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  1. Lode_Runner

    Orange Tree Samples 2019 Group Buy - NOW 60% OFF!!

    Only 89 to go Edit... Now it's only 60 away... Those Fender Basses are so close now. Edit again: only 50 to go now. My bedtime so I'm predicting when I wake up we'll be across the finish line.:emoji_smiley_cat:
  2. Lode_Runner

    1920's music

    Indiginus Blue Street Brass (this has some wonderful antique microphone IRs that I wish I could apply to other libraries) Vir2 Mojo2 also has a nice vintage setting covering the period. Abbey Road Vintage Drummer would be a good option for period drums (although it's more about the 1930s and...
  3. Lode_Runner

    Orange Tree Samples 2019 Group Buy - NOW 60% OFF!!

    Does the More button go to eleven?
  4. Lode_Runner

    Orange Tree Samples 2019 Group Buy - NOW 60% OFF!!

    :eek: 80,000!
  5. Lode_Runner

    3 Days Left! "Synth Week!": Up to 90% off Synthmaster, Syntorial, Initial Audio, Synthmaster & more!

    Argh it finally happened. I bought Synth Magic Polar only to discover I already had it. No more rushed last minute purchases for me. :blush:
  6. Lode_Runner

    Orange Tree Samples 2019 Group Buy - NOW 60% OFF!!

    And then there's Orange Slices as well :-)
  7. Lode_Runner

    I'm a bit worried about posting this 90% off Sampletraxx offer

    Indeed, it's called an exclusion zone for a reason. Keep out.
  8. Lode_Runner

    Orange Tree Samples 2019 Group Buy - NOW 60% OFF!!

    Yes please. Been watching for the Jaguar, Red Special, Gretsch, Banjo, Hofner bass, Ukes, Baritone, Dobro for some time now... I know they're cooking and they'll totally push the group buy to the top tier. :geek: Looking forward to getting the Jazz and Precision Basses in the meantime though. :)
  9. Lode_Runner

    Omni 2 add on library - recommend me only one?!

    Have you been updating since 2.0?
  10. Lode_Runner

    New Neocymatics violin ensembles

    I personally love UIs with valves and vintage VU Meters. That's a big part of what I love in Hollow Sun's libraries. There's just something I find inspiring in antique hardware. I'm not a fan of the 3D perspectives on knobs though (that puts me off a lot of 8Dio UIs as well), it obscures some of...
  11. Lode_Runner

    Does Strezov Balkan Orchestra go on sale?

    If you just wanted the choir standalone you could get a similar (bigger sounding though and more detailed) version in Strezov's Rhodope 2.
  12. Lode_Runner

    Does Strezov Balkan Orchestra go on sale?

    I just checked Tigerthefrogs November sales thread from last Black Friday. Strezov were offering up to 20% off, so that's an indication. To be honest, I'm disappointed as I'd really love to get Afflatus, Freya, Wotan and Arva, but they've always been out of my reach and 20% off is still out of...
  13. Lode_Runner

    Soniccouture: 50% Off Everything. It's all over now.

    Thanks again Gamma-ut, much appreciated. :)
  14. Lode_Runner

    Soniccouture: 50% Off Everything. It's all over now.

    Thanks Gamma-ut. The issue for me is that I can't afford to make the update/upgrade from the Attic to the Attic2 during the intro period due to picking up a few other things. So I was trying to work out if I'd be likely to see the Attic2 update/upgrade included in a sale in future. Unfortunately...
  15. Lode_Runner

    Why has it been a decade and a half...

    I'll do the diagonal line.
  16. Lode_Runner

    Soniccouture: 50% Off Everything. It's all over now.

    Just wondering does this sale also cover updates (other than the update to Attic2)?
  17. Lode_Runner

    Chernobyl ?? - Pianos ??

    I didn't see the email, but from what I've seen of the library, I found it more to be about the ghost town of Pripyat (and the sounds of its decaying pianos and empty spaces) as it is now, exploring that space, not about the disaster at Chernobyl. The people who made the library are Ukrainians...
  18. Lode_Runner

    FINAL 24 HOURS - Save 30% Storewide in our Summer Sale!

