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    How to promote original orchestral-style music?

    I'd never heard of him til your post...mesmerising stuff
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    Do you use Kontakt's Factory library at all?

    All the time! My go tos are glockenspiel, upright piano, upright bass, music box, marimba and I'll generally layer up some solo string or woodwind patches (reverb off) to get a close and gritty sound
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    Daniel james live on twitch now with an important topic!

    A bit off-topic, but I find there's a lot of glorification of Williams/Goldsmith/Herman style scores, and a yearning to get back to that style. That orchestral style is undoubtedly great for big dramatic epics etc, but how many of us are scoring huge blockbusters? Some projects call for ambient...
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    I buy more than I use, and I forget those I buy

    As the kids say...preach! I still get blown away watching walkthroughs/listening to demos of older libraries like ProjectSam OE and Heavyocity Aeon. It motivates me to do better with the tools I have
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    The sample library box (metaphor) lives on!

    I read this post and immediately went to Best Service...gotta say I was pretty tempted by the products featuring virtual boxes! They just seem more tangible than their 2d counterparts!
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    Eating my words - Spitfire. when is this forum being renamed? 'Spitfire Control'?
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    Looking for new Composers

    I gotta print this out! Brilliant advice
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    A horrible post (sorry)

    I'm guessing he probably would've felt the same if not worse if he ran over DI with his lawnmower...unintentionally of course <MODERATOR NOTE> - I deleted a bunch of posts from assholes (seriously, what makes someone post something that serves no purpose other than to piss people off?), but...
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    The end of Albion 2 Loegria?

    Hmmmm it's a bit of a struggle between getting this or going with Sonokinetics Indie.
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    Spitfire Chamber Strings 50% off?

    Thanks. It's the melody lines in that piece that require that 'realistic' feel. The long low notes are fairly easy to capture with most string libraries, but the expressive legato melodies can really show a string library's shortcomings.
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    Spitfire Chamber Strings 50% off?

    Asked this in another nothing. Is SCS good for Pachebels Canon esque baroque music? Tempted to pull the trigger as I may be needing it for a job
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    What's not to like about Spitfire Chamber Strings?

    The deal is kinda tempting I gotta say...I may be needing it for some classical Pachebel's Canon kinda stuff, would it be suitable for that lush baroque sound?
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    Sounds from the Brisbane school kids 4 climate strike

    Lucky...I was about to retreat to my soy haven with the rest of my girly men friends!
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    Sounds from the Brisbane school kids 4 climate strike

    Not really. Just seeing if his views are as predictable as I assumed
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    Sounds from the Brisbane school kids 4 climate strike

    Hey Chimuelo do you agree with Fraser Anning's assessment of the Christchurch attack?
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    JBL LSR 308s... anyone used these?

    Thanks a bunch guys! Some really helpful insight. There's also an option of buying the LSR subwoofer too. The question is, will I need it? I'm planning on treating the room (panels, bass traps etc) and hsve read some conflicting reports on the need for subs
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    JBL LSR 308s... anyone used these?

    Awesome, thanks for your input!
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    JBL LSR 308s... anyone used these?

    Hey learned folks, I'm looking for some monitors and some JBLs have come up. Anyone had experience with them? I'm in the process of setting up a new studio and am in the market for some decent reasonably priced monitors
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    Spitfire Labs Drums (Ollie Waton) - do I need more?

    Do you have NI Komplete? If so I think you'd be better off with Studio Drummer or Damage for trailer sounds. I LOVE the labs kit but don't see it working in that context
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    Does Melody Even Matter??

    Yes. Except when it doesn't
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    Olafur Arnalds live

    Saw him in Melbourne a couple of months ago. It was brilliant
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    Kids these days/Eye rolls or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the drama

    Dude you've got it all figured out so why do you care? I'm sure whatever I tell you will be met with a smug response telling me how I've failed at life for not fitting into your narrow definition of a man
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    Kids these days/Eye rolls or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the drama

    Clearly in my 50s and in love with my cats, right? Just like every soy boy/girly man who may not subscribe to your way of life eh?
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    Kids these days/Eye rolls or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the drama

    I gotta admit it, absolute nutbags like Chris and PeterN keep this forum interesting
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    Now that Trump is an unindicted co-conspirator....

