sounds like this...

    It's kinda got a fiddle vibe to it - aka Last of the Mohicans - so maybe one of recently released fiddle libraries from Boulder or Red Room? Those slurred transitions may have to be baked-in if you want to nail it which would suggest something like Emotional Violin. The Bohemian violin can get...
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    New sample library: Box Cello ($20)

    Finally! A solo string, silver box instrument instead of the usual full sections... about damn time... and it sounds good.
  42. LamaRose

    Composers - Do you have this sensitive ear problem ?

    I'd recommend L-theanine over melatonin as melatonin is an actual hormone, and L-theanine is a hormone precursor which allows your body to regulate the needed melatonin at night and serotonin/dopamine if taken during the day . Melatonin can give a slight drowsy hangover sometimes whereas I've...
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    Piano sketch, where to start? (aka plenty of ideas but still stuck)

    Mornings are for haiku, scripts, and optimism. Afternoons for walks and reflection. Evenings for abstraction, deflection, depression and happy accidental polyphonic inspirations. When my mind is numb and dumb from thoughts, music rolls in like clockwork waves.
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    Looking for dark, distorted piano-type sounds

    Maybe not the ideal moment for me to be watching, but I really liked the short and your score for it. Don't have this library in hand, but I think it will cover what you're looking for... the second naked demo "Ripples" has that very vibe...
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    John Hopkins - Singularity

    Keep going back to Monsters... fits that movie to a T... great to chill to as well.
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    Audioswift - Use Your Trackpad As A MIDI Control Surface (MAC)

    Are these CC numbers user assignable? For example, could I switch CC25 to CC2? This is an awesome app for Mac users!
  47. LamaRose

    Library music and writing what you want to write

    Off topic: I'll have to give Chris a little love here as I have two older brothers who have been earning full-time salaries in the music biz before they graduated HS... one is in his 70's, the other in his 50's. Both are pretty cynical about the opportunities in the music biz, and have been...
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    I feel as if something needs to break...

    The illustrious leaders at Davos are working on it for us. Not a bad thing in my book.
  49. LamaRose

    Does anyone own Performance Sample's Solo of the Sea - Solo vln A?

    Don't own either as of yet, but based upon the demos and walkthroughs, I'd be very surprised if you couldn't achieve an equal, if not superior, result with the Emotional Violin; which I know you already own per your endorsement. Solo vln A sounds really good... but is also sounds very "the same"...