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  1. LowweeK

    Zurich Film Competition

    Really really enjoyed it. And yes, on one dialog, the music is a tad too loud. Super good job, I wish you could make it to the last 5. I never heard about this competition, it seems to be very nice... and very demanding too.
  2. LowweeK

    Forum changeover this Sunday - Forum will be down for a few hours

    On Bastille Day... Revolution is coming ! (Good luck with the update, Mike)
  3. LowweeK

    Thanks Charlie Clouser (Sonixinema Interview).

    Oh my... It’s not like if everyone was already in the music world... Then allow me to preempt « Andre Despot » as nickname ;)
  4. LowweeK

    Logic/Kontakt Template : Don’t Load Instruments ?

    Hi, Since the last release (10.4.5) Logic does this automatically if no region is found on track. Using Alt+power off (disable) also unloads the track and frees memory. Freeze doesn’t free memory : it just renders the track to save CPU but the instrument is still loaded. There is a couple of...
  5. LowweeK

    Reaching for "the next level"

    I’m a bass player...:whistling: And I do backing vocals... :2thumbs:
  6. LowweeK

    Reaching for "the next level"

    My 2 cents : I totally agree with you @JohnG I’ve learned far more about music by playing in bands for years than by my classical education. Classical training gave me the understanding of rules (why). Bands gave me the feeling on what the music is. There no better way to learn. And to booze.
  7. LowweeK

    Robinson, les Amoureux Sauvages – Short film original score

    Good ! Thanks for sharing. The prize was given at Annecy festival ?
  8. LowweeK

    Once Great, Now Unavailable Libraries?

    Original Albion 1 :)
  9. LowweeK

    Logic Pro 10.4.5 Update

    I had to update from Sierra to Mojave first (MBPr late 2013) : so far, everything ok Updated LPX then : ok Opened my template w/ current project (over 16Gb, laggy, takes 2-3 mins to load, needs freeze, prone to crash) : geez ! Takes 30s, instant playing, no audio dropouts, cpu stands at 50-75%...
  10. LowweeK

    The rite of spring - 100% Spitfire Audio

    Very impressive. Congratulations ! I'm also impressed at how SA products can deal with such a great range of tones & articulations. Looking forward to watching behind the scene too.
  11. LowweeK

    Choir for new age ambient ?

    I’d add presets from Korg M1/Wavestation. They were everywhere back in early 90’s.
  12. LowweeK

    Soundtrack_Cologne 2019 - anyone ?

    Cool. I guess that guys from OT & SA will participate to a session or two. I’ll keep you updated if & when I come - (though I’m far from being a VIP here lol)
  13. LowweeK

    Soundtrack_Cologne 2019 - anyone ?

    Hi, I've missed last year edition, and I'm thinking attending the 2019 edition in the last days of August. As a hobbyist, my goal is fairly simple : learn stuff and share drinks. :) Who here is gonna attend ?
  14. LowweeK

    Getting feet wet in stock music business

    Sounds so daunting and uninteresting. Where is the time when playing golf with a PR was enough to get a business ?
  15. LowweeK

    Soundtracks that hit you in the feels, but you can't explain why.

    Very cliché but : Blade Runner & Antarctica. At the time, I was a kid and didn’t know about Vangelis. I didn’t know that a soundtrack can sound like this. In the VG domain, I think of Skyrim & The Last Of Us. Skyrim was probably the first game I put the controller down just to listen to the...
  16. LowweeK

    How much RAM does your PC have?

    16Gb here on mbp late 2013. Too little for my increasing template... So, i have to pick 1 mic and freeze freeze freeze. I love mbp but don’t really feel excited by the latest yearly upgrades. If no radical change occur in 2020, I’ll have to switch to another solution.
  17. LowweeK

    14 strings libraries compared

    Very nice work, and the piece is very musical, so it’s a pleasure to listen to it 14 times. First, no library has a ugly sound. Some feel more natural, some less, but none sounds synthy to me. My favorite is SCS, but I’m totally biased on this one. :) I’m positively surprised by Albion One...
  18. LowweeK

    Transcribed: James Newton Howard - Unbreakable Theme

    Aside from the excellent mockup work, I’m impressed at how the instruments are glued in the same room. You raised my interest for EAReverb now !
  19. LowweeK

    Stormzy should replace Mozart in UK music classrooms, study says

    They tried this in France 20 years ago by introducing pop & early hip hop. Some classes had budget synths to replace the good old recorder. Well, the musical level has not increased much. Now they’re back to classical with a bit of pop music too. Whatever the music, most scholars are just not...
  20. LowweeK

    Best VST for string runs..?

    From my experience, if one wants to create runs manually -without prerecorded run- a huge attention shall be put in programming also : velocity on first & last note, dynamics in the middle, middle notes not too quantized. I’m still learning it using SCS performance legato and it’s very...
  21. LowweeK

    Spitfire Studio Brass

    For what it's worth, I partially covered those points in this thread that features my UACC reworked list provided you use Logic Pro X. SStB has one type of legato for...
  22. LowweeK

    Quick question about dynamics marking

    I totally second that. One of my favorite scores to study.
  23. LowweeK

    Orchestral Sample Libraries from Asian Developers

    Excellent tutorial ! I wish too that editors make their tutorials so straightforward & funny :)
  24. LowweeK

    Orchestral Sample Libraries from Asian Developers

    @chocobitz825 : all your posts are exactly the conclusion I came to after talking to japanese musicians, Sony PR in Taiwan, indie studio owners, music shops. I remember that once I asked a music shop clerk about Japanese VI. He was surprised and smiled and said to me : here we use this...
  25. LowweeK

    Best headphones for writing/mixing?

