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  1. Michael Antrum

    Mike Verta's Live Brass Class

    Your first post too.....
  2. Michael Antrum

    Swing/Swing More vs Broadway Lites

    I would be interested to hear your thoughts. I really have all I need except for one library that I'm waiting to go on sale. So anything I buy is for fun and giggles, and this has caught my eye...
  3. Michael Antrum

    IMac Pro or HP Z4?

    I'm in the iMac Pro Camp. If its going to be the same money, you get the option of Logic Pro X. Don't forget you can bootcamp Windows 10 and then you get the best of both worlds.....
  4. Michael Antrum

    Nord Electro 4 HP (Hammer Action) In U.K.

    I'm selling my Nord Electro 4HP. I have a Nord Stage 2 EX, so it's getting little use. I have owned it from new and it is in excellent condition - only one small mark on the rear corner of one for the wooden end cheeks. If you are a perfectionist it can easily be replaced for about £30-odd...
  5. Michael Antrum

    Music Theory - is there ever a point where you have everything in your composition under control?

    Interesting conversation. I can't imagine why anyone would not want to learn theory. How can you learn form other composers and musicians if you don't understand the language in which they converse ? If you hear something really great in a piece of music, imagine if you couldn't transcribe it...
  6. Michael Antrum

    Mac Pro (Cheese grater) Video cards

    Unless the card has been flashed for mac, you won't get a boot screen. It's not an issue for me, as I still have the original card I can drop back in if ever needed.
  7. Michael Antrum

    Which MacBook Pro - 2.9 Ghz i9 or 2.2 Ghz i7

    I've just noticed that I must have accidentally posted this in the wrong area. Apologies to all - I'm obviously losing the plot.....
  8. Michael Antrum

    Which MacBook Pro - 2.9 Ghz i9 or 2.2 Ghz i7

    I'm finally at the point of replacing my Late 2013 MacBook Pro which has been simply brilliant. I have found two models of MacBook Pro 15" at a great saving over the normal price. One is a 15" i7 6 core 2.2 Ghz with 32Gb Ram, 1TB and 560x Graphics. The other is a 15" i9 6 core 2.9 Ghz with...
  9. Michael Antrum

    IPad Pro, should I buy it?

    Can’t help when it comes to a pc, but I use Cubasis on the iPad, which is quite fun and currently on sale. I also have controller apps on it for Logic and Studio One. But more than anything else, I use it with Notion for IOS and the Apple Pencil for sketching out ideas. I am looking forward...
  10. Michael Antrum

    Not renewing Pro Tools "subscription"

    Now for a DAW joke. How can you tell if someone uses Reaper ? Don’t worry - they’ll tell you. (With apologies to reaper users, for whom I have nothing but respect.....)
  11. Michael Antrum

    Not renewing Pro Tools "subscription"

    You want the upcoming next generation to be learning and using your tools - so when they graduate to professional status, they take your tools with them. That’s why companies such as Autodesk have really serious discount student packages available to them for things like Maya & 3D Studio Max...
  12. Michael Antrum

    Not renewing Pro Tools "subscription"

    Just Got back from a Stray Cats concert. God I miss the 80’s....... I do appreciate that ProTools is the industry standard, but when you read things like these, you wonder how long that will continue. ‘I work with 3 or 4 new interns a year at one of the studios I engineer for. Not one of them...
  13. Michael Antrum

    Not renewing Pro Tools "subscription"

    Because a lot of the upcoming youngsters will be used to other systems, and will start asking for those systems to be available - exactly what happened to Quark. Repro houses that were Quark & Mac centric were asked by their customer for other workflows, and over the space of a couple of years...
  14. Michael Antrum

    Not renewing Pro Tools "subscription"

    Avid seem intent on doing a ‘Quark Xpress’. What with pressure in the video side from Black Magic Design’s Resolve and their alienation of younger/poorer students and musicians using other DAW’s they seem to be sabotaging their own business. They’ve forgotten who their customers are, in the...
  15. Michael Antrum

    FS: VSL Solo Strings I, SYNCHRON-ized Appassionata Strings, Smart Orchestra

    If so I'be interested in the other two libraries..... (i'm in the UK)
  16. Michael Antrum

    Rethinking my keyboard controller - Recommendations? S61 mk2 or P6?

