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    BetterTouchTool now supports MIDI triggers. Ideas?

    You could set up some macros and assign a MIDI note to trigger those macros.
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    Relative vs absolute automation change - which to use?

    I only use Region Automation. It's just my preferred way of working... would rather stick to one automation type, it's simple. I like that the automation is "embedded" into the region. Also you can do cool things to the automation when you use key commands to resize the region with the...
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    Logic Pro 10.4.5 Update

    What a nice surprise :) So my theory of a paid major update next month coinciding with NAMM might be coming true after all, since they've rolled out the Keynote "performance" update for this version :sneaky:
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    Logic Pro 1000+ track support coming?

    Exactly, I mean... Are they now going to have us wait 7/8/9/10, etc years before the next paid update then? Wow... interesting observations regarding the unannounced new additions!
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    Logic Pro 1000+ track support coming?

    Oh ok, either way I'm happy that an update is coming, paid, major, free or not. I guess we'll only really know what happens when it actually happens.
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    Logic Pro 1000+ track support coming?

    1. We don't know if it's going to be 10.5 for sure 2. It's been 6 years since the last paid update... a bit overdue if you ask me. 4 years in between Logic 9 and X. These are just my guesses and I could be 100% wrong. Actually I HOPE I'm wrong because I would love for the next version of Logic...
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    Logic Pro 1000+ track support coming?

    No, it has not, not since 2013. So whatever the next update will be will most likely be a major and paid update. Logic jumped from version 9 to X in the summer of 2013, also coinciding with Summer NAMM 2013.
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    Logic Pro 1000+ track support coming?

    My guess is that the new paid update will come this July coinciding with Summer NAMM, historically that's what Apple has done anyway.
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    Top 10 Stooopid Logic Pro Requests in 2019

    You can already do this with MIDI Transform AND you can even assign it to a custom key command.
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    Favorite MIDI CC controllers?

    Please update us when you've expanded it, this is fantastic!
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    Recommendations for filter plugins with many creative options.

    You can get really crazy results with Cableguys' FilterShaper (Shaperbox). I don't see it get it mentioned enough.
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    Wtb: ddmf metaplugin [bought]

    If anybody out there has a license of Metaplugin that they want to part with, hit me up with a PM :)
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    Logic users may want to see this

    Come on man, don't you know it's more important that the waveforms look correct and automation isn't off by 20ms rather than how it sounds???????
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    Is there a better alternative to the Korg Nano Kontrol?

    Honestly I don't think you're going to get anything better than the nanoKontrol2 especially for that price point. If you're willing to spend a little bit more you could get the Akai MIDIMix. It has 2 more lanes of knobs but this makes the unit slightly bigger than the nanoKontrol2 as well. If...
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    In-depth learning resources for logic pro x

    Yup, Edgar's catalog of manuals is definitely the gold standard. There is no other resource that goes into depth the way his manuals do. Just buy them all.
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    Your Favourite Compressor Plug-in?

    Logic's stock Compressor and Cytomic's The Glue.
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    Where is Camel Audio Alchemy?

    CamelPhat and CamelSpace were already resurrected in Logic 10.4. They are now known as Phat FX and Step FX. Camel Crusher is still available as a free download if you Google.
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    Top 10 Stooopid Logic Pro Requests in 2019

    Ah I see. If you set the marker's length to "0 0 1 0", the marker will look like a "flag" ;) Try it! But seriously though, I love the way Pro Tools does it with Memory Locations. That would be nice.
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    Top 10 Stooopid Logic Pro Requests in 2019

    Not if you have "Flex & Follow" in the Inspector unchecked. Agreed. I absolutely love the way Bitwig does this. Literally drag and drop from one project to another, and done so elegantly. YES. Would love this. Yeah, like REAL disabled. Where it takes up zero resources. I would love this too...
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    Top 10 Stooopid Logic Pro Requests in 2019

    Not sure what you mean exactly by this. Agreed. Honestly have grown so used to not having this feature I don't even care for it anymore. And if you've set up your templates exactly the way you need them, there's little need for wanting to move mixer channels. But yeah not everybody is like me...
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    Logic's 'secret' way to deal with dynamics

    Yeah, I never thought to use the Modifier plugin this way, thanks for sharing Vik!
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    Per Note Expression in Logic?