    +1 for DT880. The quality is very good but they are VERY comfortable. I like the open back, it feels more natural and less claustrophobic. Sometimes on long sessions I even forget I'm wearing them. :)
  26. LowweeK

    Logic Pro X - my Spitfire UACC all articulations plist (link to dl)

    Thanks a lot, I've updated the file (see above), same location. Only the new #114 was missing as far as I checked.
  27. LowweeK

    Spitfire Studio Brass

    Well all those discussions wouldn’t happen if there were updates & fixes after the release of products. I’m quite surprised at how seldom the sample companies fix their own products. The business race seems not to consider fixes & user support as paramount. This, to me, is the main mistake and...
  28. LowweeK

    Logic Pro X - my Spitfire UACC all articulations plist (link to dl)

    Hi there, These past weeks (months?) I've been working on building my own template. I relies quite heavily on Spitfire Audio products and UACC keyswitching. Since I could not find a comprehensive UACC plist file to import all articulations, I made my own. I share it here, for what it's worth...
  29. LowweeK

    On the Fence About Spitfire Studio Woodwinds

    My 2 cents : it’s worth. The extra instruments are useful and the extra mics open new sonic territories as well. For $120, it’s quite a steal.
  30. LowweeK

    On the Fence About Spitfire Studio Woodwinds

    Thanks again. I like those sounds far better than the Tree mics, specially Decca & Ambient. Saving now for the Pro extension...
  31. LowweeK

    I reimagined the theme to GAME OF THRONES - used an old voice memo tape recorder!

    Love it ! Very smart recording, arranging and techniques. The end has a taste of "1492, The Conquest Of Westeros" :)
  32. LowweeK

    On the Fence About Spitfire Studio Woodwinds

    @re-peat : Thank you so much. It's very informative and we are blessed to have so many sond options. Each mic has a real character. If you don't mind, I'd like to hear either Tuba or Cymbasso, for which I think the sole Tree mic lacks body or ooomph. Short excerpt with staccato would be perfect.
  33. LowweeK

    On the Fence About Spitfire Studio Woodwinds

    I have SStW Pro and yes, the extra mics are worth it. I don’t really like the Tree mics. I might even choose different mics on different instruments to find the sound I’m looking for. I also have SStB basic, not Pro, and I don’t really like the sound of Tree mic, it sounds too thin on brass for...
  34. LowweeK

    Venice Modern Strings - Intro offer ends in 24h

    Very beautiful video ! When did you shoot without the crowd ? I guess early in winter morning, no ?... Love this city so much. Looking forward to hearing more of your library.
  35. LowweeK

    Any thoughts on the Focusrite interface/ Scarlett

    2i2 for mobile rig here. Never had to complain, it’s sturdy, lightweight and i never had a single issue with drivers.
  36. LowweeK

    Hello from Belgium

    Bonjour aux Belges ! I work in France for a Belgian company and I’m commuting often to Brussels. Where do you guys are from ?
  37. LowweeK

    Olafur Arnalds live

    Will see him at the Philharmonie de Paris in November.
  38. LowweeK

    A shout out to some companies with awesome customer service.

    Along with the aforementioned, Nektar has an amazing customer service (they sent me replacement parts overseas for free for a 2nd hand keyboard !).
  39. LowweeK

    Light show at Grand Palais (Paris) with one of my track

    Good work !!! Looks like a fantastic opportunity. Congrats.
  40. LowweeK

    Spitfire Chamber Strings 50% off?

    What’s really nice from Spitfire is that they still consider the old Sable products in the checkout. With my good old Sable Ensemble and SCS I bought on Wishlist event, I managed to update to Pro for 125 EUR. Which - thanks to the mixes - buy me more time before I switch computer...
  41. LowweeK

    Looking for instrumentalist's (any instrument)

    Electric bass player here (blues/rock/soul/pop). Not professional though. I can give you more details in PM if you want.
  42. LowweeK

    Hello from Paris

    Bienvenue d’un voisin montreuillois :-) Plein plein de super ressources et de conseils ici.
  43. LowweeK

    Cinematic Studio Strings

    I’d try Tape saturation and both ends EQing to reduce the bandwidth. Maybe izotope Vinyl (free) could be helpful. 70’s strings sound is also a lot about the writing/arrangement.
  44. LowweeK

    Valhalla DSP Delay Effect Now Available !

    Leave it. Let’s play ping pong !
  45. LowweeK

    What should I include in my CV when applying for composer assistant jobs?

    I guess some IT soft skills would be welcome (like mac/pc maintenance, bit of scripting,...).
  46. LowweeK

    Extended for 24hrs - 50% off: Drum Fury - Intro Pricing

    Worked perfectly for me : -bought a $50 gift certificate for $30 using APD deal => I had an email with voucher code - went to buy Drum Fury using both the voucher & 10$ rebate code => I paid $39. In total, I paid $69 / 62 EUR for the library and continuata worked just fine (unlike my previous...
  47. LowweeK

    Advantages of Using Komplete Kontrol?

    Same here. I’m using a midi mapping to color the useful ranges (c-2 to c0, c0 to c3, c3 to c5, etc.).
  48. LowweeK

    Hello guys by Clara

    Great to see you here. Warm welcome.
  49. LowweeK

    Art of the Score Podcast

    I’m listening to all former episodes. Really loved the Indiana Jones so far.
  50. LowweeK

    Art of the Score Podcast

    I’m already subscriber. It is indeed an excellent podcast, that I even advised to friends who like film music without being musician. Their explanataions are good and don’t require a musical expertise. It is also very well recorded and documented.