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    Build feedback please

    Great, thanks! Since the Designare has a Thunderbolt 3 port, could I not use a FW to TB3 adapter and connect my interface in that way?
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    Build feedback please

    I am now contemplating to add a Toshiba n300 spinning drive (6tb) for media storage. It's 151 euro's. However, it is advertised as a NAS drive, so I am not sure it will be a good idea to use it in a regular pc. Anyway, it seems my (almost final?) build is now: I9 9900k Gigabyte Designare...
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    Build feedback please

    Ah, thanks. I am still researching the parts of my build, and now I am a little bit concerned with heat... Some reviewers mention the I9 9900 (which I was certain to get up until today) gets very hot, even with very good coolers (I plan to get the Noctua d15). As my studio is in a room that can...
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    Build feedback please

    Ah, o.k., I misunderstood then. Does the Thermal Paste come with the cooler (Noctua d15 in my case) or do you have to buy it seperately?
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    Build feedback please

    Forgive my ignorance, but what's the use of Thermal Paste with an i9 9900k? I read and saw reviews that said that 'finally' you wouldn't need that paste with this chip. Or did I misunderstood?
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    Build feedback please

    Really appreciating your replies to these threads, Pictus! Any opinions about the Intel 660p SSD? 209 euro's for 2tb seems too good to be true, but I've read some positive reviews. Maybe writing speed isn't the best (and writing seems to wear out the SSD a bit faster than with other SSD's) but...
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    Swing/Swing More vs Broadway Lites

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    VSTBuzz: 78% off "Broadway Lites" by Fable Sounds - Normally €446 Now Only €99!

    I see it is compatible with Kontakt Player. That means you can see it under your library tab, isn't it? Anybody knows anything about NKS-compatibility?
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    Spitfire Solo Strings or CSSS?

    I love the tone of the Spitfire Solo Strings. The also offer a performance vibrato articulation for every instrument, which starts non-vib and slowly grows to a modest vib, which I like very much. For me: very playable. This is a little tune I made with the library, using some shorts and mainly...
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    The Spitfire Orchestra's: Studio vs Symphonic

    Thanks. Even when I already have Spitfire Chamber Strings?
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    Spitfire Solo Strings or CSSS?

    Last year it was from half sept to half october, I think.
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    The Spitfire Orchestra's: Studio vs Symphonic

    I am not going to buy either of the libraries mentioned in the title outside of a sale (I am a hobbyist!), but I might when sale strikes again. And contemplating them costs nothing. When Spitfire will offer a 30% off of collections the Studio Pro will be 700 euro's for me and the Symphonic (SCS...
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    Whats an appropriate Spitfire "Evolutions" library for this purpose..?

    Agreed. The official demo's all spell Drama, but whether it is dramatic, melancholic, depends on how you play it. For underscore though, I think I'd prefer OACE.
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    Building a dedicated computer

    Brilliant, thank you!
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    Building a dedicated computer

    Thank you, Pictus and Evil Dragon. I have had bad experiences with AMD gpu's, so I think I'll stick to Nvidea. This should be the build, I think...
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    Once Great, Now Unavailable Libraries?

    Steinberg virtual guitarist, virtual bassist and original Groove Agent (2). Broomstick Bass
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    Best bang for your buck: fresh start Orchestral libraries?

    Maybe British Drama Toolkit? Strings + woodwinds. A bit like really playable evo's.
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    Best bang for your buck: fresh start Orchestral libraries?

    I think you could also check out the Bernard Hermann Composer Toolkit, from Spitfire. High quality, and lots of content. Useful combination patches and heavenly chord patches (that swell). And: it's a dry library, which makes it particulary usefull in a pop/rock context. I often find use for it...
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    Komplete Kontrol, which one to buy?

    I have a s61 mk2 in my home studio (I love that keyboard) and a m32 to take anywhere with me, inside or outside the house. I would never drag around my s61, let alone a s88!
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    Building a dedicated computer

    Thank you all. I currently have the following on my list: Fractal design define r6 usb-c Gigabyte z390 Ultra i9 9900 64 gb 2666 4 tb Samsung SSD Noctua cooler Be Quiet! 650 watt Gigabyte GForce gtx 1050ti Windforce I am currently on a 2013 I74770 machine (with internal and external ssd) and...
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    Building a dedicated computer

    Thanks, will go there!
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    Building a dedicated computer

    Yes, that might be it. The Jam is powered through USB. Do you have a MB to recommend, EvilDragon? I already have your cooler on my list.
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    Building a dedicated computer

    Because I am afraid a hub is not as stable as an internal one. When I plug my Maschine Jam into a hub, it sometimes crashes. Never happened when I plug it into an internal one. Might be due to that specific hub, of course, I don't know.
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    Building a dedicated computer

    I am in a simular situation (building a pc for music and some light gaming), and this thread is very helpfull. The only thing that remains a bit difficult for me is the choice of motherboard. I would like one with plenty (10+) usb ports, wifi/bluetooth, and good quality overall. But there are so...
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    14 strings libraries compared

    Thank you for this! Lucky for me I like SCS and Spitfire Solo Strings the best - both I already own.
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    Timpani library?