    Logic does not have per note Expression like Cubase, Bitwig, etc. At least, not yet. Articulation Sets are strictly for articulation switching only. Articulation Sets also might be a clue that per note Expression or something similar is lurking around the corner though...
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    MUSIC: What are you listening to ? ?

    Love love LOVE R Stevie Moore! One of my faves by him is "Sort Of Way" :)
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    How well do you know your tools, and how do you learn them?

    That's it. I'm finally going to trim the fat. Thanks for hanging out and always being so helpful Charlie!
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    How well do you know your tools, and how do you learn them?

    Dissertation indeed! I have attempted to do what you did and go through all the presets, delete the crap and keep only the best stuff. It starts out well and I actually am able to identify what's crap and what's good but what ends up happening over time is I get to a point where I start...
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    How well do you know your tools, and how do you learn them?

    I used to be in your position but in recent years I've forced myself to spend more time learning and bonding with the tools I already have rather than buying every plugin and sample library under the sun. I definitely do not consider myself a "collector" as I simply do not have the computer...
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    Expand upon the idea that music is just tension and release.

    Thanks so much for that Steve Reich recommendation :) I was actually hoping for more musical examples/recommendation in this thread...
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    Izotope O8N2 bundle ?

    They have 30 day trials for each of them. Download and the trials and try them out, then make your own conclusions.
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    Logic Pro X Parabola, Sine, Line tool?

    Logic doesn't have a sine curve tool... the closest thing we got is being to draw in stepped automation. However, if you would like pre-drawn shapes this might be of use to you:
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    The DAW you use and Velocity?

    Very easy in Logic. Use the Velocity Processor MIDI FX plugin, "Value/Range" mode then just set the exact Value you want.
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    The DAW you use and Velocity?

    Right. Interested in how you're using the MIDI Scripter here. Could you please give an example?
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    The DAW you use and Velocity?

    I am stating. Logic does not have a "Macros" feature in the way that Cubase does. Could you give an example of what you're referring to when you said "You can write your own macros in LXP"?
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    The DAW you use and Velocity?

    Logic doesn't have macros though?
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    The DAW you use and Velocity?

    I too use Logic X and I too have assigned custom MIDI Transform presets to custom key commands. I have a pair of commands that increases/decreases velocities by 10 and another pair that increases/decreases velocities by 1. The ability to assign MIDI Transform presets to key commands (sadly, only...
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    Updated -> My Custom Logic Pro X Midi Transforms: Set MIDI length by key shortcut! (+ Much More)

    Right, but this is limited to a maximum of 30... I need more than just 30...
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    Updated -> My Custom Logic Pro X Midi Transforms: Set MIDI length by key shortcut! (+ Much More)

    Have run into a problem. I have over 30 MIDI Transform presets saved in my template now. I know that you can only assign up to 30 of these as key commands. How do you guys deal with this? Having to go through the MIDI Transform menu is a major momentum killer. Would love to hear your thoughts...
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    New Mac Mini (six core 4.2Ghz 64gb ram)

    Christmas has come early with this wonderful announcement!
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    Logic 10.4.2 released

    I've found out that the way to make the feature work as intended is by holding down Option and dragging left or right to get the 90 degree automation line. Maybe... but I was merely assuming because before this update, every time you switch between them your Desktop background flashes before...
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    Logic 10.4.2 released

    "Fader values of -10 dB or less now display a minus sign before the number." Cool that they fixed this one too, was kind of annoying before...
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    Logic 10.4.2 released

    "Logic no longer sometimes starts to respond sluggishly after recalling screensets." THIS ONE OMG. I have waited years and years and sent numerous Feedback Requests for this! Basically it means that now when you switch between Screensets, you no longer get that 2 second lag where you see your...
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    Logic 10.4.2 released

    I have difficulty understanding what this one means, could you explain?
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    Logics best features you couldnt live without

    Track Stacks! And all of the new Automation features. I have many more favorites but these have to be my top 2. EDIT: Oops... just realized that the topic was "top hidden features in Logic" and both features I listed are anything but hidden!
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    Updated -> My Custom Logic Pro X Midi Transforms: Set MIDI length by key shortcut! (+ Much More)

    Great work! Could you please explain what "Add Half Length", "Remove 1/3rd Length" and "Duplicate +1 Beat" do?
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    Logic X: how to copy region automation?

    Yup, this has been my experience too when dealing with region automation for audio regions. I've given up trying to copy and paste region automation because it decides to work only when it wants to. At least in 10.4 and with all of the new automation features, it doesn't take me long to just...