    Hi Sonixinema, may I please ask when does the sale end?
  19. Lode_Runner

    IK Multimedia Introduces MODO DRUM - Modeled Drums

    I just noticed MODO Drums says it needs 20GB disk space, so seems like it must have some sample content as I can't imagine a program alone would take up that much real estate. And further reading says it's a 'combination of modal synthesis and ... sampling'. So seems to be a hybrid of sampling...
  20. Lode_Runner

    New from Output, Steven Slate, Sonuscore's The Orchestra, and IK Multimedia

    It's unusual that IK have chosen to model bass and drums but sample synths
  21. Lode_Runner

    New from Output, Steven Slate, Sonuscore's The Orchestra, and IK Multimedia

    Watching that video I just imagined the chipmunk voices from Exhale being run through Portal... it was not a pretty thought :sick:. Still it looks like it could be fun to play with. I was so hoping OTS would release at least four more guitars before the Group Buy arrived, but it looks like...
  22. Lode_Runner

    An old forgotten sound... Old Black Grand Pleyel

    Great track. Are the brush drums live, or samples? If samples may I ask what library as they sound fantastic?
  23. Lode_Runner

    THE ATTIC IS BACK. 18 Vintage Synths in One Sexy Package. It's All Radiohead-y and stuff.

    Why did you have to go and use the R word? You know that makes me buy! :mad:;)
  24. Lode_Runner

    List of Japanese Instruments VSTs

    They are indeed, the full list of planned releases is in the link Kessel shared about midway down page 1 of this thread.
  25. Lode_Runner

    List of Japanese Instruments VSTs

    :sad: The upcoming Sonica Kabuki and Noh Percussion for Kontakt will be $320 US. Hope they'll be offering a fairly substantial intro sale, or I won't be able to afford it.
  26. Lode_Runner

    Over 1000 Vintage this real?!?

    So this is where all the dinosaurs ended up after Diva was released :-) "I know a guy who has a lot of synths" :laugh:
  27. Lode_Runner

    Buying NI piece by piece

    When I first bought Komplete 8, I couldn't afford Ultimate, so I picked up the few extra libraries I wanted separately when they went on sale. After getting K10U they released Una Corda and I didn't want to wait 4 years for my next KU update, so I also got it when it went on sale. Now I'm...
  28. Lode_Runner

    Emotional Viola from Harmonic Subtones

    They're hopeless with their Facebook, but they respond to emails.
  29. Lode_Runner

    Venice Modern Strings - Intro offer ends in 24h

    Sorry Paolo, I understand that the really long videos can become taxing, but I'm with Chapbot on this one. I'm actually far more inclined to buy a library based upon an extensive walk-through than demos. Demos can be far more deceptive, while walk-throughs give a much deeper picture of what the...
  30. Lode_Runner

    Recommend me some ethnic libraries!

    Not sure what your budget is but: Evolution Series World Percussion Ilya Efimov Armenian Duduk and Impact Soundworks Turkish Oud Sonica or Premier Sound Factory for Japanese instruments
  31. Lode_Runner

    Available Now: "The LO.VE. Piano" - LOw VElocity piano for soft playing

    For a 'first attempt', that is amazingly beautiful.
  32. Lode_Runner

    Straylight - new from NI

    That's my thoughts as well (edit - except that I'm expecting K13U to land in a few months time). Not sure I can wait two more years to upgrade when I'm still on K10U though. Think I'll have to go for K13U upgrade at full price.
  33. Lode_Runner

    Straylight - new from NI

    Agree regarding Noir and straylight, but not so sure regarding Modular Icons. It looks to be just a library of synth presets you can run through an arpeggiator. Not a bad thing, but (IMHO) I'd say Massive X will be more interesting and that Super 8 is also a more interesting recent release.
  34. Lode_Runner

    Which Spitfire Libraries besides the main orchestra are worth it?