    I'm only seeing one parody around here.
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    "The Triumph of Tradition"

    ' Um I'm not American, let alone a 'parody of the modern american man'. You seem obsessed with 'girly men', as Alan Partridge says - "Fascinating creatures. Looks like a lady but it's actually a man. I don't find them attractive, just confusing"
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    "The Triumph of Tradition"

    Right. Like anyone who isn't a racist xenophobe is labelled a "communist" by conservative types?
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    Midnight Grand by Fracture Sounds - Available Now

    Thanks for that. I used Unarchiver on Mac. Will try your tip...although Terminal terrifies me
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    Midnight Grand by Fracture Sounds - Available Now

    I'm having this pop up every time I load - "ERROR: could not load sample (file seems to be corrupted) FSMidnightPiano_KeyRel_28.ncw Continue loading?" Any ideas?
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    Is Hans Zimmer overrated as a composer?

    Is Zac Efron an overrated hunky dreamboat? Definitely. The fact that I'm 39 with thinning hair and expanding waistline has absolutely no bearing on my opinion though
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    Where to get driver license WhatsApp +19173008136 ([email protected])

    "Ta-DAY we're learning how to drive on the left side of the road"
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    Where to get driver license WhatsApp +19173008136 ([email protected])

    Looking forward to the controversial Daniel James drive through video
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    Fiddle for Americana/Western?

    Purchased! Thanks for the tip. The Bolder fiddle fits the bill nicely
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    Fiddle for Americana/Western?

    So I'm doing an animated short that requires all the western tropes imaginable. I've got the spaghetti western sound sorted, but I'm looking for a decent fiddle sound. Anyone got any tips? Thanking you
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    Wonder Woman 1984 - SuperHans Returns

    If only Super Hans was scoring it. There would be palpable sense of dread. The longer the note, the more dread.
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    A plea to Spitfire... (POLL added)

    Exhausting? You're obviously too lazy! Back in my day we'd compose with the only instruments available- sabre tooth tiger bone flutes and hippopotamus mouth xylophones. And what's with these people that are asking for midi files anyway? We used to have to carve our sheet music into stone...
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    A plea to Spitfire... (POLL added)

    Yes! Particularly for libraries like Bernard Herrmann which I sadly discovered actually requires talent to come up with anything decent!
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    Audiosparx vs Audiojungle...?

    Would you rather eat shit or vomit?
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    Musicians & Mental Health

    Love everything Charlie has said! Yup that Facebook group leaves a lot to be desired. A lot of fawning over the words of a man making his fortune from the exploitation of composers. It seems like if some of the members suck up enough they might be in a with a shot to pass on their 15%! Gotta...
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    For those who took the Hans Masterclass.

    Ha! Unfortunately I have to agree with you.
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    Are Pretty Good Marvel Superhero Movies the Best Hollywood Can Do?

    So I think you should be getting royalties from any future earnings 'The International' makes - I've heard you mention it on so many podcasts! I saw it was added to Netflix the other day, and my immediate thought was "oh that's the film Charlie Clouser loves, I should check it out".
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    "We don’t make homogenized baby food" Troma Studios

    As much as I admire Lloyd Kaufman's chutzpah and sense of humour (his book 'Make Your Own Damn Movie' is hilarious), unfortunately most of Troma's output is...unwatchable at best. Also, I get the feeling most people involved in making Troma movies are paid peanuts if anything at all.
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    Another "Sam" Video - Died from laughing!!

    This is very entertaining. Almost as entertaining as the bizarre threads listed on Sam's forum.
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    Albion 1 (Legacy) vs Albion ONE

    I haven't found any patches in One to be as immediately inspiring as Legacy's low legato strings and long horns and bones
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    Film tracks most influential to library/tv music

    Aaarrghh!!!! Make it stop! It's boxing day and someone's putting on the bloody test! "Oh you don't like cricket? Come on, the one days are good"
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    Massive 80 GB Content!

    Speaking from Australia which has the shittiest internet imaginable I completely agree!
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    Is this a good deal? ( Library Music)

    I would have thought it was obvious. You dismissed his opinion because his sound isn't 'progressive' enough for you. It's progressive enough for the those that matter - the clients! So much so that he can live off his music. You came off as a bit of a twat with your whole "actually nevermind...
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    Is this a good deal? ( Library Music)

    He just said he lives comfortably off his residuals, whereas you said youre not close to quitting your day job!