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  1. synthpunk

    Omnisphere 2.5 Hardware Synth Integration

    Love to tell the story that when Eric worked at Roland he showed the basic concept and idea to them for Atmosphere (pre onni) after looking at it everyone at Roland said what are we supposed to do with a piece of software ? Lol I've been using a Korg Nanokontrol for years to control Omni...
  2. synthpunk


    I have no affiliation with this project but would recommend Caig Calilube (now called Faderlube) spray. You can usually find this at your local Guitar Center or order it online from Parts Express. Use the straw to spray into the fader mechanism and work the fader for a few days and that should...
  3. synthpunk

    FILMS: What are you watching ?

    Don't forget the jam young nippers
  4. synthpunk

    Omnisphere/Trillian Updates 04-15-18

    FYI Omnisphere Software 2.4.1d Trilian Software 1.4.4c
  5. synthpunk

    Christian Henson's YouTube Channel - Nighty Night!

    Nice barb @ V.I. Control and stare at the beginning Christian :mad:
  6. synthpunk

    List Your SSD Failures...

    Yah, it was a one off sale grab for me, will avoid Sandisk from now on. Relegated my replacement to a backup drive. Nothing but Crucial or Samsung now..
  7. synthpunk

    Reminder - Clean Your Fans

    and you can tell the wife the leafs are down as well! :grin:
  8. synthpunk


    A little bit of common sense goes a long way. Headphones at loud volumes = 110-115 db Jet Plane Taking Off = 120 db I use the same rule I use with studio monitors and speakers. I shoot for about...
  9. synthpunk

    Reminder - Clean Your Fans

    Be careful of static electricity charge with vacuums, etc. Discharge any static if possible first. Take a photo of your connections. Take the cover off the Mac Pro. Take your Mac Pro outside or to a garage, etc. Use compressed air to thoroughly clean out all areas. One of these will pay for...
  10. synthpunk


    Hope you guys have seen a good E.N.T. doctor. I hope things improve and are bearable for you who suffer through this. Knock on wood I've been lucky but always use hearing protection live since the mid 80s, never ever unless I have to just for a few seconds use headphones. When mixing I use a...
  11. synthpunk

    An idea to address forum toxicity in VI-C

    Would not be the first time they left tbh. Maybe the 4th ? Christian's temper has gotten him taken off the help desk, and banished to Scotland. And to call the environment toxic here and give his camera a dirty look is a insult to all the members that spend time helping people and not flogging...
  12. synthpunk

    An idea to address forum toxicity in VI-C

    "Boy, you gotta carry that weight Carry that weight a long time Boy, you gotta carry that weight You're gonna carry that weight along time"
  13. synthpunk

    An idea to address forum toxicity in VI-C

    Spitfire has had a forum with VERY low traffic for many years. I never seen Christian or Paul take much part in it tbh but I wish them luck if they give it another go. As for the vitriol around here this week, several members have mentioned to me if it continues they will not be active anymore...
  14. synthpunk

    Soundflower For Mac (Sierra/HS)

    There is also Loopback but it's $99. OK it does load in Sierra after all. Look for the flower in your finder/menubar btw. If anyone gets it working let me know. Occasionally I have a need to route itunes into Logic.
  15. synthpunk

    Soundflower For Mac (Sierra/HS)

    and free on Github...
  16. synthpunk

    Your favourite Jerry Goldsmith score

    Patton Chinatown Star Trek ..ooh wait, one ? :grin:
  17. synthpunk

    Nektar Panarama. How did we miss this.

    Faders get rough fast, hassle to replace. Mine went back long ago.
  18. synthpunk

    Boldface Subject Line

    I think we need a OCD sub forum
  19. synthpunk

    I've just purchased Soundtoys 5...

    Latest version of of ilok software ? Contact ST support.
  20. synthpunk

    Logic X: Cleaning Up Buss Names ?

    It was a channel strip thing, so deleting the Channel Strip name did the trick. Tx to Edgar .R for the tip.
  21. synthpunk

    HZ Strings Plugin Performance

    Just when I thought I found a cave to avoid HZS talk :mad:
  22. synthpunk

    I've just purchased Soundtoys 5...

    I do not use allot of ext filters but sure, when your up in the middle of the night bathroom break you can't remember everything :grin:
  23. synthpunk

    I've just purchased Soundtoys 5...

    Strangely enough, I do not get on with Valhalla Plate. But love VV and VR.
  24. synthpunk

    I've just purchased Soundtoys 5...