    I used to have a P6, and sold it and bought an S61 MK I, which I found much better. The P6 was awful to play. The white and black notes felt as if they belonged to different keyboards and were pretty noisy. I heard a rumour that they may have improved this - but I'd definitely double check.
  17. Michael Antrum

    Exhausted with Finale -- is Dorico the answer?

    I started out with Notion, and then went to Sibelius, but I really dislike the Sibelius GUI. Stuff is all over the place and makes little sense to me. So I recently moved over to Dorico, and so far it is just clicking with me. I've just bought streamdeck XL and I am really liking it. I was...
  18. Michael Antrum

    Goodbye everyone, see you on Mars in 2021!

    You do realise that you will now be in the Martian Top Twenty. And probably will be for quite some time, as I don't see anyone knocking you out of the charts any time soon. Just be careful if any flying saucers land in your back garden full of autograph hunters..... (when's the tour ....?)
  19. Michael Antrum

    Spitfire Audio - Hauschka Composer Toolkit ...

    It depends what you want really. If you are into the sounds design side of things (which I personally am not), then it might be very interesting. But it's a bit cynical to be trashing something that you haven't even heard yet.
  20. Michael Antrum

    Articulation switching in Studio One

    I really like Studio One, and I have high regard for the exceptional customer service I have had from Presonus. However, the expression maps in Cubase means that S1, sadly, doesn't get much use from me.
  21. Michael Antrum

    Sonuscore's "The Orchestra Complete" and new "Strings of Winter" library

    Good. I've splurged a little this month already - including a nice new shiny piano stool. To be honest though, I've listened to the samples and the whole thing still feels a bit like loop city, which I find rather tiring to listen to. Or perhaps rather an Ostinato toolkit. Still it's a bit of...
  22. Michael Antrum

    Sonuscore's "The Orchestra Complete" and new "Strings of Winter" library

    Is there a time limit on the upgrade ? Or is this the permanent price ?
  23. Michael Antrum

    NI Symphony Strings-The small sections

    Not at all. For 100€, I'd buy the percussion like a shot (if I didn't already have it). At 100€ for the whole shooting match, frankly it would be rude not to.
  24. Michael Antrum

    I buy more than I use, and I forget those I buy

    Every time you feel the desire to buy a new library - just watch some of the videos and walkthroughs on the libraries you already have. They probably do more than you remember ...
  25. Michael Antrum

    NI Symphony Strings-The small sections

    The percussion is worth it alone.
  26. Michael Antrum

    Mac Pro Memory upgrade to 128GB

    Sorry, it was £ 170 ($ 211)
  27. Michael Antrum

    Mac Pro Memory upgrade to 128GB

    I saw them at $170 on eBay.
  28. Michael Antrum

    Big Spitfire Purchase Feedback

    Well there's a few other things that might be worth considering. 1). Steinberg Iconica Sections and Players. £ 680 for a full Orchestra AND there is a 30 day trial version available. Runs in Halion and need an e-licenser though. (Was done in partnership with Orchestral Tools - so it's of good...
  29. Michael Antrum

    Cheesegrater mac is back!

    That's what PCI Slots are for. A Highpoint Raid card with 4 x 2TB NVMe SSD's fitted would give you 8 TB plus what's on board. And there are 8 slots total. This is an epic piece of kit. That's Mac Pro with a capital 'P'.
  30. Michael Antrum

    Mac Pro Memory upgrade to 128GB

    Time to put a kidney on eBay....
  31. Michael Antrum

    Mac Pro Memory upgrade to 128GB

    Ouch. I mean I was expecting the price to be chippy, but ouch !
  32. Michael Antrum