    Wait there's a song called She broke my heart so I busted her jaw? Who's the misogynist who wrote that? Never mind, just looked it up - looks like some knob who can't decide if he's a Southern Redneck or Ghetto Gangsta. Don't think I want to know anymore about it.
  35. Lode_Runner

    Best Solo Cello?

    Embertone's Yo Yo Ma Cello :sneaky:
  36. Lode_Runner

    Virtual Synth suitable for these Pop Will Eat Itself sounds

    Thanks Gamma-Ut! :) I do have CL Projects JD-850, and am very happy with it as it covers a 90s type of synth sound I don't get from anywhere else. I'm guessing Omnisphere might be the holy grail for these sounds? Also wondering if this is the type of synth Ozric Tentacles likely used on:
  37. Lode_Runner

    Virtual Synth suitable for these Pop Will Eat Itself sounds

    Hi everyone, I'm just wondering if anyone can give me any idea what type of synths Pop Will Eat Itself was using on these two songs, and which virtual synths might be best for achieving these types of sounds: My current synths are U-He Repro and Diva and everything that came in Komplete 10...
  38. Lode_Runner

    Limited Free Download - Synths DX by Karanyi Music!

    Thank you Karanyi and APD :-)
  39. Lode_Runner

    Sample Developers Appreciation Thread

    This is a wonderful thread. I've actually meant to start a 'thank you' thread for a long time so this is a good opportunity. Going back in time to when I was a teenager I wanted to make progressive-post-classic-alternative-rock with lots of ambient electronic, reggae/dub, classical...
  40. Lode_Runner

    Spitfire Appreciation Thread

    Out of 25 threads on the front page of Sampletalk at the moment, 12 are about Spitfire. I'm not making any point, just noticed it and wondered what is going on. I'm guessing it must be the Spring sale generating a bit of interest. Anyway on topic - I love Tundra!
  41. Lode_Runner

    Spitfire Studio Brass

    I quite like the thought of being a sedated rabbit, sitting around a cosy lantern, sharing the company of other sedated rabbits. Sounds like a lovely way to spend an evening.
  42. Lode_Runner

    Venice Modern Strings - Intro offer ends in 24h

    Beautiful interface. I got lost for a moment looking at Sofia's artwork before it dawned on me to look at the articulations. Looking forward to seeing and hearing more.
  43. Lode_Runner

    Roland V Drums KT-9 vs KT-10

    Hi everyone, I'm looking at getting some Roland V-Drum pedals to go with the Roland Handsonic for playing in drum rhythms. I'm considering either the KT-9 or KT-10 for kick drum as these appear to be cheaper than the separate kick pedal and trigger pad options. Unfortunately I can't find...
  44. Lode_Runner

    Spitfire Studio Brass

    Thanks Land of Missing Parts. I'm not sure about EastWest. Their presence was EastWestLurker and he didn't really leave VIC, he just left EastWest and became Ashermusic. Shame to hear about Cinesamples, yes it appears they haven't posted since 2017. I wonder why they left?
  45. Lode_Runner

    Spitfire Studio Brass

    This statement gets trotted out a lot as a truism (not saying from you personally, Paul Thompson just said it as well and usually it's Ashermusic saying it, although he's still around even if he's no longer technically EastWestLurker). It's always surprising to me as I find VIC far more civil...
  46. Lode_Runner

    Imperfect Samples Contact Issue ?

    Hi Matt, not sure if you noticed, but the thread is from 2014. Hope you're doing better health-wise. PS have you considered distributing through Sampleism/Kontakt hub, Best Service, Time and Space or Big Fish Audio? That might allow you to continue to sell your products without needing to...
  47. Lode_Runner

    A bit of a surprise: NI have released a new virtual analog synth "Super 8"

    ...and from the comments on Reuben's youtube walkthrough people are now complaining that this doesn't really do anything that they can't already do with x,y and z synths and demanding to see Massive X. I guess NI are damned if they do and damned if they don't. People these days with their...