    Definitely check out Timphonia (from Modwheel).
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    Tidal HiFi subscription

    I subcribe to Tidal and use it in combination with Roon and a set of Kef LS50 wireless. I couldn't wish for anything better. Musical bliss.
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    Spitfire kepler. . .

    Paul must have read my posts here, mentioning Sufjan Stevens in his introduction! Now I just have to buy....
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    Sonuscore's "The Orchestra Complete" and new "Strings of Winter" library

    So even with SSO, you find a place for The Orchestra?
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    Spitfire Audio - Kepler Orchestra - Available NOW

    I think it is something big, more than 'another' evo or an Edna cartridge. They have a special event on 23 may scheduled to unveil it. That's not for every library, I think? Only for the big ones (Tundra, Hans Zimmer Strings, if I recall correctly).
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    Mixing Output and Spitfire

    Hi, I am somewhat heavily invested in Spitfire libraries, but I am also (as I mentionef many times before) intrigued by the Output line, not in the least because of their ease of use (esp with nks hardware). However, reading and asking around at the forum and listening to demo's gives me the...
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    Eating my words - Spitfire.

    Great post, on multiple levels.
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    I've Bought My Last String Library

    Usually there is a Christmas Wishlist sale.
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    POLL: Do Cory's YouTube reviews help your purchasing decisions?

    The fact that he doesn't have the money to review the pro versions (and make multi's for them too) was what sparked this idea (of SF sending him review copies) by me. I was not implying he should get everything for free, but should get the pro in response to his high quality reviews of the core's.
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    Spitfire Spring Wish List Announced ;)

    I only really like two of the demo's to SSB (Last man standing by Homay and Cresta by Oliver), but my, I do like those a LOT. That soft sound could be used in my tunes....
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    Spitfire Spring Wish List Announced ;)

    My oh my. Suddenly I am thinking: I could still get the SSO, CS edition, for 659... Must stay strong. Too wet for my tastes, not of use in my music... etc etc
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    Sample Library Depreciation thread

    Great post, putting things in perspective.
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    Library Spotlight - Studio Brass

    I think you're the best reviewer out there. They would profit from you.
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    Library Spotlight - Studio Brass

    I think Spitfire should send you review copies. I am sure your reviews (not to mention your patches) of the strings and woodwinds have stimulated sales!
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    Spitfire Spring Wish List Announced ;)

    Ah, now you got me thinking about Output again... I go to sleep...
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    Spitfire Spring Wish List Announced ;)

    Finally, I bought: Alternative Solo Strings upgrade EDNA + Kinematik Left out BDT at the last moment. Not really sure about its versatility. Feared that it would sound a bit samish, when used on a couple of tracks. And, there will always be other sales. Now back to work..
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    Spitfire Spring Wish List Announced ;)

    Well, time to go to bed. Tomorrow last day of the sale. Decided to play around for a bit with a couple of SF libraries I already own, to temper the G.A.S. This came out: repeating patterns.
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    Spitfire Studio Orchestra redundant for owners of Bernard Hermann Lib?

    The Spitfire Studio Orcherstra (Core) is alluring to me - some nice demo's and two great video's by Cory Pellazi did that to me. Still, I wonder: I already own BHCT, which is also a dry orchestra. So maybe the SStO will be redundant? Thanks in advance.
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    Best Solo Cello?

    I really like the Spitfire celli (Artisan/alternative) and the one in the Solo Strings. But then I have very little to compare them to.
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    Spitfire Studio Brass

    @Parsifal666: As i know you own and love the BHCT library: is the brass quality of the Studio series on par with the quality of the brass in BHCT, you think?
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    Spitfire Spring Wish List Announced ;)

    With Maschine all its buttons come alive. Very typical daw though (some say it isnt even a though). Might not be suitable for purely orchestral music. But it is great fun.
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    Spitfire Spring Wish List Announced ;)

    If you use maschine and the keyboard, like me, its a dream. Beside the mapping and browsing, audio presets are really handy, especially when you're browsing all those synth presets....
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    Spitfire Spring Wish List Announced ;)

    Thanks, got me thinking again... no nks for zebra, though, as far as I can tell...?