    Mac Pro Memory upgrade to 128GB

    I'm watching the launch of the new mac pro being live-streamed just now. It's everything I could have hoped it to be.
  33. Michael Antrum

    Mac Pro Memory upgrade to 128GB

    The Mac Pro's chipset has a triple-channel DDR3 memory controller, which will get full bandwidth only if you have just three modules in there and leave the fourth slot empty. The controller will run in dual-channel mode if you use all four slots, so you'll lose a third of your theoretical...
  34. Michael Antrum

    Mac Pro Memory upgrade to 128GB

    I seriously doubt you'd notice the difference in use. I'd much rather have the extra 32Gb for more samples.
  35. Michael Antrum

    Mac Pro Memory upgrade to 128GB

    The Mac Pro (4,1 & 5,1 I am assuming you are talking about) uses triple channel RAM, so the RAM gets its fastest speed if you put it in in banks of 3. However, the motherboard has two sets of 4 slots, so if you put in 4 modules rather than 3 into each bank, the RAM will run slightly slower -...
  36. Michael Antrum

    To Prank or Not to Prank Pirates - That is the question.

    Methinks you might be procrastinating....... :)
  37. Michael Antrum

    Mac Pro (Cheese grater) Video cards

    I've just put one of these in last week: Sapphire Pulse Radeon RX580 8G. Now I'm happily running Mojave on my 4,1 (flashed to 5,1). Makes a bit of difference too...... This machine is going to last forever at this rate. Ten years of reliability so far. The new Mac Pro is going to have to...
  38. Michael Antrum

    VSL instrument licenses vanished from e-licenser

    And every developer on the forums sighs... 'if only you could...'
  39. Michael Antrum

    Stream Deck XL

    I wonder, could this be used to trigger expression maps in cubase ?
  40. Michael Antrum

    Best DAW - Leaving Ableton Behind

    I picked a spare up from Gear4Music for £ 19.00
  41. Michael Antrum

    Stormzy should replace Mozart in UK music classrooms, study says

    In 2017, I had tickets for my wife and I to go and see James Newton Howard (conducting his first concert) at the Royal Albert Hall in London. The day before, our labrador gave birth to a little of pups, so my wife informed that she wasn't going. So I took my 11 year old daughter with me...
  42. Michael Antrum

    Subscription licenses scare me

    If Adobe did not have the licensing of their technology partners fully sorted out, then they had no business in selling anyone a perpetual licence. Imagine you bought an amplifier with Dolby digital decoding in it from Sony. And then they send you a letter 4 years later that states that their...
  43. Michael Antrum

    Why VSL (still) rocks

    Thanks Jimmy, that's really helpful. I do like the idea of the non-vib to to expressive vib in particular. But then the spacialisation .... I know you can cross-grade from the original to the synchronised version - I wonder if that goes the other way too. Food for thought.
  44. Michael Antrum

    Why VSL (still) rocks

    Well, I always had a problem with the VSL dongle policy, as I travel a lot and would be petrified of losing or breaking it. However, with their new insurance policy for dongles, this is mitigated to some extent. So I'm sitting here seriously thinking about picking up Appassionata Strings (I am...
  45. Michael Antrum

    Subscription licenses scare me

    Well, I'm still on Adobe CS6 Master Collection, and it still does everything I need or want. Adobe completely shafted me - I'd given them nearly £ 1.5k in the 18 months before CC became compulsory, and they offered me £10 a month off for the first year. I look forward to Affinity taking their...
  46. Michael Antrum

    Orchestral library for 1000€

    Steinberg’s Iconica Sections & Players has been mentioned already a couple of times here. It was made in partnership with orchestral tools, so it comes from good parentage. However, there are a couple of things that push it up the list in my opinion as a great value entry point for someone just...
  47. Michael Antrum

    FS: Neutron 2 Standard and Sampletank 3

    I'm afraid you can't re-sell East West Libraries.....
  48. Michael Antrum

    Sonuscore's "The Orchestra Complete" and new "Strings of Winter" library

    Yes, but in it's defence it does weigh 7.3 Kilos....