    Little Plate - Best Plate Reverb out there, saying allot with how good UAD, Waves, etc are Echoboy (jr) - Best Delay out there IMO, and there allot to choose from. Very musical. Sie-q - Smooth, Warm, 3D EQ cuts are rather good. Decapitator - Fantastic Saturation, 5 flavors Devil Loc - Add...
  25. synthpunk

    Summer Plans in LA

    There is always Uber :grin:
  26. synthpunk

    Changing Hard Drive ID's ?

    I want to change a couple hard drives around putting more often used libraries on a slightly faster drive. These drives are already part of template loads in Logic X. Is there a right/easy way to do this without messing up and having to redo the templates after changing the name/ID's of the...
  27. synthpunk

    Logic X: Cleaning Up Buss Names ?

    Been cleaning up my Logic X templates. I have a couple buss names per attached pic (Buss 12 & 13 left) that I cannot find that text for in the usual place Mix-I/O Labels (right). Any ideas ? TX!!
  28. synthpunk

    New toys

    V-Synth was always underrated sonically, but is not the easiest thing to program on either. These days Falcon get it done in a different way for these types of things for me.
  29. synthpunk

    How many SSD's do you use?

    2 Crucial MX500 500G, $129 on Amazon/Newegg 2 Samsung T5 500G $169 Amazon 2 Samsung Evo 850 500G (new model 860 500G $145 Amazon)
  30. synthpunk

    Ibanez/Jackson dealer in LA area

    Yeah when West LA went out of business that was a big loss. LA is a strange guitar market though.
  31. synthpunk

    Summer Plans in LA

    Try and spend a good day at Amoeba Records on Sunset in Hollywood. Not only do they have a great selection of music and vinyl buy also great memorabilia and you're likely to run into someone famous either from film or music while you're there. It's the greatest living record store in the world...
  32. synthpunk

    Champions League Football

    Ronaldo's bicycle kick today and the the awe and respect of the Juventus fans reminded me today why I love the beautiful game so much. YNWA
  33. synthpunk

    Soundtoys sale -- really good service

    They are great bunch of music-tech hippies up in New Hampshire doing wonderful work. John, try out Sie-q and Little Plate.
  34. synthpunk

    Christian Henson's YouTube Channel - Nighty Night!

    Welcome to the club Absolutely hilarious story about the director still in stitches! Ps like the idea of a dirty Library no pun intended with your porn music background I have a 1928 Wurlitzer baby grand that is pretty bright but I keep around for nostalgia reasons (mother) may try the felt...
  35. synthpunk

    Hand Clap Libraries

    I prefer the Blue Monday, Clash, And disco method.
  36. synthpunk

    Sweet B3 organ plugin Blue3

    Take your ball and go home :grin:
  37. synthpunk

    Your favorite Zebra 2 soundsets?

    In the recent HZ Roundtable video Hans admitted to doing all his previous zebra programming from scratch then one day re discovered how good the factory presets were:)
  38. synthpunk

    Korg Prologue

    Nice, first first one in LA I presume. Takes the place of the Prophet 08 ? I like the Prophet 12 as well. HGW main synth on The Martian.
  39. synthpunk

    The Oberheim Eight Voice

    @Ashermusic relation to Herb ?
  40. synthpunk

    Scoring Synths?

    TAL Uno-LX $40. Guitar pedals, plugins, guitar amp sims, Valhalla Vintageverb/Shimmer, IR's = Sigur Ros vibe. And you will probably not loose intetest in a month.
  41. synthpunk

    List Your SSD Failures...

    Sandisk SSD Plus 500G, DOA after 29 months. Would no longer write/transfer files out, then would not mount. 3 YR warranty replacment rcvd.
  42. synthpunk

    SSD Prices

    Crucial MX500 500G, 5yr Warr. $129usd Amazon/NewEgg
  43. synthpunk

    De-Stress your workplace?

    If you're an analytical person I would go to the graph paper and cut out method. Make small cutouts to scale for every item you have, map out your space on graph paper, this allows you to move stuff around and see where you can put everything in different arrangements. The other method I call...
  44. synthpunk

    De-Stress your workplace?

    We have The odd couple Kevin. We have a 10 year old black lab that we rescued who has Addison's disease we manage that is one of the coolest guys around. He has about a 100 word vocabulary that he understands LOL We also rescued a Bichon Frise puppy who had puppy mumps when it was young that...
  45. synthpunk

    Shots fired!

    I've been told by someone in the know that there are companies that were in the sample market that made a very good living that no longer make as good of a living because of other companies. Perhaps they relate that to marketing and hype and now have agenda against other companies. My opinion...
  46. synthpunk

    The Oberheim Eight Voice

    Huge in stature and sonically the rare vintage Oberheim 8 voice synthesizer.